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1. Are you getting what you deserve? Win a nifty iPad Air worth £330! New book aims to help unemployed ✔ Spending ✔ Saving ✔ Borrowing ✔ Earning ✔ Spending✔…
  • 1. Are you getting what you deserve? Win a nifty iPad Air worth £330! New book aims to help unemployed ✔ Spending ✔ Saving ✔ Borrowing ✔ Earning ✔ Spending✔ Quidsin!Quidsin!Quidsin!Quidsin!Quidsin!Quidsin!Quidsin!Quidsin!The UK’s Number 1 Money Magazine | ISSUE 31 Summer 2016 www.quidsinmagazine.com Quidsin!Quidsin!Quidsin!Quidsin! FREE INSIDE! Adviceon: what you deserve? Hewhodares... YOURMONEY BEINFORMED TAKECONTROL h dareshares his ‘wisdom’ New book aims to 7 SIGNS Are you getting TAX CREDITS New book aims to help unemployed Win a nifty iPad Air worth £330!Win a nifty iPad Air worth £330!Win a nifty iPad Win a nifty iPad WIN! HDEL BOYDEL BOY ★ ★ ★ SAMPLE SAMPLE
  • 2. THE 2 | Quidsin! Welcome I can be terrible for putting off today what can wait until tomorrow to be done. I do it in all things and despite all my years at Quids in!, that sometimes includes around money. It’s taken me six months to make the simple decision to look at my energy bills. It’s hung over my head like a massive deal. Like applying for a job. Or visiting the dentist. Then in 20 minutes it was over. Only five of those minutes were spent filling the online form, the rest were looking at old bills. The good news is I can now save £269 through Quids in! Switch (see p7). The bad news is the six months it’s taken to get this far means I’ve already paid out £135 I didn’t need to. Over £20 a month! I feel slightly sick. Talking of applying for a job, it’s great to be able to share some of what I’ve witnessed through working with jobseekers for the past 20 years, (see the feature 7 signs, p4-5). I’m hoping the book I’ve written will also inspire jobseekers to take action today. So many have so much more to offer than they realise. No more putting things off! Lovely jubbly. JeffEditor editor@quidsinmagazine.com Quids in! magazine is designed to help people understand and manage their money better. It is published quarterly by the Social Publishing Project, a social enterprise. ❍ Address 3MonmouthPlace,Bath,BA12AT. Tel 08456804906 ❍ Editor JeffMitchell Emaileditor@quidsinmagazine.com ❍ PublisherSteveFaragher Emailsteve@socialpublishingproject.com ❍ CommsOfficerDanFineman Emaildan@socialpublishingproject.com ❍ AdvertisingOpportunities Lisa Woodman Emaillisa@socialpublishingproject.com❍ CopySales RhiannonMcNamara,DeborahColvill Emailrhiannon@socialpublishingproject.com,debbie@socialpublishingproject.com❍ CartoonbyRachelWotton www.harmfulraes.com Quidsin!magazine Quidsin!makeseveryefforttoensurecontentiscorrectatthetimeofgoingtoprint.Readersshouldtakespecialistadvice wherenecessary.Quidsin!hasnopoliticalallegiances,andopinionsexpressedarenotnecessarilythoseofthepublisheror editor.Anyrelationshipwithadvertisersorsponsorsisalwaysontheunderstandingthatweretainoureditorialindependence. Quids in! magazine is supported by Aon and Aviva. Aon arranges home contents insurance with Aviva for tenants of social and council housing. Ask your landlord if they have a scheme in place. Know When You’re Ready Gettingyourselfset forajob page4 Sausage Casserole Ouryummy,cheap recipe page8 “He Who Dares” ‘PearlsofWisdom’from DelBoyhimself page6 In this issue… Quidsin!says… If you are rejected for a current account, ask about a basic bank account. Everyone has the right to have one New research, from challenger bank Pockit, reveals one in eight adults – many in junior roles in the health, education and emergency services – have been rejected by banks since 2014. OAPs and the 3.6 million workers who are paid in cash, such as builders, plumbers and other tradesmen, are also hit by strict bank rules, excluding them from online discounts and also from services such as direct debits. The study found six in 10 customers feel High Street banks do not care about low-paid workers, highlighting the growing number of consumers not served by traditional high street outlets. The research also found up to 12 per cent of adults had been turned down for services including current accounts, debit cards, and online banking in the past 24 months. It means they are excluded from money-saving tools such as online shopping or direct debits, forcing them to use more expensive ways to pay household bills. Of those surveyed, more than four in ten believe that they were rejected for banking facilities because of their poor credit record, and a similar amount said it was because of their low income. Research reveals people refused current accounts Six million Britons have been refused an account by a big high street bank in the past two years @quidsinmagazine BANKSSAY‘NO’TO6MILLION An iPad Air Page 8 WIN! “He Who Dares” ‘PearlsofWisdom’from DelBoyhimself In this issue… An iPad AirWIN! SAMPLE SAMPLE
  • 3. BUZZ HOW TO MAKE MONEY Ben Saunders issues some sound advice for teenagers wanting money qimag.uk/summer2016video Video of the issue FAIR FOR YOU Ethical loans to buy fridges, beds etc, and they get a near 100% rating from their customers! @fairforyou What a tweet! Thelatestnews affectingyouand yourfinances BUZZ Quidsin! | 3 2.5MPeople the Resolution Foundation say will be worse off under Universal Credit £3,000What some of the worst off could lose every year 450,000Number of people to have made a claim already 9,500Number of new claims being made every week UC is a big change, with winners and losers – are you ready for it? NUMBER CRUNCHED UNIVERSAL CREDIT(UC) THRIFTY TIPS When you buy a new duvet, if your old one is good condition, don’t throw it away.You could use it as a cosy mattress protector instead. It adds a layer of softness to your bed and it won’t cost you a penny! I recently bought new pillows, and found the material in my old pillows ideal to pad out my sagging sofa cushions. I also used this material to re-cover the seating pads on our dining room chairs. Sharon Boothroyd,WestYorkshire Haveyougotsomethingyouwanttotell us,oramoney-savinghintortiptoshare? Eachissuewe’llsend£50toourbest letterwriter,emailerortweeter!Don’t forgettoincludeyournameandaddress. EMAIL editor@quidsinmagazine.com TWEET @quidsinmagazine.com POST TheEditor,QuidsIn! 3MonmouthPlace,BathBA12AT WIN £50 Over a million people are missing out on an average of £50 a week in tax credits, mostly people who are working in low wage jobs and don’t have children, according to benefit experts ‘entitledto’. Universal Credit (UC) is now being rolled out across the UK and once it’s in your area you will no longer be able to apply for tax credits.To make sure you don’t lose out you need to check if you are eligible and claim tax credits now, before it’s too late. If you claim tax credits in time, it not only increases your income now – it could also mean you will get the extra money for years to come.The government has promised no-one will be worse off on UC. It only takes a few minutes to check using the calculator at www.takeup. entitledto.co.uk and you could claim £1,000s of pounds. Benefits experts claim one million people missing out Get tax credits now, and the money shouldbeguaranteedwhenyouswitch to Universal Credit @quidsinmagazine CANYOUGETTAXCREDITS? JOINTHECONVERSATION… SPOTTEDOUR QIMAG.UKLINKS? You can follow up what you read in Quids in! on the net. Simply type the qimag.uk/link into the web address bar on your browser and press 'enter'. Check out our latest country playlist at qimag.uk/qicountry16 SAMPLE SAMPLE
  • 4. 4 | Quidsin! Quids in! editor Jeff Mitchell believes there are seven things employers secretly look for that separate people who are right for a job from the rest. In a new book, he reveals them “ B eing unemployed was awful. You feel worthless and not quite a member of society but I also remember how nervous I felt about going back to work. You get in a rut and rely on benefits, and fear not being able to pay your bills.” Denise first attended the 7 Signs course run by Clean Slate Training & Employment in July 2014. It is a project set up by Jeff Mitchell in 2006, two years before he launched Quids in! magazine. Denise recalls how she felt the first day of her course. “I had lost confidence in my abilities but I knew deep down that I did have something to offer. I felt pressure to set a good example for my daughter, but the Jobcentre sent me in directions I didn’t want to go. Do I look like I could erect steel shelves in a warehouse? I couldn’t. Bad advice destroys your dignity.” SIGNS FOR THE TIMES A new book written by Jeff will appear this summer to help jobseekers think differently about job hunting. Called I’m Ready – the 7 signs that show you’re right for the job!, it draws on 20 years’ experience with unemployed people who, for various reasons, routinely find themselves on the ‘no’ list when applying for jobs. “The way many firms recruit is rubbish. SWITCHINGONTHE ‘FOR HIRE’SIGNS P n S s M at n at P о V n ! P о ! P n S s at SAMPLE SAMPLE
  • 5. CASEFILE Name: Issy W Previous job: 13 years at NHS Background: Mother of four. Left work due to poor management support for childcare, leading to stress. Later diagnosed with depression. During the 7 Signs training we looked at skills and I was surprised how much I have to offer. I never thought of the skills I use in everyday life and how they can be transferred to other jobs. This made me feel more confident and keen to start matching my skills to opportunities out there. I realised I’m passionate about meeting new people and listening. When I interact with them I become energised. I love helping people. I‘ve started to see possibilities and have begun to prepare to overcome emotional barriers stopping me. I have chosen to work a few hours a week and will be building up as I feel stronger, working somewhere I can take a week off if I need to. There are companies who are flexible and value their people and their mental wellbeing. I will be very careful to make sure I choose a great employer in future. Quidsin! | 5 They think their processes create equal opportunities but they don’t. It’s only a level playing field for people who have been working and whose lives have always been straightforward,” explains Jeff. “I think there’s a different way. When you know what to look for, you can see which jobseekers really want your job and those who don’t. Now I want to help job hunters switch on those seven signs showing they’d make a great addition to a team.” PEER PRESSURE The book is based on a short training programme designed by Clean Slate. There are no teachers, just workers to help jobseekers discuss amongst themselves what employers really want. When Denise took the course, it was run over just two days: “The 7 Signs training made me think about what I did have to offer. I recognised skills that I had taken for granted or just didn’t believe were of value. It also enabled me to focus and by the end I had a clearer view of what I wanted to do. “I found the confidence to believe in myself once again and felt more positive about presenting myself to employers. I felt very motivated.” Within a month, Clean Slate had recruited Denise as a peer support worker, giving Denise the opportunity to prove herself. “Moving quickly into paid work was fantastic as it reinforced to me what the trainer had said. Although I thought I was capable, here I was doing it. Being employed gave me a real sense of achievement.” Denise later started running the course herself. STEPPING UP The launch of I’m Ready… runs alongside a new London-based project that aims to help low paid workers increase their income and improve their lives, and their families’ wellbeing. In September, Denise applied for the coordinator role with Step Up, the Upwardly Mobile Network, working for Thames Reach in partnership with Clean Slate. “I was so excited when I was offered the job. Working more hours and getting a decent wage is very satisfying. I see prospects for the future now, and my daughter’s face when I told her we might be able to have a holiday this year said it all. Other members of Step Up are on the same journey as me. We all want to better our lives.” Anyone in London on low pay and part- time hours can sign up with the Step Up at www.stepup.london. Members receive text alerts about relevant jobs and training, one-to-one support and access to events “DoIlooklikeIcould erectsteelshelves inawarehouse? Badadvicedestroys yourdignity.” EMPLOYMENT Denise (right) draws on her own experienceto help people seeking better paid work WINI’MREADY We have 10 copies of I’m Ready…, to give away. Just visit www.quidsinmagazine.com/ seven-signs and register your interest. 10 lucky readers will get a free copy of the book! I’MREADY I’m Ready…, to give away. Just visit www.quidsinmagazine.com/ with training and access to employers. LOOKING FORWARD “When I meet jobseekers or Step Up members, I see the person they could become,” says Jeff. “I’ve worked with people with a very chequered past and there’s nothing to be gained by looking backwards. By focusing on some clear vision about life as it could be, many see beyond the barriers. It’s totally inspiring and I’ve tried to capture that in the book, which also tells the story of some of the characters I’ve met along the way.”SAMPLE SAMPLE
  • 6. 6 | Quidsin! Only Fool’s And Horses’ Del Boy has a new paperback out, full of his ‘wisdom’. Here are a few choice nuggets… SHOW EXAMPLES OF YOUR WORK Many years ago Del and his friend Denzil branched out into carpet laying when they managed to get hold of “a load of top- quality, hundred per cent natural, nylon carpet.” And they made a smart move: “We did [my mum’s house] first, so it could act as a showroom for our skills,” says Delboy. And they sold the whole lot, although, “fair dos, the static was a bit of a ’mare, but it gave your hair plenty of body.” ALWAYS MEET EXPECTATIONS With Christmas approaching, Del hatched a scheme to create a Santa’s grotto in a shed on the allotment, employing his grandad as Father Christmas. But the mums and kids that turned up weren’t impressed; they were “expecting a snow- covered meadow with a jolly, rosy-cheeked Saint Nick … and ended up with a flooded allotment and some half-cut old geezer coughing his guts up in a shed.” WORK OUTWHAT REALLY WENTWRONG Del and his friend Jumbo set up a fish stall outside their local, the Nag’s Head, called Eels on Wheels: “It turned out to be a bit of an earner … we used to knock out all sorts, home-made fish fingers, jellied eels, cockles, all the sort of slimy, wriggling stuff a bloke wants after a few pints.” Del thinks what went wrong was “television started to personalise fish” – with TV characters such as Flipper and Squiddly Diddly. “People started feeling guilty about tucking into anything with fins.” While this may have been a factor, Del tellingly admits: “the health inspector’s report didn’t help…” CHECK THE MERCHANDISE In 1977, hotpants were all the rage, and maybe Del wasn’t best placed to enter this market. Having invested in 150 pairs he found they were XXXL. Not quite the figure-hugging hot-fashion item he was hoping for. Ever resourceful, he got Mrs Murphy from the estate to “make some adjustments … then tried to flog ’em as beach towels. That didn’t work either.” GET YOUR ADVERTISING RIGHT Derek got his Great uncle Albert’s girlfriend Elsie to hold a séance in the pub. The problem was, his promotion of the séance wasn’t the best. “A load of heavy- metallers had crammed into the Nag’s Head … expecting to see an Iron Maiden- type mob. Then Elsie Partridge walked out in her hat. She remained in a trance throughout the riot. MATCH THE SKILLS TO THE JOB Music promotion was something Del Boy tried quite regularly, never quite nailing it. When he set up his fiancée Raquel with a new singing partner at the Starlight Rooms, Del was dazzled by his image (Tony Angelino, the Singing Dustman). It turns out Tony couldn’t pronounce his Rs, which only became apparent during the mini-set of ‘Crying’, ‘Please Release Me’, ‘Congratulations’ and ‘The Green, Green Grass of Home’. INTHEKNOW “THIS TIME NEXT YEAR WE’LL BE MILLIONAIRES.”Quids in! says… Setting a goalis a really good thing, but bestmake sure it’s realistic “HE WHO DARES WINS!”Quids in! says… We can all learnfrom Del’s positive mental attitude DEL BOYDEL BOY ★ ★ ★ “THERE’S NO POINT IN RUNNING AWAY. RUNNING AWAY ONLY WEARS OUT YOUR SHOES.” Quids in! says… There are lots of challenges in life, and hiding from them can make them worse BUY DEL’SBOOK You can get hold of a copy of Del’s book for a discount by shopping on Amazon. Use our link qimag.uk/delboybook and get it for a lot less then the RRP. When we went to press the £20 hardback was being sold for just £5.99 including delivery... Lovely Jubbly! SAMPLE SAMPLE
  • 7. Visit www.qimag.uk/qiswitch orcallFreephone 08081788170 See www.qimag.uk/EnergySwitch for advice on switching Ahhhh, lie-ins. What’s cosier than an extra 20 minutes in the morning? Or a lovely hot bath? But what if that time was worth money? Giving up that me time just once could save enough to heat the water for a bath a day for a year. Not so relaxing now, is it? Once you have the details to hand, it takes five minutes to see how much you could save. Quidsin!switchdoes not ask for your contact details before showing you results. ✔ Name of your current supplier(s) ✔ Name of the type of tariff(s) you have (eg, Standard) ✔ How much you use (kWh) per year or how much youpay per month or year HOW EASY IS IT TO LOSE £180? VERY. JUST DO NOTHING. All you need: Quidsin!switch Switch your gas and electricity The alternative loan that cares for you and your home SHOP NOW at www.fairforyou.co.uk THE ALTERNATIVE TO HIGH-COST WEEKLY PAYMENT STORES • TOP BRANDS AT FAIR & AFFORDABLE PRICES • QUICK APPROVAL • FLEXIBLE & TRANSPARENT TERMS SAVE USING FAIR FOR YOU* £500 Shop for the best prices using our virtual high street Save over £500* on this item just by choosing us as your weekly payment lender! HOW?! Fair For You is the new alternative to high cost weekly payment stores. You can shop, using our online ‘virtual high street, for top brands and pay for them with our fair-priced, low cost loans that offer affordable, flexible and transparent payment terms. Unlike many weekly payment lenders, we don’t mark up the purchase price or charge admin fees. FREE DELIVERY is also included. *Saving compared to similar product meeting the same needs from the leading weekly payment store. Representative APR 42.6% All information is correct at time of edit on 29th April 2016.Offer ends 31st May 2016 while stocks last. Terms and Conditions apply. Finance subject to status. Applicants must be 18 or over and resident in the UK. Credit provided by Fair For You Enterprise CIC, Delta View, 2309-2311 Coventry Road, Birmingham, B26 3PG. C O M IN G SO O N SAMPLE SAMPLE
  • 8. THE QUIDS IN! SIMPLE COOKING COURSE Odds & Ends The page that has all the bits that don’t fit anywhere else! Heartyandsatisfying,thischeap andeasyone-potdinnerwillkeepa wholefamilyquiet. INGREDIENTS •Tablespoonofoil •Packofsausages •Twocarrots,chopped •Onion,chopped •Tinofbeans,anykindyoulike •Tinofchoppedtomatoes •Stockcube •Herbs •Dashofvinegar METHOD 1.Inalargesaucepan,heattheoil andthenpopinthesausagesand cookoveramediumheatuntilthey starttobrown.Addthecarrotsand onions,andcookuntiltheysoften. 2.Addthebeans(andtheliquid they’rein)andtomatoes,andabout anothercanfullofwater. 3.Addthestockcube,asprinkleof driedherbsandadashofvinegar. Leaveonalowheatfor20minutes withthelidon.Ifyoursauceisstill toorunnyafterthattime,letitcarry oncookingwiththelidoffuntil it reducestoyourliking.To serve, sprinkleoversomechoppedherbs andaddtomashedpotato,rice,or justbighunksofbreadto mopup thedeliciousjuices. Visitwww.quidsinmagazine.com formorerecipesandcookingideas 6.SausageCasserole SERVES 4+ COSTS £2 Youcould win an Apple iPadAIRWI-FI16GBwith a 9.7-inchRetina display Win an iPad AirWin an iPad Air PRIZECROSSWORD Enteronlineatqimag.uk/ crosswordorsimplycomplete thecrossword and pop itintheposttous.Don’t
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