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1. Generation Z born between the mid 1990s and 2010 ! ! § Comfortable with and even dependent on technology, having grown up in a digital world where technology was…
  • 1. Generation Z born between the mid 1990s and 2010 ! ! § Comfortable with and even dependent on technology, having grown up in a digital world where technology was ever-present ! § Constantly multitasking with a variety of online products and sophisticated electronic devices, and appreciates simple, interactive designs ! § More socially responsible, due to greater access to a large online information pool they are more acutely aware of modern day challenges such as climate change ! § Always connected, communicating through various social networking channels, often across countries and cultures which significantly influences their decision process
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  • 3. Keeping your Child Safe ! ! ! • Nothing can replace involvement and supervision by adults. • Remember that not all adult sites post an industry rating that can be identified by blocker, filter, or tracker software. Content blockers and filters are great tools to use with younger kids. • Even if you use content blockers, filters, and trackers, know that a lot of kids figure out ways to get around these, so it’s important to remain vigilant. • Use Search Safe features on your browser
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  • 5. You Tube Safety Mode- At the bottom of every YouTube page, you can check a box that filters your search results. When the safety mode is on, you will get fewer inappropriate results when searching for videos A child - friendly You Tube site
  • 6. Kid Friendly Browers for iPad Kids Browser $.99 The user-interface is kid friendly making it visually appealing to kids. The browser lets kids visit only the sites bookmarked by parents/ guardians. Colorful snapshots of websites can be used as bookmarks, thus making it easier for kids to quickly identify the website. Surfboard for Kids Surfboard offers content filtration by allowing parents to create a black list of key words; websites are then blocked accordingly. There are many advanced features in this browser including   translation of pages, drawing program, source code viewing, built-in RSS, video / audio podcast decoder, integrated calculator and an internet radio.  ZillyDilly for iPad  An app developed by psychiatrist Eitan Schwarz, MD. Browsing is limited to ZillyDilly team’s handpicked curated list. Parents can view the time spent on websites and can remotely turn off internet. Kids Safe Browser is a cloud based web content filtering browser to provide your kids a safer internet surfing environment. Kiddoware, the developer of most popular Parental Control “Kids Place – Parental Control” now have their first parental control app for Apple device. Kids Safe Browser- FREE
  • 7. iPad Safety 1.First, choose the safe browser you would like to use. Download it from the iTunes Store onto the iPhone, iPad or iPod you want protected.! ! ! 2. Next, "Enable" Restrictions in order to make sure the safe web browser is functioning! as the default browser. To do that, locate the "Settings" icon on the main screen of ! the device on which you downloaded the safe browser.! ! ! 3. Tap "Settings," then tap "General," then scroll down the screen and tap ! "Restrictions."! ! ! ! ! 4. Create a four-digit passcode that your child won't know -- this will initiate the ! "Restrictions" menu.! ! 5. Once inside the "Restrictions" menu, you can disable the Safari browser. To do that, select "off" next to Safari. In the future, if you wish to re-enable Safari, simply do the previous steps in reverse order.!
  • 8. Cyber Bullying ! ! § 4-6 yr olds- teach empathy for others ! § 7-8 yr olds- explain that lying, telling secrets, and being mean still hurt in cyberspace. Have clear rules for responsible online behavior ! § 9-11 yr olds- set limits and supervise as their abilities can outstrip their judgment.
  • 9. Other Resource • PDS website! Login as a parent and look for Cybersafety
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