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1 THE PHYSICS OF Q I A brief summary of the DVD The Physics of Qi © Tom Bender - 3 Nov. 2006 QI EXISTS The sacred art of virtually every culture shows pronounced circular or flame shaped nimbuses or halos of life-force energy around the heads of mystics and spiritual leaders. The stars on the shawls of Russion icons of Mary don't change with different drapery of her shawl. They correspond to the qi energy acupoints the Chinese have named qi hu and tien mu .
  1 THE PHYSICS OF  Q I  A brief summary of the DVD The Physics of Qi © Tom Bender - 3 Nov. 2006<tbender@nehalemtel.net> QI EXISTS The sacred art of virtually every culture shows pronounced circular or flameshaped nimbuses or halos of life-force energy around the heads of mystics andspiritual leaders. The stars on the shawls of Russion icons of Mary don't changewith different drapery of her shawl. They correspond to the qi energy acupoints theChinese have named qi hu and tien mu .The traditional performance of Hawaiian hula dancing is “dancing with the breath of life, and the dancers’ arms, legs, and bodies float on the field of life-forceenergy raised by the dance. Bushman trance-dance, Sufi dancing, martial arts, andTibetan lung-gom trance walking are all based in qi energy. Fire-walking – whether by women Sufi, voodoo practitioners, or the more then 3,000,000 Americans thathave firewalked – depends on the realm of qi.  2More than 65 cultures around the world have words for qi energy, and basetheir sciences, philosophy, culture, and healing arts on it. 1 Chinese calligraphy,tantra, kundalini, energy and acupuncture healing, and remote viewing are allmanifested through qi. Techniques vary in every culture, depending on what theyhave stumbled on that work.  3Data collected over the past 30 years has shown we can describe eventsanywhere – in the past, present, or future – and be correct more than two-thirds of the time. For an experienced viewer, the rate of correct answers can be much higher.Statistically, the odds of such performance is greater than one in a hundred billion. 2 Studies by William Tiller, Dean Radin, Russell Targ, and researchers at numerousuniversities show irrefutable evidence of coherence, conditioning, and the effects of intention on material systems.The C.I.A. has acknowledged its own use of remote viewing. Dean Radin’sstatistical studies have irrefutably demonstrated the existence of psi phenomena. 3 The use of acupuncture has been endorsed by the National Institute of Health. Andextensive anthropological evidence has confirmed the central role of “energy” inhealing, architecture, spiritual, and cultural practices around the world. Our cultureis no longer a stranger to the practices of yoga, meditation, qi gong, fire-walking, andshamanic healing. Our young people have experienced and worked with their ownqi energy, and look questioningly at our sciences that don’t acknowledge itsexistence.This is a realm that needs to be accounted for in our physics as fully asgravity. As we understand it now, qi energy is a faster-than-light magnetic life-force energy.QI EXISTS. We experience it, it exists, and therefore it has a physics ,whether it is well-known or understood or not. WHY HAS THERE BEEN NO PHYSICS OF QI? There has been a physics of qi – in other cultures. But our   culture's physicsassumes that all significant phenomena are material, acknowledged and alreadyfairly well understood by modern science. To understand the absence of qi physics,we have to look at our physics as well as at qi. Our physics is far from complete.1. IT FAILS TO ACCOUNT FOR TWO ESOTERIC MAJOR PHENOMENA: QI, orLIFE FORCE ENERGY, and PSYCHIC EXPERIENCES.2. IT HAS NO UNDERSTANDING OF THE “DARK MATTER AND DARKENERGY” THAT CONSTITUTES 96% OF OUR UNIVERSE.  43. IT KNOWS LESS ABOUT BASIC PHENOMENA SUCH AS GRAVITY ORMAGNETISM THAN WE DO ABOUT QI. 4 4. IT REFUSES TO ACKNOWLEDGE IMPLICATIONS OF QUANTUM NON-LOCALITY DEMANDING A CONSCIOUS, LIVING UNIVERSE AND EXISTENCEOF A FASTER-THAN-LIGHT REALM.Even on the level of photons, if two were once in contact and now are light-years apart, and one is flipped, the other flips - instantly  , not light-years later. Thismeans that everything is informationally connected. Everything is observed by everything else. Everything is therefore conscious. Everything knows all   that   is in theuniverse. Furthermore, everything has the ability, through intention, to significantlyaffect everything else.5. IT CAN'T EXPLAIN FUNDAMENTAL PARTICLES.There are now at least 61 elementary particles – leptons, quarks, mediators– with variations in charge, strangeness, charm, upness, or downness. Thosecharacteristics have to come from somewhere. SOMETHING outside of itself has brought every thing we know into existence. If there is nothing else in the materialrealm, there must be something in another realm that has generated this one.6. IT HAS BEEN DEFINED BY OUR EXPERIENCING TOOLS  , NOT BY WHAT REALLY  EXISTS.ã TOOLS such as photography, telescopes, and microscopes have already greatlyexpanded the realm of experienceable . An immense part of world we nowexperience is based on centuries of probing what were then “invisible” realms.ã OUR BIOLOGICAL TOOLS ARE LIMITED. Dolphins get twice the data we get,and their output matches their input. Our input is dominantly visual (75%), but wehave no visual output, and our output is only 1/10 of our input. 5 The informationchannel capacity of the [unconscious] brain is ~50 million bits per second for the fiveaccepted physical senses, while the information channel capacity for the conscious brain is less than 50 bits per second. This skews our perceptions of what is.ã OUR LANGUAGES DIRECT OUR CONCEPTUAL FIELDS. English is based on nouns  , identifying distinctions between things . Just think of the conceptual shiftswe've experienced going from he/she to we ; from either/or to both are true .Chinese ideograms are multi-dimensional imagery. Other languages are based onverbs, or relationships, or different past-present-timelessness. Each directs andconfines our minds differently.ã WE’VE TRAPPED OURSELVES IN A “COGNITIVE JAIL” of preconceptions –“qi doesn’t exist”. But children CAN see auras, until they are trained to believe thatauras don't exist. We CAN firewalk.ã WE SEE WHAT WE CHOOSE TO LOOK  FOR. Physics, economics, and languageare basic belief systems of our culture. They reflect core values of a culture andexclude ones not acceptable . The central research focus in our sciences has beenon what is “profitable” and “applicable”, not on expanding fundamentalunderstanding.ã WE TEND TO BLANK OUT THINGS TOO BIG OR PROFOUND TOCOMPREHEND. We have to interpret them thru our limited concepts, thus reportsappear contradictory. We don't have the language, concepts, or experience to begin
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