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Presentation at Geomeetup in San Francisco, Sept 24,2012 on how to do python scripting with QGIS.
  QGIS Python Scripting Geomeetup SFAlex Mandel Geography Phd CandidateDavis, California 95616 blog.wildintellect.comtech@wildintellect.com September 24, 2012 Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike Non-commercial   Quantum GIS  What is it?  A GUI based Desktop GIS application for data viewing,exploration, manipulation and output.  A customizable and expandable GIS platform.  GPL Licensed  What isn’t it?  It’s not a 100% everything you ever wanted to do with a GIS  The only cartographic tool you need *(to be a pro cartographer)  The only analysis tool you need *(to be a research scientist)  A Typical GIS  Features I care about  Data driven Symbology and Labelling including font, font size,rotation, multi-rule color selection.  Vector data editing, by hand or by number  Data editing by table or by custom forms  WMS, WFS, WPS, WMTS, Postgis, Spatialite + anythingGDAL/OGR  A WMS Server (Optional QGIS Server)  Raster Calculations  Batch geoprocessing (Vector and Raster)  Plugins, plugins and plugins...  Reference FOSS4G 2011 workshop http://sourcepole.ch/foss4g/
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