Java EE 6


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An overview on Java EE 6 features
  Shreekanth Vankamamidi  Enterprise JavaPlatformRight SizingEase of DevelopmentRobustnessWeb Services J2EE 1.2 ServletJSPEJBRMI/IIOP J2EE 1.3 EJB 2.0 – CMP,Local InterfacesComponentArchitecture J2EE 1.4 Web ServicesManagementDeploymentAsyncConnector Java EE 5.0 Ease of DevelopmentAnnotationsEJB 3.0PersistenceNew and updateWeb services Java EE 6.0 PruningExtensibilityProfilesEase of DevelopmentEJB LiteRestful ServicesWeb Profile December’ 1999   September’ 2001   November’ 2003   May’ 2006   December’ 2009     J2EE 1.3 Packaging  EJB 2.0 ▪ EJB 2.0 Interoperability ▪ Local Interfaces ▪ EJB QL ▪ Message-driven Bean  Servlet 2.3 ▪ Servlet Filtering ▪ Application lifecycle Listeners and Events ▪ Enhanced Internationalized support  JSP 1.2 ▪ XML Views of JSP Pages  J2EE 1.4 Packaging EJB 2.1 Stateless Session Beans as Web Service end pointsEJB as Web Service clientTimer service (to receive timed call backs)JCA 1.5Does bi-directional communication with EIS and App Server Servlet 2.4 JAX-RPC Web Services EndpointsAdded listeners to Request Attributes (Session Listeners) JAX-RPC Web Service End Points Define JAX-RPC interface ( matches WSDL )Provide implementation classDeclare in web.xml ( servlet )Declare in WEB/webservices.xml (service-impl-bean & servlet-link)
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