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1. Practical Experience of INSPIRE 2. Snowflake and INSPIREã Focus on data harmonisationã Early involvement in ORCHESTRAã Debbie Wilson is an Annex III Editorã…
  • 1. Practical Experience of INSPIRE
  • 2. Snowflake and INSPIRE• Focus on data harmonisation• Early involvement in ORCHESTRA• Debbie Wilson is an Annex III Editor• Ian Painter is on the UK AGI INSPIRE AWG• 1 day INSPIRE Essentials training• Software tools: – GO Loader – loads all Annex I, II & III – GO Publisher – publishes all Annex I, II & II• Very involved in Annex I, II & III testing
  • 3. GO Publisher and INSPIRE• Create INSPIRE compliant Metadata• Create data valid to the Annex I, II & III Themes• Create all types of INSPIRE Download and Direct Access Services• Create GML 3.2.1 as required by INSPIRE• Create WFS 2.0 as required by INSPIRE• On-the-fly data transformation
  • 4. INSPIRE Network Services – Download Services Desktop Agent WFS Internet / IntranetSimple Download Services Advanced Download Services Direct Access Services
  • 5. Harmonising data Relational Relational database model database type XML Path INSPIRE datatype• Build schema translations via simple user interface• Create additional INSPIRE data without changing source data• Filter and merge data• Coordinate transformation INSPIRE sample output
  • 6. Create & Deploy a Direct Access Download Service
  • 7. How does it work? SQL Query Data Request Database Records Schema translation SQL Query INSPIRE Geoportal Data Store Data Request Database Records Schema translation Server Google Earth Translation configuration Database table information Desktop 7
  • 8. Experiences so far … the Good• There is momentum now in both vendors and data providers – We’ve created data in most of the Annex I, II & III ‘vector’ themes – Deployed Download Services – We’re now seeing people wanting to load data• Plenty of positive feedback – Quick to create valid data – Integrated validation• Broad range of use cases – From National Mapping Agencies to 1 man companies – From enterprise database to spreadsheets 8
  • 9. Experiences so far … the Bad• No ‘Normative’ concept of ‘INSPIRE compliance’ – Network Services • No WFS 2.0 compliance tests • No performance benchmarking • Note: OGC could greatly help … Aviation has same issue – Data content • What is good enough?• Transformation Service is confusing implementation – So far transformation hidden behind end-points of Download services • Offline ETL • On-the-fly• Is it really needed? What is its benefit over the above?
  • 10. Contact me:Ian Painter (@iapainter)
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