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Qi Ye translation
  夜 Toasting Qi Edward L. ShaughnessyThe University of Chicago19 July 2013(Please note: This translation is intended for my students and friends, and shouldnot be regarded as a finished product by any means. The scholarship on this pieceis still evolving, as is my own understanding of it. The translation is repeated invarious ways: first a strip-by-strip reproduction of the text together with literaltranscription, modern transcription, and translation; then after a comparison of the 夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜 with the 《詩經》 夜夜夜夜 , I present the translation again with just themodern transcription, and then without transcription.) 1 夜   夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜 武王八年征伐耆大戡之還乃飲至于文太室畢公高爲客卲公保睪爲 In King Wu’s eighth year, he marched and attacked Qi, greatly slaughtering it. Returningthen he Drank Arrival at the Great Chamber of (King) Wen. Gao, the Duke of Bi, wasguest; Protector Shi, the Duke of Shao, was 2 夜   夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜 為立 夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜 夾周公叔旦爲主辛公 爲位作冊逸爲東堂之客呂尚父命爲 accompanist; Shu Dan, the Duke of Zhou, was host; Quan Jia, the Duke of Xin, wasattendant; Yi, Maker of Strips, was the guest in the eastern hall; and Lü Shangfu wascommanded to be 3 夜    夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜 夜 夜 夜 夜 夜 夜夜夜夜 司政監飲酒王夜爵 畢公作歌一終曰藥醻 夜 夜 夜 酒 夜 夜夜夜夜夜夜夜 Supervisor of Governance, overseeing the drinking of wine. The king grasped the chaliceto toast the Duke of Bi, making a song in one stanza, called “Pleasing pleasing the tasty brew”: “Pleasing pleasing the tasty brew, Celebrated with the two dukes. Trusty and goodare my brothers, 4 夜   夜夜夜夜夜 方武穆 夜 夜夜夜夜 乃從王夜 夜夜 庶民和同方壯方武穆穆克邦嘉爵速飲後爵乃從王夜爵酬周公, The commoners join in union. Very manly very martial, Solemnly achieving the state.The fine chalice is quickly drunk, Another chalice then follows.” The king grasped thechalice and toasted the Duke of Zhou, 5 夜   夜夜夜夜 夜夜 夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜 作歌一冬曰輶乘輶乘既 夜夜 余不冑 士奮甲 夜 民之秀方壯方武克燮 making a song in one stanza called “The Racing Carts”: “The racing carts being fitted,The men are dressed in my helmet.” Oh! The sires brandish their blades. Sure they are the people’s finest. Very manly very martial, They can vanquish 6 夜    夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜 夜 夜夜 仇讎嘉爵速飲後爵乃復周公夜爵酬畢公作歌一終曰 夜夜夜夜 酒 our enemies. The fine chalice is quickly drunk, Another chalice then repeats.!” The Dukeof Zhou grasped the chalice and toasted the Duke of Bi, making a song in one stanzacalled “Splendid”: “Splendid, splendid, the army clothes, Manly 7 夜   夜 夜 夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜 醉又醻 夜夜夜夜夜 武逑逑毖情謀猷裕德乃求王有脂酒我憂以浮既醉又侑明日勿稻周 and martial their bearing. Detailed and keen is the planning, Full virtue being what youseek. The king he has a tasty brew, To float away our worries. Already drunk again wetoast, Tomorrow there’ll be no excess!” Then the Duke 8 夜      公或夜 夜夜夜夜夜夜夜 夜 夜 夜 夜 夜 夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜 明於公或夜爵酬王作歌一終曰明明上帝明明上帝臨下之光丕顯 格歆厥 盟於醻 醻 Zhou took up the chalice and toasted the king making a song in one stanza called “Bright bright the God on High”: “Bright bright is the God on High, Looking down on the light below. Illustrious he comes on in, Imbibing the fragrant brightness.” On 9 夜 □□ 夜夜夜夜 祝誦萬壽亡疆周公秉 夜 □ 月有澈 有逆行作 祝誦萬壽亡疆周公秉爵未飲蟋蟀醻 醻 […]. The moon has its completed path, Jupiter its standard motion. I am making this prayerful chant, For myriad long-life unlimited!” The Duke of Zhou grasped the chalice, but had not yet drunk when a cricket 10 夜    夜夜夜 于尚□公 夜夜夜夜 夜夜 夜夜 車 行今夫君子不憙不藥夫日醻 夜夜 [ 夜 ] 公作歌一終曰蟋蟀蟋蟀才堂役車其行今夫君子丕喜丕樂夫日 hopped up into the hall. The Duke [of Zhou] made a song in one stanza called “Cricket”:“A cricket is in the hall, War chariot-like its movements. Now we have here the noblesons, Greatly pleased greatly amused. The sun 11 夜  □□ 夜夜夜夜夜 。母巳大藥則夂 夜 夜 夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜夜 夜 夜 □□ □□□酒 忘毋已大樂則終以康康樂而毋忘是唯良士之方 夜 蟋蟀在 […, ……] forget. Don’t let yourself be too amused, For in the end you will find peace.Peace and amusement without forgetting, This is the square of the fine man. A cricket ison
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