Islandora Overview: PASIG May 2013


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An overview of the Islandora project and open source framework, including sample productions sites. Islandora is a digital asset management system that can accommodate any type of data, and is designed for digital library collections, research data, enterprise document management, and more.
  • 1. Islandora OverviewMark Leggott, University of PEI/DiscoveryGardenPASIG - Washington DC May, 2013
  • 2. Note: Red textindicates a link.
  • 3. Open Source
  • 4. Islandora 101
  • 5. Project Foundations• Developed at University of PEI (2007)• UPEI has FT staff and project staff (AIF)• DiscoveryGarden is commercial services/support company - sustainability• 25+ staff at DGI, 6 at UPEI• Both teams maintain/contribute to code
  • 6. ConceptualizingInitializingCreating/AnalyzingReportingFormalizingPopularizingResearch InstitutesLibraries & ArchivesMuseumsMediaOrganizationsHealth CentresGovernmentAgenciesPrivate CompaniesUniversities &CollegesNGOs & Non-ProfitsOtherAccessCollaborationPreservationE-Mail, Letters,Published Research,RequirementsMeeting Minutes,Grants, DataCollection,AcquisitionsForms, Data,Cataloguing,Findings, DiscussionReports, Theses,Datasets, VisualizationsArticles, CurricularContent, Policies,ExhibitsBlogs, Twitter,Newspapers,iTunesU, FlickrInformation Life Cycle
  • 7. Object SpaceUserSpaceIndividualGroupDepartmentMuseumUniversityExternalPrivate Shared OpenCollaboratePublishRe-UseCreatePreservation, Migration,Transformation
  • 8. Basics• Drupal+Fedora+Other OS = ecosystem• Flexible UI on top of Fedora + other apps• Support for 180+ languages via Drupal• Focus on robust preservation features andservices + flexibility in data models and UI• VM/code, documentation, lists, Camps
  • 9. Key Components• Core - Islandora,Tuque, Solr, XML Forms,FITS,Workflow, Solution Packs (SPs)• SPs - add specific+tested functionality• Image, Large Image, PDF, Audio,Video,Book/Paged Image Document• Newspapers, Digital Humanities, IR, Chem• DuraCloud integration viaVault Module
  • 10. Drupal UIHTMLCSS/ThemesUser Roles/PermissionsEditorial WorkFlowModules (LDAP/BibUtils/EtcHooksSPARQLLDAPFCKBibUtilsFormsAPIImageAPITabs
  • 11. Drupal UIHTMLCSS/ThemesUser Roles/PermissionsEditorial WorkFlowModules (LDAP/BibUtils/EtcHooksSPARQLLDAPFCKBibUtilsFormsAPIImageAPITabsXSLTs PHP/Python SnippetsMicro Services EngineTikaKakaduSWFToolsOOfficeDjatokaTesseractRWowzaIslandoraJMS JMSCode Snippets/Applications
  • 12. Drupal UIHTMLCSS/ThemesUser Roles/PermissionsEditorial WorkFlowModules (LDAP/BibUtils/EtcHooksSPARQLLDAPFCKBibUtilsFormsAPIImageAPITabsXSLTs PHP/Python SnippetsMicro Services EngineTikaKakaduSWFToolsOOfficeDjatokaTesseractRWowzaIslandoraJMS JMSCode Snippets/ApplicationsProcessAny Metadata&Any DataSolr/LuceneGSearchMulgaraMySQLContent Models XACML PoliciesFedoraSPARQLRESTSOAP
  • 13. Drupal UIHTMLCSS/ThemesUser Roles/PermissionsEditorial WorkFlowModules (LDAP/BibUtils/EtcHooksSPARQLLDAPFCKBibUtilsFormsAPIImageAPITabsXSLTs PHP/Python SnippetsMicro Services EngineTikaKakaduSWFToolsOOfficeDjatokaTesseractRWowzaIslandoraJMS JMSCode Snippets/ApplicationsProcessAny Metadata&Any DataSolr/LuceneGSearchMulgaraMySQLContent Models XACML PoliciesFedoraSPARQLRESTSOAP
  • 14. • Fedora Object Model• Flexibility supportsany data model• Atomistic andcompound objects• Support for RDFallows integration ofspecific ontologiesimagined:208361 (PID)Object PropertiesRelations (RELS-EXT)Dublin Core (DC)Audit Trail (AUDIT)JP2K Web (JP2)JP2K Archival(LOSSLES_JP2)Low Res JPEG (JPG)Thumbnail (TN)Descriptive Metadata(MODS)Object Model - IslandImagined/Large ImageDigital Object IdentifierSystem PropertiesManage & Track ObjectReserved DatastreamsKey Object MetadataDatastreamsAggregates Content Items
  • 15. • MicroServices• PHP/Python/Java• Drives integration ofexternal services fordata transformation +• Log via Fedora audit• Taverna integration
  • 16. • Simple Workflow Module• Simple approach to EditorialWorkflow• Provides “human” nodes inthe services framework• Upcoming version supportmore granular controls andworkflow states/actions
  • 17. • XML Form Builder• Create a rich form forany XML schema• Multiple forms forspecific schemas• Control access viasecurity policies
  • 18. Administration• Flexible admin options• Standard Drupal admin functions• + ability to maintain aspects of Fedora andother apps via Admin interfaces• Solution Packs increasingly adding greaterconfiguration options
  • 19. Preservation Services• Fedora provides robust service framework• TechDS+DescDS+RightsDS+AuditDSstransformed to a Dynamic PREMIS record• Adding DuraCloud support via “Vault”• Adding Archivematica integration as anoptional preservation component
  • 20. Islandora Community
  • 21. Community• Estimate 150+ Islandora sites worldwide inproduction or development• 500+ people on Google Groups List• Some projects starting to contribute back• Libraries bulk of use now, but includesmuseums, archives, private companies
  • 22. discoverygarden• Commercial UPEI spin-off - full service• Installation, Configuration, Customization• Support, System Audit, Consulting• Hosting, Platforms,Vendor partnerships• Primary codebase contributor
  • 23. DGI and Oracle• discoverygarden working with Oracle totest/certify Islandora on Oracle systems• SAM/QFS optimization for HFS
  • 24. • Non-profit membership organization• Provides members with a range ofservices, including Islandora hosting/setup• Shared/Individual/Group repositories• Working with discoverygarden to providecustomization services when desired
  • 25. Code
  • 26. Releases• General goal is to release 4 times peryear, or now 7-8 with 2 versions• Latest “Islandora 6” for March• First full “Islandora 7” for March• Goal is to release bug fixes for 6, focuson new developments in 7
  • 27. Robust Dev Approach• Islandora code is managed using best-practiceopen source tools• GitHub code repository• Jenkins and Travis CI continuous integration• Jira ticket management• Confluence Wiki for documentation
  • 28. Islandora 6• March 2013 Release• Improved documentation, print book• XACML Editor, Workflows• Forms Autocomplete, FITS integration• Smoother SP Installation
  • 29. Islandora 7• 1st full release for Drupal 7• New admin interface/functions• All new SPs, SeaDragon, IAV• Complete integration of Tuque API• Clip tool for SeaDragon
  • 30. Contribs• WARC SP (Nick Ruest,York)• Administrative Dashboard (PeterMacDonald, Hamilton)• Relationship Editor/Ontology Management(Giancarlo Birello and Rosie Le Faive)• Batch Ingester (Colorado Alliance)• Black Thumbnail Bug (Aaron Collie)
  • 31. Standard SPs• Image, Large Image,Audio,Video, Book,PDF, Newspaper• Includes MODS for, DC mapping, sampledata, viewer(s),TechMD extraction• Solution Pack module makes it easier tocreate new ones, modify existing
  • 32. Book SP• Code simplified and made more modular• Can enable IA viewer for books, OpenSeadragon for page images• Tesseract OCR support standard• Page manipulation, PDF creation
  • 33. Image/Large Image SP• GIF/PNG/JPG + TIFF/J2K support• Conversion of TIFF to J2K• DC + MODS• Option to use OpenSeadragon viewer
  • 34. Tools Modules• FITS Extractor, creates technical metadata• Batch Import (RIS, EndNote, PubMed, DOI)• OCR,Tesseract with OCR/HOCR• MARCXML, ingest and view MARC data• XACML Editor, rebuilt XML FormBuilder
  • 35. Bridge• Upcoming module which will allow tighterintegration with Drupal, usingVer 7 Nodesor Entities• Create content via Drupal - sync’d toFedora and visa versa• Facilitate re-creation of entire repo,including interface a future goal
  • 36. DropBox• Alpha module provides sync betweenDropBox and Islandora• Creates Collection objects for each folderand a separate file object for eachcontained file with all relationships• Provides basic DC record for metadata• Upcoming for Google Drive, DataFlow ++
  • 37. Fedora 4• Fedora Futures project to review & rebuildFedora for next major release• Looking to provide better support for largefiles, large collections and optimized ingest• Pilot project us using ModeShape as thecore repository• Islandora team already has pilot integration
  • 38. Roadmap• More SPs: Research Data, DigitalHumanities, Chemistry, Conferences• Image Annotation tool (Shared Canvasfrom Stanford - OAC compliant)• Full Bridge development• Integration of Microservices + Taverna
  • 39. Trying Islandora• Try production sites (list on last slide)• Play in (cleaned daily)• DownloadVM from• Install code referring to documentation• iCamps: PEI, Europe,Australia, US east+west• Documentation: Jira, videos, GitHub, Jenkins
  • 40. Islandora in the Cloud
  • 41. DuraCloud• UPEI and DGI committed to supportingDuraCloud in the Islandora interface• Works with CloudSync as the bridgebetween Fedora and DuraCloud• Can be used with or without Islandoramanaged collections
  • 42. DGI Examples• DGI 5 Islandora clients using DC + backup• Largest has 2 TB of mostly image J2Ks• full site (objects/MySQL/Drupal) with DCand DCStool using Continuous mode• + backup up using Zmanda/S3: D/W/M/Y• + experimental backup to Glacier• 3 sites using DC/DCS for full backup of IR
  • 43. IslandoraVault Module• New module for managing DC+CS services• “Vault” component on Manage Tab• Manage CS sets/tasks for Collections• View Health Check at Object level (e.g.check for matching checksums)• Defining default actions for mismatches
  • 44. Vault Setup
  • 45. Collection Restore
  • 46. Object Health
  • 47. Reports
  • 48. Next Steps• Tighter integration and more UI functions• Automated recovery (Auto vs Manual)• Full Fedora/Collection restore• Support for private DuraCloud instances• Add integration with Glacier+
  • 49. DGI Platforms• Islandora Platform solutions fromdiscoverygarden released at OR in July• Initial offerings IR and Digital Collections• 1-button setup/payment/management• Additional platforms before end of 2013• Research Data and Digital Humanities
  • 50. Sustainability• Non-profit Islandora Foundation will helpmaintain code, documentation, training,community participation and more• Membership model• Partner - $10K, Board, Resources, Camps• Collaborator - $4K, Roadmap• Member - $2K, links
  • 51. Progress• Non-profit registered• UPEI and discoverygarden Partners• Commitment from other members in 1stmonth sufficient to hire 1 staff person• Goal is to have 2 FT staff by Fall 2013
  • 52. Research Data
  • 53. @Physical Data Model• UPEI/DGI developing a generic data tool towork with systems researchers use now• Provide a range of filesystem sync tools• Minimal service - store data in repository• Enhance with metadata, transform services• Project metadata CASRAI/VIVO/CERIF +
  • 54. @FedoraRepositoryDescMDTechMDAdminMDAssetsLocal FileSystemDropBoxBox.netDataStageGoogleDrivePrivateCloudStorageGeneric Research Data SP(+ Standard SPs, Viewers)SyncExtractTransformEnrichCheckMintTaverna DataCiteFITS + AuthorityIslandora Generic Research Data ArchitectureIslandora FrameworkIslandora VRE(VirtualResearchEnvironment)Islandora IR(ResearchArticles)BackupsRegional &NationalTDRs
  • 55. @Intellectual Data Model• Smithsonian/DGI developing Sidora systemto respond to specific research data needs• Custom interface, Content Models andForms, adding Taverna/R integration• Camera trap images, archaeological data,carbon sequestration data• File browse interface for all operations
  • 56. @
  • 57. @Intellectual Data ModelPhysical Data Model
  • 58. @
  • 59. @
  • 60. @
  • 61. @Additional• Domain specific Solutions Packs for 2013• Digital Humanities• Chemistry• Biodiversity• Taverna+R++ integration
  • 62. Examples
  • 63. Institutional Repository
  • 64. Digital Collections
  • 65. Research Data
  • 66. UPEIVRE• Rich implementation of Islandora• Used for digital stewardship of research,administrative and learning assets of UPEI• Over 150VREs with wide range of features• VRE Management Team with 4 librarians• Standard no cost, extra features charged
  • 67. Consortia
  • 68. Admin Collections
  • 69. Links•General:,,,,,•Code:,,,,•Institutional Repositories:,,,•Digital Library Collections:,,,,,,,,•Research Data:,,,,,,,•Consortia:, adrresources.coalliance.orgNote: some of these sites require authentication access - contact Mark for more information.
  • 70. Questions?Mark Leggott - University of PEI/discoverygardenmleggott@upei.caKathleenVan Ekris -
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