Pembagian Dermatom Tubuh


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     Pembagian Dermatom Tubuh C2 - posterior half of the skull cap C3 - area correlating to a high turtle neck shirt C4 - area correlating to a low-collar shirt C6 - (radial nerve) 1st digit (thumb)  C7 - (median nerve) 2nd and 3rd digit C8 - (ulnar nerve) 4th and 5th digit, also the funny bone T4 - nipples.  T5 - Inframammary fold.  T6/T7 - xiphoid process.  T10 - umbilicus (important for early appendicitis pain) T12 - pubic bone area. L1 - inguinal ligament L4 - includes the knee caps S2/S3 - genitalia
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