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1. USAID Finance for Economic Development (FED) Program WORKSHOP : “ I T GOV E R N A N C E I N B A NKS ” MAY 27, 2014 2. Statistics 2 Are IT Projects Successful?…
  • 1. USAID Finance for Economic Development (FED) Program WORKSHOP : “ I T GOV E R N A N C E I N B A NKS ” MAY 27, 2014
  • 2. Statistics 2 Are IT Projects Successful? PwC’s 2012 survey indicates that 200 global companies were spending over $4.5B on projects to deliver changes required to implement their strategy.
  • 3. IT project risks 3 Reasons for program failures
  • 4. TEST - Anagram 4 Վ Ջ Ժ Ր Ե Ն Ք Ո Ն Ա Ա Ա Ն Գ Զ
  • 5. TEST - Anagram 5 Վ Ջ Ժ Ր Ե Ջ Ր Վ Ե Ժ Ն Ք Ո Ն Ա Ք Ա Ն Ո Ն Ա Ա Ն Գ Զ Գ Ա Զ Ա Ն
  • 6. Key areas of project risk 6
  • 7. PM Maturation Model 7 Maturity Levels Characteristics 1 Unstable Project Performance (Ad Hoc) • Processes poorly defined • Managers have little visibility into status and processes employed • Success achieved through "heroics" 2 Stable Project Management Processes • Work projects are controlled and basic PM capability established • Management visibility into project status at predefined checkpoints • and milestones and react to problems as they occur • Initial use of metrics at the project performance level 3 Programs Managed with a Strategic Enterprise Focus • Management processes address multiple projects • A PMO is used for efficiency and risk management is proactive • Projects and programs assume a strategic focus with status visibility • provided to a wider stakeholder audience 4 Cross Business Unit Program Management Implemented • Measures of process quality are collected and processes are managed • Process performance target zones are established 5 Enterprise Standards and Program Management Culture Exists • Strategic resource management crosses the enterprise • Program value management occurs through project portfolio management, prioritization and interdependency management • Change issues address organizational design and culture change
  • 8. Players in managing program risk? 8 PMO monitoring and assurance activities Work stream monitoring activities Internal and/or External Audit
  • 9. How can audit add value? 9
  • 10. Top 10 Keys to success 10 1. Stakeholder buy-in & tone at the top, understanding & acceptance of engagement 2. Staffing, proper technical skills, qualifications and capabilities allowing the team to quickly establish credibility 3. Understanding project needs and expectations, as well as the level of comfort desired 4. Scoping appropriately, leveraging a risk based approach and delivering upon the agreed scope 5. Up-front communication regarding scope of review, extent of review, timing of review and level of details to be provided in reporting
  • 11. Top 10 Keys to success, cont. 11 6. Execution and completion of work within defined budget and schedule 7. Change agility, being able to change with the project needs (adjust timeline, etc.) but avoiding scope creep 8. Communication to all parties 9. Relevance, providing actionable useful and timely deliverables (reporting) – consider requirements of the audience (i.e. Audit Committee, Sponsor, Project Manager, etc.) 10. Monitoring project progress between checkpoint reviews to minimize ramp-up time required at each checkpoint
  • 12. Project management - Illustration 12 How the customer explained it How the project leader understood it How the analyst designed it
  • 13. Project management – Illustration, cont. 13 How the programmer wrote it How the business consultant described it How the project was documented
  • 14. Project management – Illustration, cont. 14 How was customer was billed How it was supported What the customer really needed
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