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Apple's MFI program has long been a big obstacle when it comes to building custom accessories for iOS devices. Fortunately, those times are over! Within this talk we are going to take a closer look on how to interface iOS devices with open source electronics such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. You will learn to send data via dock connector and lightning port, head phone jack, Bluetooth Low Energy, and WiFi.
  • 1. iOS meets Arduino Electronics prototyping with iOS ! Jens Meder
  • 2. Hello World
  • 3. Hello World Champion!
  • 4. MFI
  • 5. Made for iPhone
  • 6. Head Phone Jack
  • 7. FSK FREQUENCY SHIFT KEYING e.g. 1ms (1000bps)
  • 9. HiJack Board SEEED STUDIO
  • 10. Demo Head phone jack
  • 11. Bluetooth LE
  • 12. Basics BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY Peripherals Centrals Services Characteristics
  • 13. BLE Shield RED BEAR LAB
  • 14. Demo Bluetooth LE
  • 15. WiFi
  • 16. Ethernet USB Host WiFi Micro SD Arduino Leonardo MIPS CPU
  • 17. Serial Communication ARDUINO YUN OpenWRT Arduino Leonardo Webserver SSH
  • 18. Demo WiFi
  • 19. Dock / Lightning
  • 20. Serial Cable REDPARK
  • 21. Demo Serial
  • 22. Comparison
  • 23. App Store Costs Speed OS Cross Cross Cross 60€30€ 60€12€ / 60€ 115.2 KBit3 MBit 300 MBit1.2 KBit iOS
  • 24.
  • 25.
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