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The biggest online and social media in the CEE region, between 14th-15th October, with famous international speakers like: Barabási-Albert László (USA – University Harvard) Horváth László (USA) Aigerim Shorman (USA) Dan Gabriel (USA) Jonathan Hubbard(USA) Hannes Wirnsberger(DDB) Johannes Wesemann(UBER) Thomas Jul (Denmark – Ericsson, evangelist of "The Networked Society") Chris Sherwood (Allegro) Tomasz Musial(SmartAdserver) Torben Heimann(IMorproveDigital) Rob Webster(MediaCom) Maciej Wyszy((SocioMantic) Juraj Sasko (Szlovákia) Chris Sherwood (Allegro), Okányi Attila (Romania), Jo Coombs (TURN) John Purkiss(UK) Lori Beattie(UK) Kristin Billowitch(Rubicon)
  • 1. 1/5 Motto: Share and rule! Cloud – mobility – big data – M2M – social – OTT – automation Internet Hungary – 14–15 October 2014 • Hotel Azúr, Siófok Opening presentation Presented by: Both Zoltán (NMHH) A world based on sharing. For a long time, content industry has been trying to ride the wave of consumer sharing which is now spilling over to physical goods. Money for the implementation of a good start up idea is often gathered through Kickstarter. But those who lend real property on Airbnb do not pay taxes, the drivers of Uber do not have taxi licenses and do not give any receipt etc. This is a major challenge for the national regulators for whom it is quite hard to act against the global services – and of course it effects the traditional actors of the related industries as well. Airbnb destroys the market of hotels, Uber destroys the market of taxi drivers, and all the other success stories must be hurting someone eventually... (GoodGym, TaskRabbit, Landshare, Zipcar, City CarShare, BlaBlaCar, Stack Overflow, Coursera, Skillshare, Lending Club, Kickstarter, Zopa, RelayRides,, DogVacay,, Poshmark stb.) Presented by: Barabási-Albert László (USA – University Harvard) Advertisement tax 2014. Presented by: Pankucsi Zoltán (Ministry of National Economy) The world is changing. How does digitalization rewrite the well used business models? Presented by: Thomas Jul (Denmark – Ericsson, evangelist of "The Networked Society") On our way to a smarter world! Why do we need to understand the machines? Presented by: Király István (Vodafone) Development stages of technology: broadband – Cloud – M2M – automation Presented by: Beskid Vilmos (Ericsson) Let's invest in content! Presented by: Varga Zoltán (Central Médiacsoport) Outspoken possibilities! Presented by: Mihók Attila Divisive e-commerce Presented by: Chris Sherwood (Allegro) Doomed to change Presented by: Somlói Zsolt (Mindshare) Dogmas and trends. Ruling dilemmas in the digital age. How and why have industrial directions changed in the last decade? We have long believed that market regulation has been primarily influenced by the professional discussions held in reaction to the changes of technological changes and regulato-ry philosophies, but actual political and industrial trends and the personal thoughts of those in decision making positions actually have a strong role in it. So it is wise to think it through what the political and industrial trends, dogmas and beliefs are of our age and how seriously we should take them. Many "final truths" have been questioned in the last decade from the service-based competition through the regulation-free internet to the concept of "content is king" or the aspects of privacy. Presented by: Orbán Miklós (Explico) The regulatory role of the state in the changing digital world. Presented by: Beke Nándor (NMHH) What do we need for a sustainable and traceable growth? Business players discuss the online world (strategy, education, innovation, the cloud – mobility – big data – m2m – social – automation, employment policy, sharing economy, globalization). This discussion is one of the founding forums of the conference – its central topic fits to the topics of Internet Hungary conference. Participants: Balogh Ottó (writer), Müller A Zsolt (OMV és HEBC), Starcz Ákos (Libri), Vahl Tamás Led by: Kamasz Melinda (Figyelő) Hall A Hall B Hall C Hall D Hall E 1985. How much longer can Internet continue to grow? Presented by: Papp László (Gartner) Webbed up. The connected world of Hungary. Where does the Hungarian digital economy and society stand from an international aspect? How much are m2m, cloud and automation solutions are widespread? What are the barriers of their further spread? Presented by: Sere Péter (PWC) Data explosion. The volume of the data to be processed is rapidly in - creasing. One needs machines with increasing capacity and more and more sophisticated applications for the process of this data – which start to generate data as well. Presented by: Riba Gábor (PWC) 10.00–10.15 Opening 10.15–10.35 Presentation 10.35–10.50 Presentation 10.50–11.10 Presentation 11.20–11.35 Presentation 11.40–11.55 Presentation 12.00–12.15 Presentation 12.15–12.35 Presentation 12.35–12.50 Presentation 12.55–13.10 Presentation 13.10–13.25 Presentation 13.30–13.45 Presentation 13.45–14.20 Forum 14.10–14.25 Presentation 14.25–14.45 Double presentation 11.35–11.45 Presentation 11.45–12.00 Presentation 12.05–12.20 Presentation 12.20–12.30 Presentation 12.35–12.50 Presentation 12.50–13.05 Presentation 11.00–11.40 Presentations 11.45–12.00 Presentation 12.05–12.25 Discussion 12.25–12.35 Presentation 10.30–10.55 Presentation 11.00–11.25 Presentation 11.25–11.50 Presentation 11.55–12.10 Presentation 11.00–11.20 Presentation 11.25–11.45 Presentation 11.50–12.05 Presentation 12.05–12.20 Presentation The effects of the advertisement tax and Google on the advertising market and the economy Presented by: Urbán Zsolt (MRSZ) Aspects of brand building in the world of sharing Presented by: Gulyás János (MeC) Creative sharing or divisive creativity? Presented by: Baráth Péter (Vodafone) The future of the traditional display ads. How long and how should we keep using banners? Presented by: Mező László (MediaCom) Real-time creativity Presented by: Hannes Wirnsberger (DDB) New rich media tools Presented by: Kerti Attila (Maximize) Blind or brave? Started in the recent years: Horváth Balázs (, Kruzslicz Dávid (, Száraz István (VS) The beginning of a beautiful friendship? Online content meets performance-based aspect. Presented by: Incze Kinga (Mrs. White) Why does one do it? Small, middle size and large (vertical and horizontal online con-tents on the media pallet) 5 questions to 5 content representative. Discussion: With representatives of news, cooking and car sites. Big data, data wealth, click economy, Google – The shining and ... of the con-tent industry? Presented by: Dén Mátyás András (Opinion) Startups on the start line: How to make a big step from Hungary? Presented by: Horváth László (USA) Investment environment, investors' atmosphere Presented by: Jonathan Hubbard (USA) From idea to raising $2mm: what are the main steps to take? How we went from idea on a napkin to raising almost $2mm from tier 1 investors? Presented by: Aigerim Shorman (USA) Typical law problems of Startup com-panies and the ways to avoid these problems Best practices instead of the "usual" law contortion – European examples, practi-cal advices Presented by: Dr. Rövid Levente (Bird & Bird) Stunning, Inspiring, Looking into the future. I could stun them as they knew little. I could inspire them as they thought talent, stupidity and intention were less important than luck. They could look into the future, since, for my luck, they had no past. Presented by: Baracskai Zoltán Employer aspects in a barrier-free (global) digital world Presented by: Johannes Wesemann (UBER) The changing tasks of HR in the dig-ital era Presented by: Sáfrány Lilla (T-Systems) Jobs which are vanishing in the dig-ital era Presented by: Hajdu Zoltán (Smartstaff) Ads and performance What does the performance based concept mean in online ads? Led by: Mellik Éva Smart Hungary Smart world M2M – the connected world Name of the product: content Strategies and business models of online content industry Led and opposed by: Kalmár Tibor Startup Comedy The new business models of startup investments Led by: Halaska Gábor and Turcsán Tamás HR and personal branding in the digital era Led and opposed by: Kőszegi András Tuesday, 14 October 2014
  • 2. Motto: Share and rule! Cloud – mobility – big data – M2M – social – OTT – automation Internet Hungary – 14–15 October 2014 • Hotel Azúr, Siófok Tuesday, 14 October 2014 2/5 Hall A Hall B Hall C Hall D Hall E Network nodes: DataCenters. How big increase is expected in the data needs in the coming years? What does the "Big Data" trend earn for the data centers? Can Hungary be the centre of the Central- European data centers? What are our strengths? Cheap electricity, bandwidth, effective cooling air conditioning and other natural resources? Who profits of this industry? Infrastructure providers vs. in - creased value providers. Should you build one or should you rent some free capacity? Presented by: Szabó Zoltán (NISZ) Hits and misses: the trails of delivering a multi-country, multi-continent cloud services innovation model Presented by: Kovács Viktor (NeoStratus) Big data trends in this country and abroad Presented by: Arató Bence (BI Consulting) Revolution of machines or how will M2M change our lifes and our business? Presented by: Ofner Dániel (Vodafone) Under the dome. Digital cities: laboratory or places to live at? Many companies take the smart city developments as "live labora-tories" in which it can experiment the devel-opments for mass production. But digital cities should primarily increase the life qual-ity of the people living there and the com-petitiveness of the companies functioning there. Presented by: Lesku Gergely (T-Systems) Two machines are talking in the cloud… The role of cloud solutions in M2M commu-nication. Why is it critical to have a reliable infrastructure for cloud solutions? What re - search and development directions are for-mulating on this area? Presented by: Vámos Ábel (Ericsson) Case study: Functioning digital commu-nity Presented by: Solymár Károly (NFM) Case studies: Sensors everywhere, the sensible change. What areas does the proliferation of sensors reform fundamen-tally? What business opportunities are pro-vided by the collection of sensible phenom-enon and the central processing in different industries (e.g. healthcase, transport, ener - getics etc.)? ● Healthcare: telemedicina and monitoring Miletics Pál (M. Telemedicina) ● Energetics: smart grid and smart metering Bátorfi Péter (Szilicium Mező) ● Transport: transport and delivery organising Hegedűs Gábor (Waberer's) ● Personal safety Kormos Béla (Vodafone) 14.45–15.00 Presentation 15.00–15.15 Presentation 15.15–15.30 Presentation 15.30–15.45 Presentation 15.50–16.00 Presentation 16.05–16.15 Presentation 16.15–16.30 Presentation 16.35–17.20 13.10–13.20 Presentation 13.20–14.00 Forum 14.00–14.15 Presentation 14.15–14.30 Presentation 14.35–14.50 Presentation 14.50–15.05 Presentation 15.05–15.15 Presentation 15.15–15.30 Presentation 15.35–15.50 Presentation 15.50–16.00 Case study 16.00–16.10 Presentation 16.15–16.25 Case study 16.30–16.50 Presentation 16.50–17.05 Presentation 12.40–12.55 Presentation 12.55–13.05 Presentation 13.10–13.30 Case I. Case II. Case III. 13.30–14.15 Forum 14.15–14.25 Presentation 14.30–14.40 Presentation 14.40–14.50 Presentation 14.50–15.05 Presentation 15.05–15.15 Presentation 15.15–15.35 Presentation 15.40–16.20 Forum 12.10–13.00 Forum 13.00–13.30 13.35–13.40 Presentation 13.45–13.55 Presentation 13.55–14.05 Presentation 14.10–14.20 Presentation 14.20–15.00 Forum 12.25–12.40 Presentation 12.50–12.55 Presentation 13.00–13.10 Presentation 13.15–13.25 Presentation 13.30–13.50 Presentation 13.50–14.35 Presentation 14.35–14.50 Presentation 14.55–15.10 Presentation 15.10–15.25 Presentation Big Data – Smart Data – Smart In for ma tion. How to measure the immeasurable? From real time logging to flexible statistics. Presented by: Pollák Gergely (Adverticum) What will win the competition of effective-ness? Discussion: effectiveness of display (banner), YouTube, Adwords and Face book. Participants: Joanelli Tamás (Be-Social), Keresztes Dóra (MediaCom), Magyar Balázs (Addict Interactive), Szabó Edit (CitiBank), Representative of YouTube Case study: When traditional and rich me - dia meet. Presented by: Szabó Ákos (Adaptive) Case study: When traditional and rich me - dia meet. Presented by: Tóth Orsolya (IMG) Integrated advertising solutions I: joining the spot, non-spot and digital sales Presented by: Koltai Péter (TV2) Don't lose your money and maximize your revenues! How to optimize and maximize Pub lisher's revenues in complex multiscreen-ing world (display, mobile, tablets, smartTV) co vering numerous types of campaigns (dis-play, mobile, apps, video, rich-media) includ-ing several sources of in comes (direct sales, external networks, e-commerce, auto-promo and RTB campaigns) with holistic Adserver. Presented by: Tomasz Musial (SmartAdserver) Display the new driver of performance Presented by: Arany János (Ebola) Automatic systems in the advertisement industry. How do they work, when and how can one use them? Presented by: Darázs Attila (Addict Interactive) Display and performance-based aspect. What does Programmatic Trading, Au to ma ted Buying, RTB and Ad Exchange mean? Presented by: Kovács Nándor (Kirowski Isobar) Case study: Geographic targeting: the mi ra - culous method of banner campaigns. Examp les for geo-targeting with numbers and crea ti ves. Presented by: Fodor László ( We have something to learn from brokers! It's worth monitoring and adapting the brokers' viewpoints and representations of interests. Presented by: Mezei Márk (Quaestor) Case study: From banner to conversion – (RTB/Programmatic Buying) Presented by: Csingár Zoltán (Crimtan) The intelligent adserver. Real-time optimiza-tion of advertisements coming from different places. Presented by: Torben Heimann (IMorproveDigital) Leverage on the advantages of mispricing using programming! Arbitrage and non-arbi-trage programmatic solutions. What's worth watching and why is it worth for the advertiser to know about this? Presented by: Erős Attila (Fastbridge) New possibilities for revenue: Everything that is advertisement – what new business models are content own-ers trying with? Presented by: Miczinkó Katalin The content generated by the TV on other platforms (TNS research): Presented by: Potecz Zoltán (Tv2) Let's be modern and successful! The new models of content sales. Gáspár Katalin (Harmonet), Sándorfi Balázs (Bankmonitor), Representative of HOXA Sharing the world. What does sharing economy actually mean? How do social habits and human connections trans-form due to the will of sharing? What does the Maslow pyramid show us? Participants: Berkovics Dalma (OuiShare), Kovács Adrián (Rukkola), Prácser Attila (Oszkár), Szabó Dávid (Miutcánk), Szabó Z (Index) Led by: Halaska Gábor The content industry based on shar-ing. Presented by: Szily László ( Visits vs number of shares. Which one shall we focus on for the business suc-cess? Presented by: Zalai Ágnes (Nosalty) When reading the newspaper starts at the sports section... The signifi-cance of home pages are decreasing due to the high number of shares. How Google and Facebook affect the relation between subpages and homepages? Under discussion Aspects of content and cost consoli-dation on the cost side Presented by: Kardos Gábor ( Programmatic future. Does program-matic trading really basically change the business models of media companies? Presented by: Steff József (Central Médiacsoport) TV appearances of online platforms (e-commerce: OLX, Jófogás, Vatera) Presented by: Csikesz Erika (TV2) and Erdélyi Laura (OLX) Together or seperated? Five questions regarding the consolidation points of on - line media. Conditions of transparent accounting. The possible joining of con-tent sales. The standardization of online con tent metrics. Visits vs. number of sharings. 5 identical questions. Participants: Hanák Tamás (Népszabadság), Lengyel András (AS), Mezei Márk (Questor), Szabó Mariann ( Budapest as regional start-up cen-tre? What does this dream take to become reality? Participants: Dehelán Gábor (coworking specialist, Hun garian startup com mu nity), Gerő Viktor (Investor), Jermann Ádám (San Diego), Spaller Endre (Innovation Office) Led by: Halaska Gábor DemoDay Introduction of startup companies. Esett. I. Online payment Konkoly Teghe Szabolcs (Buxa) Esett. II. QR code wizards Under discussion Esett. III. Advertising tools Antavo–Szeged Esett IV. Advertising t. Szatmáry Viktor (Scarab Research) Against whom shall startups be defended? The business stress of Google is often taken as a hostile act. But for many startups, the Google eco system means a new possibility. Is state intervention needed eg. supporting strong competition? Presented by: Turcsán Tamás Bank credit, silent partner or investor with balls? The business model of get-ting capital. How to search for markets? How to defend our ideas? One should look for venture capital investor when he has already reached something on his own. Presented by: Gerő Viktor (Conor Seed Capital Fund) Wanna talk about it? Typical reasons of failure: where and how do startups go wrong? Presented by: Károlyi Antal (angel) A moment please! I'm calling my busi-ness advisor. A common mistake of startups is that they don't analyze the possible financing forms deep enough. Presented by: Herczku György (KBC) Will Hungary be a startup superpo - wer? Closing forum based on the above: Participants: Balatoni Mónika (KÜM), Boros Áron (OTP), Molnár András (Portfólion), Müller Tamás (Budapest LaunchPad), Varga Zoltán (Central Médiacsoport) Led by: Turcsán Tamás The role of HR in shaping corporate culture Presented by: Bereczki Ildikó (Vodafone) Agile building of your company. I take this out, I take this to another place, I take this away. What is the difference between the HR and the company cul-ture of a digital company and a tradition-al company? Aspects of the company leader/employer in the digital era. Presented by: Budai László (HintHunt) A workplace to love. How does a com-pany on the international market attract, keep and motivate those talents which are the hardest to keep? Presented by: Radnai-Tóth Judit ( Happy Factory Project. There is not - hing better than a loyal, creative em - ployee with an employer minded app - roach. Case study. Presented by: Szutor Ferenc (Adverticum) The role of HR in formulating the com-pany culture. The increasing competi-tion needs a company culture which adapts faster than before. Is there any task for the management or HR? Con - nections between the networking world and the value app roach. Presented by: Malchiner Maximilian Péter (Innermetrix) Tempting and keeping. How to get em - ployees whom everybody want to have? How to keep them and pay them on a market where commissions are continu-ously decreasing? What tricks and tech-niques can agencies use? Participants: Gulyás János (MeC), Mátrai Martina (Ringier), Simon Bernadett (Leo Burnett), Vidus Gabriella (R-Time) Led by: Halaska Gábor Gamification in HR. Employer image building and recruiting with serious game. How does the toolset of HR peo-ple change to reach the growing Y ge ne - ration? PwC this year has won a HR Oscar prize. Presented by: Bíró Noémi (PwC) It does matter what circumstances I spend 80% of my life in. Mobile office Presented by: Bereczki Ildikó (Vodafone) Apps and other digital devices serv-ing HR. Presented by: Soós István (L&D Solutions)
  • 3. Motto: Share and rule! Cloud – mobility – big data – M2M – social – OTT – automation Internet Hungary – 14–15 October 2014 • Hotel Azúr, Siófok Tuesday, 14 October 2014 3/5 Hall A Hall B Hall C Hall D Hall E Case study: Cooperative Smart - Home project: What sort of working examples exist for machine-to-machi - ne communication (M2M) in Hungary? How much have intelligent homes pro liferated? What applications make a home intelligent? Presented by: repr. Do we need the state to appear in the app market? Menta – New, state-ow - ned healthcare application development Presented by: Faller Richárd (GYEMSZI – MENTA) Case study: "Did you bring your med-ical reports with you?" – Cloud in healthcare. How do cloud based servic-es improve the efficiency of healthcare. Presented by: Repr. from Uzsoki Hospital Automatic Hungary. Hungari
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