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Landscape Architecture
    CONSTRUCTINGLANDSCAPE MATERIALS, TECHNIQUES, STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS ASTRID ZIMMERMANN (ED.)2. EDITION  CONSTRUCTING LANDSCAPE   INTRODUCTION   7 CONSTRUCTING LANDSCAPE, E ssay   by Cordula Loidl-Reisch 9 1 MATERIALS  1.1 SOIL 15Components, properties, classification 15Bulk material 20Soil protection 24Testing and assessing foundation soil 24   1.2 P LANTS   29Plant propagation 29Woody plants 30Herbaceous plants (including grasses and ferns) 35Bulbs and tubers (geophytes) 37Bedding and tub plants 37   1.3 LAWNS AND OTHER SEEDED AREAS   43Lawns 43Crushed stone lawn/checker brick lawn 46Meadows 47Intermediate planting 48   1.4 WOOD   53   Composition, properties and timber preservation 53  Products 60  Surface qualities 61  Joints 62   1.5 CUT STONE   67Properties and products 68Surface properties and treatment 72Jointing and shaping 75   1.6 BRICK AND CLINKER   79Composition, properties, products 79Surface qualities and surface treatment 86Laying and shaping 90   1.7 CONCRETE   95Composition, properties, products 95Surface qualities and surface treatment 99Joining and molding 100   1.8 M ETALS   105Iron and steel 106Aluminum 117Copper 118Zinc/titanium zinc 118   1.9 OTHER BUILDING MATERIALS   123Plastics 123Bitumen and asphalt 128Glass 131  2 THE PRINCIPLES OF LOADBEARING STRUCTURES  2.1 LOADBEARING STRUCTURES AND THEIR DIMENSIONS 137Fundamentals of structural component dimensioning 137Assumed loads 143Choice of system 144Choice of materials 147Choice of cross-section 151Stiffening 154   2.2 FOUNDATIONS 159The principles of soil mechanics 159Principal foundation types 167   2.3 CONNECTIONS 173Timber connections 173Steel connections 180Concrete connections 184Connections between different materials 191 3 STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS AND BUILDING METHODS 3.1 GROUND MODELING AND EARTHWORKS 199Terrain modeling 199Securing earthworks 202Specimen projects 208   3.2 PATHS AND SQUARES   215Hard surfaces—terminology 215Building ground 215Pavement 216Construction methods for surface courses 219Borders 231Specimen projects 233   3.3 STEPS   243Outdoor steps 243Construction methods 245Ramps 257Specimen projects 258   3.4 RAILINGS AND FENCES   267General requirements 267Construction methods 269Specimen projects 2813.5 WALLS   295Principles 295Freestanding walls 295Retaining walls 296Nonstable construction methods 300Stable construction methods 302Specimen projects 314   3.6 SMALL STRUCTURES AND PERGOLAS 327Construction and use of materials for small structures 327Construction and use of materials for pergolas 334Specimen projects 336   3.7 SMALL BRIDGES   347General structure of a bridge 347Bridge support structures 347Specimen projects 3503.8 WALKWAYS AND DECKS   357General essentials 357Foundation 358Substructure/support construction 359Covering 359Specimen projects 361    3.9 P LANTING TECHNIQUE AND CARE OF VEGETATION SURFACES 369Basics of plant growth 369Planting woody plants 372Planting and maintenance of herbaceous plants 378Planting and maintenance of geophytes 379Seasonal ornamental plants 379Specimen projects 380   3.10 LAWNS AND MEADOWS: LAYING OUT AND CARE 389Lawns 389Meadows 392Seeding ornamental annuals 393Specimen projects 494   3.11 SURFACE DRAINAGE 399Creating slopes 399Construction methods for drainage systems 404Basic calculations and parameters 411Specimen projects 414   3.12 W ATER INSTALLATIONS   421General building methods and choice of location 421Construction methods 422Planting pools and ponds 428Specimen projects 432   3.13 VERTICAL PLANTING   44 5 Creative aims 447Structures and attachment modes for trellis climbers 451Construction requirements 451Loads 452Problems with climbing plants 452Maintenance and checking 452Specimen project 453   3.14 GREEN ROOFS 457Forms of green roof 457Construction requirements and constructive elements 459Designs and layers in green roofs 464Greening methods 466Implementing a green roof 468Specimen projects 471   3.15 SPECIAL ELEMENTS   479Lighting elements 479Play and sports elements 482Specimen projects 485Seating elements 490Specimen projects 491 A PPENDIX  LITERATURE, STANDARDS AND DIRECTIVES,ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 503PICTURE CREDITS 519INDEX 525
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