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Nexgen POG is an easy and efficient web based planogram. With Nexgen POG, we focus on encouraging companies to use planograms in each of their teams to grow their businesses. With this planogram solution, small retailers and sales teams of bigger organisations can fully utilize their retail shelf spaces with minimal supervision from category management specialists.
  • 1. Highlights ➢ Supports mobile devices ➢ iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) ➢ Android devices (Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Tab, etc.) ➢ Supports all modern browsers ➢ Internet Explorer ➢ Google Chrome ➢ Safari ➢ Supports new image formats ➢ PNG ➢ JPEG ➢ GIF Nexgen Inc.
  • 2. Friendly User Experience and Useful Features Nexgen Inc.
  • 3. Nexgen POG Designer ➢ Stack products ➢ Box layout view ➢ Zoom In / Out ➢ Background, base colour selection ➢ Export, Share Planograms Nexgen Inc.
  • 4. ➢ Import product list from other planograms ➢ Search within Product Bin by category, name, upc, etc. ➢ Expand / Collapse ➢ Hide, Unhide, and Move product bin as a floating window Product Bin Features Nexgen Inc.
  • 5. Stack Products on Shelves ➢ Stack products just by dragging into place ➢ Products snap to the closest one ➢ You can also make fine adjustments using arrow keys Nexgen Inc.
  • 6. Zoom In / Zoom Out ➢ Use the Zoom slider at the bottom-right of the designer screen ➢ Helps with fine adjustments on multi-section planograms Nexgen Inc.
  • 7. Switch to box layout ➢ Just uncheck Show Image option ➢ Your design changes to box layout with UPCs Nexgen Inc.
  • 8. ➢ Import Product Bin from other POGs or Merchandising Standards Import Product Bin Nexgen Inc.
  • 9. Share POGs With Another User ➢ Select specific users to share POGs ➢ Share with “View Only” or “Edit” privileges Nexgen Inc.
  • 10. Easily Organized in Shelf ➢ Spread even Nexgen Inc.
  • 11. Easily Organized in Shelf ➢ Spread even ➢ Align right Nexgen Inc.
  • 12. Easily Organized in Shelf ➢ Spread even ➢ Align right ➢ Align Left Nexgen Inc.
  • 13. Apply Squeeze Factor ➢ 20% squeeze factor applied ➢ Useful for chips and other bagged products Nexgen Inc.
  • 14. Set Planogram Properties ➢ Change background colour ➢ Change border and base colour ➢ Change section and shelf names Nexgen Inc.
  • 15. Set Planogram Properties ➢ Change background colour ➢ Change border and base colour ➢ Change section and shelf names Nexgen Inc.
  • 16. Nexgen POG Facts ➢ Nexgen POG can be used by anyone who has a user I ➢ No additional software required to run Nexgen POG - Just need a browser with internet connection ➢ Export planograms to PDF or JPEG ➢ Export design only, or with product details ➢ Export product detail report to Excel ➢ Share planograms to other users with “View” or “Edit” permissions. Nexgen Inc.
  • 17. Our Exclusive Services ➢ Unlimited user licenses ➢ Around the clock support and maintenance ➢ Update product / Image library regularly ➢ Support for updating Merchandizing Standards ➢ Free training webinar for new and existing users Nexgen Inc.
  • 18. Nexgen POG Statistics ➢ Unlimited users collectively ➢ Different types of users ➢ Internal users ➢ distributor users ➢ Franchise users ➢ Any number of Planograms can be created every month Nexgen Inc.
  • 19. Thank you Nexgen Inc.
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