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1A 1 b 1D 2B 3E 4A c 1 MW 2 AP 3 PC 4 JM 5 PC 6 MW 7 JM 8 AP e 1 know your own mind 2 stick to your guns 3 in a sense 4 your comfort zone 5 grit your teeth 6 fill sb in (on) 7 catch up h speak your mind = to say exactly what you think in a very direct way mind your own business (informal) = to think about your own affairs and not to ask questions about, or try to get involved in, other people’s lives and problems, etc. I was minding my own business and Mind your own business! are both informal,
   NEF Advanced SB iTools answer keys - 1 - 1A 1b 1 D2 B3 E4 A c 1 MW2 AP3 PC4 JM5 PC6 MW7 JM8 AP e 1 know your own mind2 stick to your guns3 in a sense4 your comfort zone5 grit your teeth6 fill sb in (on)7 catch up h speak your mind = to say exactly what you think in a very direct waymind your own business ( informal  ) = to think about your own affairs and not to ask  questions about, or try to get involved in, other people’s lives and problems, etc.    I was minding my own business and Mind your own business! are both informal, butthe second one when said to sb else is rude.cross your mind = to come into your mind, occur to you, e.g.  It never crossed mymind to ask him how his father was.  be in two minds about something = to be unable to decide what you think about sb or sth, or whether to do sth or not 2b (Suggested answers)1 the nuns thought I was stupid.2 my clothes / the way I dressed.3 it was hard for me4 tell him (the good and bad things) about my day.   NEF Advanced SB iTools answer keys - 2 - c 2 Because of 3 to4 even though f  1 many workers have lost their jobs.2 we felt as if we’d known each other for ages.  3 the terrible storm.4 hurt his feelings.5 was a huge commercial success.6 cannot be named.7 technical problems.8 don’t have to spend so much time commuting.   3ca The two most important factors are:1 Having friendly, supportive colleagues.2 Doing enjoyable work.The two least important factors are:1 Having your achievements recognized.2 Earning a competitive salary. b 1 T2 F3 F4 F5 T6 F7 T e 1 Yes, she does.2 People work long hours (because they are passionate about their jobs). f  1 She had always liked them as a company (and followed their website and weeklynewsletter).2 They mix people up from different departments so you make friends with people indifferent areas of the business (and are therefore aware of the projects others areworking on and the pressures they are under).3 Employees don’t have to dress up to go to work / people often don’t wear shoes / there is a grassy floor in the office.4 People tend to stay at the company for a long time.5  No, she thinks it’s important to ‘feel like you are adequately financially rewardedfor what you do.’     NEF Advanced SB iTools answer keys - 3 -6 She loves smoothies and always drinks innocent smoothies. (She thinks that she andher colleagues feel passionate about their work because they know they have a good product.) 4b 1 D short-term contracts (= work contracts which are for a short space of time, usually just a few months. Opposite long-term contracts)2 A work   –  life balance (= the relative amount of time people spend at work and thetime they spend on other aspects of their lives, e.g. family and hobbies. People try toachieve a good work   –  life balance.)3 E working environment (= the physical conditions existing where you work, e.g. behaviour of colleagues and superiors, level of comfort, noise, etc.)4 F line manager (= the person who is your day-to-day boss, and who is usually one position above you in the company)5 C staff turnover (= the rate at which employees leave a company and are replaced by other people. We talk about high / low staff turnover.)6 B competitive salary (= a salary which is good compared to those offered by similar companies) d a demanding  job tests the same things but has negative connotations.a challenging  job tests your abilities and energies in a positive way wages = the money paid weekly to do a job  salary =   the money that you are paid monthly or annually to do a job, especially professional employees  profession usually   refers in a general sense to jobs that require special training or qualifications, e.g. the medical  refers   to   the series of jobs that a person has in a particular area of work, usuallyinvolving more responsibility as time passes, e.g . a career in journalism . It can alsorefer to the period of your life that you spend working, e.g.  He had a long career as atennis player. skills = particular abilities required in a job qualifications usually refers to exams passed being sacked  = being made to leave your job because you did it badly / did somethingwrong, etc. being made redundant  = losing your job because a company / employer no longer haswork available for you  get a rise = be paid more than before  get promoted  = be given a higher post in the company  good prospects = good possibilities of future promotion  good    opportunities = for example the chance to travel, to use your English, to do something you’re really interested in     NEF Advanced SB iTools answer keys - 4 - out of work  = unemployed off work  = temporarily absent because of illness or for example, parental leave 5b 1 I managed to get a challenging and motivating job.2 I don’t have any qualifications or  experience .3 There’s no  job security and I might be made redundant .4 I’ve had a very rewarding career in publishing.5 The job has a competitive salary and excellent benefits .6 It’ s a stimulating working environment with good opportunities and pros   pects .7 The employees   don’t enjoy their work as it’s very monotonous .8 After she retired , she did voluntary work at her local hospital. 6b (archaeologist) Pros: travelling around the world, visiting exotic places (hairdresser) Cons: having to stand up all day and touch people’s hair; dealing with complaints The two noises are ‘Er’ and ‘Um’.   1B 1a cautious = not taking any risks. Can be positive or negative according to the situation. conscientious = taking care to do things carefully and correctly. Usually positive if nottaken to extremes, though can imply a lack of imagination. curious = having a strong desire to know about things and people, interested in things.Usually positive. C ompare with nosy = being too interested in other people’s affairs.   easy-going  = relaxed and happy to accept things without getting angry or worried.Usually positive. independent  = confident, without needing help from other people. Usually positive. logical  = thinking and acting in a sensible and reasoned way. Usually positive. loyal  = remaining faithful to sb or to a company or cause and supporting them / it.Usually considered positive. mature = behaving in an adult and sensible way. Positive. quiet  = tending not to talk very much. Often considered a negative quality. rebellious = unwilling to obey rules or accept normal standards of behaviour, dress,etc. Usually negative, but can be positive, e.g. many people think teenagers ought tobe a bit rebellious. self-sufficient    = not needing other people’s help or company. Positive.    sensitive   = aware of and able to understand other people’s feelings or easily offended or hurt. The first meaning is positive, but the second is negative. d 1 plan2 get3 make4 catches
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