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1. OLD FRIENDS Nataly Perez Marin Aug. 10.2010 class O 2. B) Old friends- Pre-Reading activities Who where your best friends when you were 5 years old? At my 5 years old…
  • 1. OLD FRIENDS Nataly Perez Marin Aug. 10.2010 class O
  • 2. B) Old friends- Pre-Reading activities Who where your best friends when you were 5 years old? At my 5 years old my best friend was called Jhoana Perafán. They were very pretty times the games, the wrists, pots, we hiding place, the barbie (is my favorites). Thought since they were going to be our lives when we grew. Dreamed get married and having children, we dreesed cloting mothers. The true I had almost no friends, but Jhoana is special.
  • 3. Where did you meet most of your friends ata that age? The knowledge of my house and school Why were they your best friends? Jhoana lived nead and games all time. And never fight. What did you have in common? she birthday one day after. Is april 8 and my april 7. What did you use to do together? Contact is for phone and facebook but regular visit.
  • 4. C) Old friends- -Reading activities. Read the article and             answer:          What does the web site do? It is allowed that the old friends should be as those of the school, of the infancy and the first love with only a subscription of low cost. Has you ever used a website like this? Would you use it? Yes, by means of the facebook I could have met several friends of the college and others which I grew and lived through very pretty moments, this web site has allowed me to know of the lives of these old friends.
  • 5. Make a listo of new words or expressions from the reading (vocabulary). Remember to write the definitions. Chaperones:  one who accompanies and supervises a young woman or gatherings of young people. Stumbled onto: an unintentional but embarrassing blunder; "he recited the whole poem without a single trip"; "he arranged his robes to avoid a trip-up later"; "confusion caused his unfortunate misstep"
  • 6. D) Old friends- postreading activities. Re-read the article and answer the questions on page 72-C. Remember to justify your False (F) answers. 1. Gina didn’t remember Ray Sears when he contacted her. False, Gina answered him “How could I forget my first love” 2. Gina and Ray are now married and starting a family. True. 3. Classmates.com helps you find old school friends. True. 4. You can contact your old friends for free. False, first he must become a paying member, then it registers his personal information. 5. The web site doesn’t give out your address and telephone number. True.
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