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New Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation
  OIL PALM CULTIVATION SALMA SULTANA BARBHUIYA EWS17620142 ND SEMESTER.ENVIRONMENTAL BIOLOGY AND WILDLIFE SCIENCES .  CONTENTS • OIL PALM • OIL PALM CULTIVATION • GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION • ROLE OF OIL PALM IN INDIA • NEGATIVE IMPACT • POSITIVE IMPACT • MITIGATION • CONCLUSION  OIL PALM • Oil palm ( E.Guineensis) is the most important species in  Elaeis genus which belongs to the family of Arecaceae. • They are also known asAfrican oil palmormacaw-fat • It is indigenous to West Africa but is now planted in all tropical areas of the world. • The closely related American oil palm Elaeis oleifera and a more distantly related palm  Attalea maripa are also used to produce palm oil.  SCIENTIFIC CLASSIFICATION Kingdom Plantae Division AngiospermClass Liliopsida Order Arecales Family ArecaceaeGenus Elaeis Species E.guineensis  Oil palm ( Elaeisguineensis)
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