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Naturally supercharge your life-force in 10minutes through 6-easy-short-steps.
  www.FilledWithChi.com  www.FilledWithChi.com GOOD MORNING GOOD EVENINGQIGONG ENERGY BLUEPRINT by Peter Ragnar & Tristan Truscott  Welcome, and thank youfor downloading the GoodMorning Good EveningQig ong Blueprint. We’re excited and privileged tobe able to share such anincredibly transformingpractice with you.Now that this ancient science is being uncoveredand explained in aWestern-user-friendlyfashion, you can begin topractice qigong right now. What was once “ear - whispered” for centuries is now clearly explained inthis 6-Step Blueprint. As you’ve already discovered, qi is a wordthat refers to energy — in particular, vital essence or life force. Theancients discovered that the physical body has areas of intense energyconcentration (called dan tians in Chinese.) These are somewhat akin tobatteries, and there are three of them in the human body. Of course, aswith any battery, it is important that this equipment is rechargedperiodically. If these vital batteries lose their charge, the body stopsfunctioning smoothly and opens the door to disease.  www.FilledWithChi.com We generally come into this life with a teeming storehouse of high-voltage energy. This explains the exuberance of youth. However, oncewe begin to tap into the storage center with greater and deeperfrequency, we begin to notice that activities for which we formerly hadabundant energy no longer energize or excite us as they did. We tiremore easily. This is because our qi has become sluggish and ourbatteries need to be recharged. Have you ever noticed this? Many of ushave. This is why the ancients developed a way to awaken the qi or lifeforce.What qigong does is recharge your battery. Just like home appliancesthat burn out and stop working due to fluctuations in electricaltransmissions, our organs can lose function and efficiency and begin todecline, especially when there are fluctuations in energy levels. Fromthe standpoint of traditional Chinese medicine, this is the beginning of all manner of disease.However, even vibrantly healthy folks can benefit tremendously fromthe greater perception, higher energy levels, and stronger intuition that result from doing qigong. This is the result of the amazing practice of Good Morning Good Evening Qig ong. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the movements: there’s a lo t more going on than meets the eye, such asthe development of internal strength, which also translates into anamazing physical prowess. Qigong masters have long been revered fortheir longevity, intuition, strength, and personal power. This may be oneof the reasons that the teachings have been kept secret and withheldfrom the public. However, with Good Morning Good Evening Qigong, allof this ancient wisdom is condensed into an easy-to-follow program that you can do in mere minutes each day.Good Morning Good Evening Qigong is a beautiful blueprint for makingyour dreams come true. Remember, the visible part of the program is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. You’re going to catch this sense as you begin to awaken your qi.  www.FilledWithChi.com It wasn’t until 1 972 that the amazing magic of acupuncture wasintroduced to the United States, by way of an unusual event. WhenPresident Nixon made hishistoric visit to China, oneof the U.S. team whotraveled with him was New York Times reporterJames Reston. During thevisit, Mr. Reston suffered alife-threatening appendixrupture and washospitalized in veryserious condition. He wastreated with traditionalChinese medicine andacupuncture in addition toWestern treatment, andthe results wereastounding. Theeffectiveness of acupuncture had longbeen recognized in the East, but this was the first time it made headlines in our Western culture. It wasn’t long before the National Institutes of  Health recognized acupuncture as a viable way of treating and healingailments.We mention this because qigong is another way to stimulate the energymeridians studied by acupuncturists. Meridians and their attached acu-points or energy wells play a very important role in qigong, especially inawakening the qi. Stimulating these points by tapping the body has beenproven to open clogged channels and release impediments found alongthe meridians, which are connected to all the major organs of the body.Once these meridians, which appear to be strings of liquid crystals that carry electromagnetic pulses and the mysterious energy called qi, areopened and freed of obstructions, health and healing ensue. This is whythe first exercise in our blueprint is so important.
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