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If you think you need to keep your studies aside to earn money as a student then think again. Learn by exploring this site how you can make money by sending notes to us on various topics. It does not matter what your profession is, if you study or studied by making your own notes then this is an opportunity for you to earn money by sending your Notes to us on listed topics on this site.
  • 1. Welcomes you
  • 2. Why Money Skills are Important • To Create Independence • To Set and reach financial goals • To Enjoy living responsibly within means • Prepares one for future needs
  • 3. Make money with Now! A Unique way to earn money, just for students
  • 4. • Choose Band-A membership to become a promotional codes seller to people who are interested in writing Notes. Buy each in rupees 150 and sell in rupees 250.• Also send your Notes to earn rupees 200 per selected Note.• And if not enough, get a gift of all the best selected Notes by free of cost.• So Hurry! Because Band-A membership is limited in number per university.
  • 5. • Become a Band-B or Band-C member and earn rupees 200 per selected Note.• Also redeem up to rupees 100 easily by sending any 100 genuine Notes.• And if not enough, get a gift of all the best selected Notes by free of cost.
  • 6. • Still confused! Then try free user registration to earn rupees 10 for each selected Note.
  • 7. • Hurry! choose you membership type and Register to earn as much as you want.
  • 8. for more information visit our site
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