JOJO RABBIT (3.15.12) by Taika Waititi


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jojo rabbit
    March 15, 2012 Manage-ment Creative Artists Agency 1103 !  Glendon Avenue 2000 Avenue of the StarsLos Angeles, CA 90024 Los Angeles, CA 90067 310-208-4411 424-288-2000  INT. JOJO’S HOUSE - MORNINGWe open with QUICK DETAIL SHOTS of a young boy dressing:- a brown shirt buttoned.- badges pinned.- belt tightened.- neck kerchief tied.- shoelaces tied and shoes polished.- socks pulled up to knees.- hair combed.- eye-pencil applied above top lip...??- Shoes clicked together at the heels, one foot stomps down hard on the floor. He is dressed. We PULL to a CLOSE-UP, coming face to face with our HERO...JOHANNES BETZLER, (JOJO), a cute 10 year-old Boy. He stares into a full-length mirror. He has drawn a HITLER moustache on his upper lip. JOJOJojo Betzler, ten and a half years old. Today you join the ranks of the Jungvolk. This is a great day, for you, for your family, and for all of Germany. And as “BREATHLESS” by NICK CAVE kicks in, we PULL OUT to reveal Jojo is dressed impeccably in a HITLER YOUTH uniform. He does a little dance on the spot and then looks over to a wall covered  with pictures, posters and drawings of ADOLF HITLER. Jojo tries to WINK at a prominent poster of the Führer however he can’t close one eye independently so it’s more of a scrunched up BLINK. He tries again, not happening. He turns back to the  mirror and does the NAZI SALUTE.JOJO (CONT’D)HEIL HITLER!!! SUPER: “VIENNA, 1944” EXT. STREET - DAYWith a confident stride Jojo walks down the street admiring himself in store windows. He greets everyone he meets with the Hitler salute.  JOJOHeil Hitler, Herr Josef!(beat)Heil Hitler, Frau Kirsch!He is joined by his best friend YORKI, 11 years old, geeky, fat and clumsy. They embrace.YORKIJojo!JOJOYorki! Heil Hitler! YORKIHeil Hitler!They continue walking with excited energy.JOJOLooking good Yorki.YORKIYou too, Jojo. Did you bring your books?JOJOOf course. Now Yorki we must make a big effort this weekend. It’s rare for  we Jungvolk to be allowed at a Hitlerjugend training weekend and I  want to make a good impression. They  may promote us to Hitler’s Special Guard early. Only the best of the best get to do that.YORKIYes, you and I will be best of the best.JOJOThe best Nazi’s the whole world has ever seen.They look a bit awkward and nerdy as they continue down the street. They scream another Heil Hitler at each other, scaring the shit out of an elderly woman walking past.EXT. WOODS - HITLERJUGEND CAMP - DAYJojo and Yorki sit with other clean cut young children aged between 10 and 13.2.  CHILDREN(singing) I swear to devote all my energies and my strength to the saviour of our country, Adolf Hitler. I am willing and ready to give up my life for him, so help me God. A group of older kids, true HITLER YOUTH, are gathered nearby. A group of girls from the LEAGUE OF GERMAN GIRLS (BDM) march past on their way to a separate training area. Jojo sneaks a quick look at a pretty girl, GUDRUN (12). She returns a smile as CAPTAIN KLENZENDORF, weathered, over looking after kids, steps forward. He is accompanied by his camp, awkwardly enthusiastic assistant, SUB-OFFICER FINKEL (20’s). Captain Klenzendorf addresses the young crowd.KLENZENDORFHeil Hitler!FINKELHeil Hitler! KLENZENDORFJungvolk, welcome to our Hitlerjugend training weekend in which we will make  men and women of you all. My name is Captain Klenzendorf - you may call me Captain K.FINKELCaptain K! Woohoo!KLENZENDORF...and this is Sub-Officer Finkel. You  may only call him Sub-Officer Finkel. Over the next two days you will get a taste of the Hitlerjugend experience so you know what you’re in store for once you’re old enough to join yourself. You boys have all been issued with your Deutsches Jungvolk Daggers. Please take them out. Jojo and Yorki inspect and admire their nice new DEUTSCHES JUNGVOLK (DJ) KNIVES. Throughout the crowd we hear various yelps as kids accidentally cut themselves with the blades.KLENZENDORF (CONT’D)These are very special and expensive  weapons, you should never be without them. And DO NOT try to stab each other.3.
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