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Click to edit Master subtitle style Analysis of Investor Relations practices at Escorts Ltd 3/28/12 Six decades of legacy Shareholding pattern: Escorts Ltd. (as on 31th Dec 2010) Public & Othe rs 26.0 7% Promoters & gro up 26.7 7% Escorts Legacy § § § FI's 3.4 (Individua 5% l) Indian MFs 13. 3% FII 's 30.3 8% § Total outstanding equity shares : 10crs § Started under leadership of Mr. HP Nanda in 1944 at Lahore. Started with franchisee of Massey Ferguson tractors for North India & gra
  Click to edit Master subtitle style 3/28/12 Analysis of Investor Relations practices at Escorts Ltd  3/28/122 Six decades of legacy Escorts Legacy § Started under leadership of Mr. HP Nanda in 1944 atLahore. § Started with franchisee of Massey Ferguson tractors for  North India & graduallyEscort brand. § Started tractor manufacturingin 1960 § Started manufacturing of construction equipment in1971. § Group turnover over USD500mn (FY2010)Shareholding pattern: Escorts Ltd.(as on 31th Dec 2010) Total outstanding equityshares : 10crs Promoters&group26.77%FII's30.38%IndianMFs13.3%FI's(Individual)3.45%Public&Others26.07%  3/28/123 Today the company has 2 operatingcompanies Escorts Ltd. (EL)(Listed on BSE,NSE)EscortsConstructionEquipment Ltd.(ECEL)(Unlisted)AgriMachineryGroup (AMG)EngineeringDivision (ED)RailwayEquipmentDivision(RED)AutoSuspensionParts (ASP)   100%Subsidiary of Escorts Ltd.  3/28/124 Objectives
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