Kalakbay Newsletter on Giving Thanks


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Kalakbay Newsletter on Giving Thanks
  Kalakbay Newsletter 2012 Remembering the ood News  Alec R. LeMay What are we thankful for in our daily lives? Are we thankful for being alive? Or perhaps merely having the joy of family and friends of with whom we can enjoy life? Whatever it is everyone has something to be thankful for. Yet giving thanks is not always so easy. Take for example the protests on Wall Street, wars in the Middle East, floods in Thailand and nuclear disaster right here in Japan. Many in this world live in a state of instability so deep that the only joy they can believe in is to be found in a world apart from the one we live now. With all the sorrow around us it is easier to turn into naysayers who bemoan every little thing wrong as if the end of the world should come tomorrow.  Yet, we must remember the blessings we have been given by the loving God who gave us life. The Good News of the Christian gospel is not limited to the riches and forgiveness we find in heaven, but begins here on earth. This does not mean we must become doormats for Christ or that we should stop fighting for justice and become complacent. These are noble causes indeed. Nevertheless, if we engage in these acts without possessing the strength to thank God for our lives and the opportunity given to us to worship along side our creator, we might turn more people away from God on our way. Heading from November into December let us give thanks for our God (Emanuel) who is with us and savor the miracle of life. In a few short weeks the liturgical year will end, and with it will come the beginning of the advent season. In this time of transition we should enjoy the changing foliage and look forward to the upcoming beauty of winter. But even more, we must not forget the delight of being alive. Giving our light to others is what we have been asked to do by Jesus who calls us all to become the light of this world. Passing our light to others depends first on its warmth. And the best way to stoke its flames is through remembering all the things for which we are thankful.
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