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NANAL Volume 13 Issue 1 March 2012 Cover: Design by Shanthi Chidambaram Cover: Design by Shanthi Chidambaram An Evergreen Nagarathar Identity! நாணல் Need of the day: A museum to treasure our more in our cover story. President Annamalai Periakrauppan Vice President Ram Nagappan Secretary Vellayappan Narayanan Joint Secretary Ramu Venkatachalam Treasurer Annamalai Sambanthan nsnatr
     March 2012    C   o  v   e   r  :   D   e   s   i   g   n   b  y   S   h   a   n   t   h   i   C   h   i   d   a   m   b   a   r   a   m   Volume 13 Issue 1    Need of the day:A museum to treasureour morein our cover story.    C  o  v  e  r  :   D  e  s   i  g  n   b  y   S   h  a  n   t   h   i   C   h   i   d  a  m   b  a  r  a  m  President Annamalai Periakrauppan nsnapresident@achi.orgJoint Secretary Ramu Venkatachalam nsnacosecretary@achi.orgFund Raising CommitteeCo-Chair Alagappan Thenappan nsnacofunds@achi.orgEducation CommitteeChair Muthiah Sundarresan   nsnaedu@achi.orgHealth & HumanitarianCo-Chair Usha Thenappan   nsnacohealth@achi.orgRetreat CommitteeChair Laks Meyyappan   nsnaretreat@achi.orgMembership CommitteeChair Babu Nagappan   nsnamembership@achi.orgMarriage CommitteeCo-Chair Shanthi Nachiappan   nsnacomarraige@achi.orgYouth CommitteeAdvisor Nachiappan Muthukaruppan nsnayouthadvisor@achi.orgFounderHonorary Member Manickam Ramiah   Vice President Ram Nagappan   nsnavp@achi.orgTreasurer Annamalai Sambanthan   nsnatreasurer@achi.orgWeb CommitteeChair Arun Somasundaram nsnaweb@achi.orgEducation CommitteeCo-Chair Kaveri Kumarappan nsnacoedu@achi.orgNANAL CommitteeChair Suku V. Sukumar   nsnaeditor@achi.orgRetreat CommitteeCo-Chair Sathu Solai   nsnacoretreat@achi.orgMembership CommitteeCo-Chair Ram Arunachalam nsnacomembership@achi.orgYouth CommitteeChair Arjun Singaram   nsnayouthchair@achi.orgCulture & ReligionChair Sithambaram Subbiah nsnareligious@achi.orgSecretary Vellayappan Narayanan   Joint Treasurer Kathiresan Lakshmanan   nsnacotreasurer@achi.orgWeb CommitteeCo-Chair Balaji Chockalingam   nsnacoweb@achi.orgHealth & HumanitarianChair Chandrasekar Meyyappan nsnahealth@achi.orgNANAL CommitteeCo-Chair Kathiresan Palaniappan nsnacoeditor@achi.orgFund Raising CommitteeChair Venkatachalam Venkatachalam nsnafunds@achi.orgMarriage CommitteeChair Ram Bhaskaran   nsnamarraige@achi.orgYouth CommitteeCo-Chair Aruna Chidambaram   nsnayouthcochair@achi.orgCulture & ReligionCo-Chair TBD   nsnacoreligious@achi.orgFounderHonorary Member P. Chockalingam    C   o  u   r   t   e   s  y   o   f   R   a   m    N   a   g   a   p   p   a   n ,   N   J  President’s Letter   2   Business & Finance 4   Cover Story 6    Announcements 1 2   Regional Digest 16   Culture & Religion 30Home & Food 36   Health & Yoga 40Children & Youth 42   Committee Reports 46 I NSIDE T HIS I SSUE    Herbs of Healthy Cooking  by Alagu Vairavan onPage 32    Tamil Short Story— ஆய வ   by SP. VR. Subbiahon Page 34    Power of Being aBilingual Individual  byMadhavan Thiyagarajanon Page 35    Sisterhood—A Bond not found in Chemistry  byPriya Chidambaram onPage 43    Youth Contest  on Page44   T ime has come for us to say  good bye to all of you and  good luck  to thenew unified California team that will beshouldering the responsibilities of the NANAL publication from the next issueforward.   We had a fantastic two year term with the NANAL. During this period, as per our EC’s slogan of “ Taking the NSNA to the Next Level...” , we moved the bars of thisvery publication several notches up.Yes, we have indeed made a strikingdifference in the way our newsletter  - cum - magazine is being composed, edited, published, delivered, and read. Overall,you welcomed the changesenthusiastically, adapted to the new stylerapidly, and gave us a nodoverwhelmingly. In short, you werecontent with the content that we bringright to your homes!   Pal and I take this moment to sincerelythank you for the concerted support thatyou extended to us during this entire period.On this final issue of the NANAL fromour team, we are wrapping our theme on அ இ with “Nagarathars—AJourney through Time” . PurnimaPalaniyandi and Annamalai Natarajanhave worked closely together, consultedmany books written on Nagarathars, andgone all the way back to the roots of our srcins. They have synthesized the thenlifestyle, culture, and traditions with thecurrent era, and have come up with aseries of recommendations that thisgeneration could do to preserve our heritage. Their dream of conserving whatis left of our culture in something like‘ Chettinad Museum ’ is—in our opinion— very much like the museum for Jewish or American - Indians in the United States.At the regional level, there are a number of changes of leadership and newrepresentatives/secretaries have assumedthe responsibility. Don’t forget to get aglimpse of your new representative on theinside back cover of this NANAL.   Our involvement with our NANAL publication in general and cover stories in particular, have made us read blogs and books on Nagarathars, ask intriguingquestions to our  ayyas appathas , and aayas , and discuss and exchange ideas onhow to preserve the culture for futuregenerations. In the process, we learnedmore about our identities, our culture, andthe necessity of getting even moreinvolved with the society to preserve our rich past and present.Lately, we have been seriously thinking of  bringing the ‘ Chettinad Museum’  toreality and toward that goal, we arestarting an initiative for creating a virtualmuseum first. If you are interested incontributing to this social initiative, pleaseconnect with us at this email Happy Reading!   Good Bye and Signing Off,   Suku & Pal   F ROM   THE E DITORIAL D ESK ... Suku Sukumar & Pal KathiresanGreater New York Region NANAL   Dear Readers,   NORTH AMERICAN NAGARATHAR NEWSLETTER   நணநணநண   Volume 13, issue 1 March 2012  March 2012 2 P RESIDENT ’ S L ETTER   dr. a. periakaruppan, nyram nagappan, nj   Dear Nagarathars,   We would like to take this opportunity on behalf of NSNA 2010 - 11 ExecutiveCommittee Members to thank the entire Nagarathar community for giving us thisexceptional opportunity to serve our community for the last two years. It hascertainly been a very fruitful term and wewould like to thank each and every one of our NSNA committee members and their family for their time and effort spent tostrengthen our community for the future.Our focus was to take NSNA to the nextlevel. We will leave that up to you to judge whether we have done that and towhat extent. We took the EC term during avery difficult period of economic andfinancial condition. In spite of theeconomic and financial turmoil, we as acommunity came together and made this possible. The interest income from theendowment funds were not enough and wereached out to you. As a result of your selfless efforts and generous financialsupport, we were able to achievenumerous milestones over the past twoyears.   As we write this letter we have completedthe transition of our EC term to California.We thanks all our Donors, Sponsors,Yelam Sponsors, Vendors, NANALadvertisers, Regional Representatives, andthe newly joined members of our organizations who made all this possible.Each and everyone should be proud for your contribution over the years inkeeping our traditions live in NorthAmerica. Our Term 2010-2011 inReview We would like to thank all of you for your overwhelming support in making the North East NSNA region ExecutiveCommittee Term a grand success thatexceeded even our wildest expectations.Before we pass the baton on to our friendsin California, we thought we would takethis opportunity to look back and highlightsome of these accomplishments:    Completed many professional uplifts to the NSNAorganization by establishing branding and  standardization around Logos, Letterheads acrosscommittees, Audio and Video Conference facilities, Bulk email facility, Group collaborations and paperlessoperations.     Achieved good membership growth. Added approximately 160 new members. Also the number of registered users went up from 1008 to 1902.   Membership process was completely automated via weband was made online.     Raised over $595,000 in contributions and other revenue.     Managed the expense and increased the net asset of  NSNA to $660,000.     Added $140,000 to NSNA Endowment Funds.     Finally cracked the nut in achieving non -  profit and taxexempt status for NSNA in India.    Streamlined and automated the application process for  Education, Marriage, Health and Humanitarianassistance grant process.     Improved the selection criteria for education grants and awarded over 400 students with educational assistance.     Assisted more than 150 marriages, raised 30K and gaveout 45 sarees to our donors.   Arranged for Mega Medial Health Camp at GoldenSingar Mahal (Karaikudi), Children’s Medical Camp at  Amaravathiputhur Gurukulam, as well as economicassistance for ailing seniors and under privileged  Nagarathars in India.     Hosted the largest ever NSNA Retreat with 1200 people from 19 NSNA regions in attendance. Managed theexpenses and added significant savings to the NSNA funds.  Organized a very well attended and well received YouthCruise during the Retreat.    Vastly improved the NANAL magazine to include more youth involvement and enriched content (e.g., the  Yesterday / Today theme, Tamil short stories, and regular columns on Business & Finance, Home & Food, Health & Yoga, Culture & Religion).     NANAL current issue and archives were made availableonline through web and other mobile devices like iPhoneand iPad.  Complete revamp of the website with a total self  service features, a centralized NSNA member database,as a platform of better communication for the NSNAcommunity, and the automation of most member servicesincluding online payment via PayPal.     NANAL was self  -  sufficient by raising money viaadvertisement and did not dip into the general funds.  
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