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Demo for QFIX
    The Institute is first created and the specific credentials are shared with the institute admin. The merchant can start adding the details in the following steps. Step 1:  Branch  –  The different branches within the institute can be added by clicking on the “Add Branch” tab and filling in the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk (*). Step 2:  Standard & Division: The Division is first added followed by addition of Standard/ Course. Step 3:  Students: The students can be added either manually by clicking “Add Student” or by downloading and uploading the Template.  The Mandatory Fields viz, Student Name, Surname, Gender, Standard, Division, have to be entered for each student. Apart from that we either need valid 10 digit mobile numbers or email ID for communicating the credentials for each student.    The status against each student needs to be “Active” in UI addition and “Y” in the template. The Students username will be the combination of Institute Initials and the registration code. Step 4:  Fees: For adding fees successfully, 4 steps needs to be followed. All these 4 are present in the left side menu: 1.   Fee Head: Different Fees Heads can be added.  2.   Display Layout: The fees ramifications with each of their amounts that should be seen in the receipt can be added.  3.   Late Fees: Late Fees can be calculated One Time or Recurring (Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly)  4.   Fees: Can either be added each manually through UI by clicking on “Add F ees” or in bulk using the Excel Template by “Download Template” and “Upload Template” function .   The following details are required, 1)   the Start date & End Date of the fees cycle 2)   the Due date, 3)   Fees amount,    4)   To add ramifications select on “group fees” and add  the Display template previously added. 5)   The Scheme code. The fees can be added either for a Standard- Division combination or Student specific. Fees Reminders can be set. The Institute can select the “Q  - Pay” option and go to “Fees Report”, and download the “Fees Detail Report” using various filters.  The Real time update of fees payment status can be fetched also the settlement date can be fetched once the fees amount gets settled in the merchant account. The Transaction ID is unique for each online transaction that a student makes while paying the fees.   
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