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Your Subtitle Goes Here Practical Goat Raising GOATS ARE COMMONLY KNOWN AS “POOR MAN’S COW” “LIVING MOWERS” NOW “LIVING ASSETS” (GOAT IS GOLD) POTENTIALS OF GOAT RAISING Animals Broiler Layer Capital Feed Expense Housing Expense Overall Mgt. Integration Market Diseases Contri. in Nutrition X X X X X X X X X X X X X X OK OK Duck Fattener (Swine) Breeder (Swine) Cattle Carabao X X X X X LESS X X X LESS LESS X X X LESS LESS X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X OK OK OK OK
   Your Subtitle Goes Here   Practical Goat Raising   GOATS ARE COMMONLYKNOWN AS “POOR MAN’S COW”    “LIVING MOWERS”    NOW “LIVING ASSETS  ”  (GOAT IS GOLD)  POTENTIALS OF GOATRAISING Animals Capital FeedExpenseHousingExpenseOverallMgt.Integration Market Diseases Contri. inNutritionBroiler XXX X XX X OK Layer XXX X XX X OK Duck XXX X XX X OK Fattener(Swine) XXX X XX X OK Breeder(Swine) XXX X XX X OK Cattle X LESS LESS XX OK Carabao X LESS LESS XX OK Goat LESS LESS LESS EASY OK VG LESS OK   Sheep LESS LESS LESS EASY OKLESSOK  GOAT INVENTORY (as of 2010) Total Head Count: By Farm Type: 38003850390039504000405041004150420042502008 2009 2010 4,177,7003,929,2004,182,500    P  o  p  u   l  a   t   i  o  n   (   „   0   0   0   h  e  a   d   ) Year 98.531.47 BackyardCommercial
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