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Candidate Profile  Packet NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY JACKSON CHAPTER 2012 - 2013 Jackson Memorial High School Jackson, New Jersey National Honor Society Jackson Chapter National Honor Society Selection Procedures The National Honor Society is sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals and, as a recognized chapter, it is required to adopt and follow the national constitution. Our chapter has also adopted its own constitution which further outlines the procedures of sel
     Candidate Profile    Packet    NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY JACKSON CHAPTER    2012 - 2013  Jackson Memorial High SchoolJackson, New Jersey   2 National Honor Society Jackson Chapter National Honor Society Selection Procedures  The National Honor Society is sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals and, as a recognized chapter, it is required to adopt and follow the national constitution. Our chapter has also adopted its own constitution which further outlines the procedures of selection.1. In August, juniors (based on four semesters) who have a grade point average of 4.0 or better and seniors (based on six semesters) who have a grade point average of 4.0 or better are invited to an orientation session on the National Honor Society. This orientation introduces  students to the National Honor Society’s purpose, requirements, and the selection process, including the required profile, essay, and recommendations.2. In September, each eligible student must submit completed profiles,essay, and recommendations by the date listed in the application. The Faculty Council, composed of five teachers and the National Honor Society advisor, is formed.3. In early September, a list of eligible students is distributed to staff members for additional input to the Faculty Council. This input must be written and is given to the National Honor Society advisor, who sits ex- officio on the council.4. In October, the Faculty Council meets to review the candidates. This review involves consider  ation of each student’s leadership, service, and  character based on the information available to the Faculty Council,including the profile, recommendations, discipline reports, attendance records, essay, and faculty input. A majority vote of the Council is required for selection.5. Selected students are advised by the National Honor Society advisor in a letter in October. Induction is held in November.6. Acceptance is an honor and not a right of a student and therefore the decision of the Faculty Council is final.   3 National Honor Society Jackson Chapter Outline of Procedures in Completing Candidate Profile    Membership in the National Honor Society is based upon the demonstrated characteristics of Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. SCHOLARSHIP    To be eligible for membership, a student must attain a fixed and specific grade point average. Academic ranking will be used for the purposes of making the determination on grade point average. Ineligible students may request that their GPA be reviewed to insure its accuracy. In order to qualify for membership status, one must earn a 4.0 GPA or higher.Attaining the grade point average brings students to the first level of candidacy. Verifying the academic records allows a student to proceed to the next level. At any point in the selection process, a student may withdraw his/her candidacy. Students who do not withdraw thereby give their consent to have their candidacy reviewed in accordance with the established procedures. SERVICE, LEADERSHIP, and CHARACTER  1. To complement their academic accomplishments, candidates must demonstrate and document sustained interest, effort, and achievement in extra-curricular activities and volunteer work. Candidates are asked to submit  a list of school and/or community activities  in which they have participated during high school. Students must request verification to be submitted from three different advisors/coaches (no more than two sports which must be varied) of the listed activities. The activities must include at least one service or volunteer activity outside of school with documentation of 30 hours or more. One of the activities must also be a school activity. This documentation must attest to the candidate’s active participation in the activity; it should also verify elements of service,leadership and character within the activity. It is the responsibility of the candidate to insure that the verification statements are complete and submitted in accordance with established timelines. An unsatisfactory advisor verification will be reason for non-acceptance into the chapter    4 2. Candidates will also be asked to  submit recommendations from three (3)    teachers  attesting to their service, leadership, and character. The selected teachers cannot be one of the advisors or coaches that completed an activity recommendation for the candidate.3. All candidates will be required to  complete an essay  . More specific information regarding the required essay can be found in the packet. National Honor Society Jackson Chapter  HELPFUL HINTS   In order to increase your chances of acceptance, please read carefully the  following list of do’s and do not’s.   DO    *Do  complete all information on the forms neatly and legibly. *Do  list a variety of activities (e.g. one sport, two clubs, etc.) One of the activities must be a school activity. *Do  submit your application on time. Failure to submit the completed application by Tuesday, September 25, 2012 will constitute automatic disqualification.*Do  list activities in which you have been a member for at least one full year. *Do  use the appropriate recommendation forms.*  Do return your completed application directly to Ms. Bunce Room 145.*Do  complete the top portion of all forms (Teacher Recommendation and Advisor Verification). *Do  give considerable thought and care in writing the essay. *Do  type your essay.
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