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Immortal talks
    Immortal Talks with Shashi Nair's soul    Immortal Talks  Immortal Talks with Shashi Nair's soul    Published by Seer Books Pvt. Ltd., India  Copyright © Shunya 2017 The moral right of the author has been asserted E-Book ISBN : 978-81-933052-1-8 Paperback ISBN : 978-81-933052-0-1 FICTION/PHILOSOPHY All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without the prior permission of the publisher.  Immortal Talks with Shashi Nair's soul  I  Prologue  t was an ordinary afternoon in the jungle except for the presence of two middle-aged men crouched behind a tree. They peered into the distance at a group of tribal people who were collecting firewood. With long, bushy hair and beards, both the men appeared to have tried their best to look like jungle dwellers. The undeceived birds, however, sat in wary silence on the branches above, as though trying to ascertain the intentions of the trespassers.  ‘Another day wasted,’ sighed one of the men. Abandoning his stealthy posture, he slumped down, relaxing his back against the trunk of the tree. ‘Hanudas, we shouldn’t be afraid to conclude that there is nothing special about these people. They can’t see anything we can’t, and certainly not the immortal Lord Hanuman.’   ‘I—I suppose you are right, Swamiji,’ said Hanudas, sounding resigned. He sat back and faced Swamiji so that the tribal people were still within his sight around the tree trunk. With one eye on his research subjects and another on the bushy face of his companion, his mind slipped into a long reminiscence. He, along with Swamiji, was surreptitiously tailing a community of tribal people in his long quest to know Lord Hanuman, who was said to be one of the immortals. If he had heard the word ‘Hanuman’ five years ago, it would have been unintelligible to him. Even his own religion Immortal Talks with Shashi Nair's soul
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