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IBM Software WebSphere Thought Leadership White Paper IBM Business Process Manager A single, comprehensive BPM platform that easily scales from project to enterprise-wide programs 2 IBM Business Process Manager Growing demands are changing business needs Business and IT needs are converging and driving organizations to focus anew on the business processes and supporting technologies that guide business execution. Organizations must be agile, adaptable and able to manage processes that span
  IBM Software  WebSphere  Thought Leadership White Paper IBM Business Process Manager  A single, comprehensive BPM platform that easily scales  from project to enterprise-wide programs   2  IBMBusiness Process Manager   Growing demands are changingbusiness needs Business and IT needs are converging and driving organizationsto focus anew on the business processes and supporting tech-nologies that guide business execution. Organizations must beagile, adaptable and able to manage processes that span theirdisparate systems. Traditional business models have alsochanged. Today’s business isn’t a single entity; it’s a network of relationships between employees, functions, customers, suppliersand partners. These external connections are just as importantas the ones inside the business and, in fact, are becoming moreimportant. As more functions move “beyond the walls,” the dis-tinction between external and internal members of the businessnetwork begins to disappear and organizations must look tomaximize the value of interactions throughout their networks.Even more challenging is the fact that this broad business net- work is anything but static. External relationships are constantly changing as companies collaborate, compete and change policiesand business models. The pervasive flux throughout the dynamicbusiness network makes it difficult to effectively manage andoptimize business processes. This new reality—along with increasing process complexity,rising costs and the need to comply with industry and internalregulations—is driving interest in technologies and requires abusiness process management (BPM) platform that can scale tomeet the growing business process and application managementdemands of the entire business, from an initial project to anenterprise-wide process improvement program. IBMBusiness Process Manager—a single,scalable BPM platform IBMhas made the BPM journey substantially easier fororganizations with IBMBusiness Process Manager—theprocess improvement solution that combines market-leadinghuman-centric and integration-centric capabilities into a single,comprehensive platform. IBMBusiness Process Manager is acomprehensive and consumable BPM platform that providescomplete visibility and management of an organization’s businessprocesses. It provides a common software platform for processimprovement and BPM lifecycle governance, it offers the powerand robustness required for mission-critical enterprise solutions,and it combines the simplicity and ease of use required fordeeper business engagement. Built-in visibility and analyticscapabilities are designed to help organizations improve andoptimize their business processes.Offering a complete set of advanced BPM capabilities andproviding an integrated, scalable platform for every aspect of business process automation and improvement, IBMBusinessProcess Manager features market-leading capabilities for: ●  Full business-user participation, through simplified, easy-to-usetooling. ●  Increased business and IT collaboration, enabled by a unified,model-driven environment. ●  Efficient and effective user-task management, through dynamic,“smart” user interfaces (UI). ●  High-integrity orchestration and integration, achieved throughbuilt-in service-oriented architecture (SOA) components. ●  Fine-grained process visibility, enabled by built-in monitoring and analytics. ●  High scalability and availability, delivered through the embedded  IBM  ®  WebSphere ®  Application Server. ● Complete BPM lifecycle governance, enabled by a unified BPM asset repository and control center.  IBMSoftware 3 Out-of-boxProcess PortalConfigurableBusiness SpaceOptionalMicrosoft Add-onsBPMNRulesMonitoringBPELESB Process Server IBM Business Process Manager V7.5 ProcessDesigner Governance of Entire BPM Life Cycle Shared AssetsVersioned AssetsServer Registry DesignDeployImproveMeasure Business & IT AuthorsIT DevelopersAuthors & AdminsProcess End-UsersProcess Owners IntegrationDesigner Process Center BPM Repository Backward compatibility,easy migration from WLE &WPS IBM BPM widgets work with IBM WebSphere Portal   Figure 1: IBMBusiness Process Manager V7.5  The benefits of deploying IBMBusiness Process Manager arenumerous. IBMBusiness Process Manager scales smoothly andeasily from an initial project to enterprise-wide program, and iseasy to deploy and use straight out of the box or in an easily customizable configuration—providing rapid time to value andimproved user productivity. This BPM platform is well-suitedto both SOA and non-SOA environments, and provides total visibility and management of your business applications andincludes tooling and runtime components to model, assemble,deliver and manage your business processes. Its highly integratedfunctionality provides new levels of interoperability among otherIBMofferings. Also important, IBMBusiness Process Managerhelps companies to achieve full BPM governance of processesand shared services, while enabling deployment and change-management capabilities that span each process’s entire life cycle.  IBM’s single BPM platform provides simpli- fied installation and configuration, a Process Center as common point of control through aunified programming model and combined  process and integration authoring tools tobuild and deploy a solution.  4  IBMBusiness Process Manager  IBMBusiness Process Manager provides a flexible, central UIfor performing tasks, managing work items, tracking perform-ance and responding to events—all in real time—and providesa single federated view of tasks. It takes advantage of mash-upcapabilities for a more sophisticated, customized UI experience.Furthermore, IBMBusiness Process Manager is backward com-patible with the latest versions of WebSphere Lombardi Edition(WLE), WebSphere Process Server (WPS) and WebSphereIntegration Developer (WID), providing easy migration of anorganization’s existing IBMBPM applications and protectionof your previous investments in IBMBPM solutions. Innovations for process improvement“at scale” IBMBusiness Process Manager consolidates key innovationsfor enabling large-scale process improvement programs.For example: ●  The Process Center brings together all of your BusinessProcess Modeling Notation (BPMN) and Business ProcessExecution Language (BPEL) process components into a com-mon design environment and asset repository. Thousands of process components can be organized, shared and found easily  with auto-tagging and “smart folders”—no more searchingthrough unwieldy folder hierarchies. Versioning can be accom-plished with a single click. And the Process Center acts asa single, central command center for managing processdeployments throughout all of your runtime environments—essential for program-wide governance. ●  A built-in Performance Data Warehouse provides automaticmonitoring of process applications. Process status maps, dash-boards and service level agreement (SLA) alerts proactively show users and managers process activity in real time, withuser controls to alter task routing, deadlines and priorities,as needed. ●  A Process Optimizer is integrated into the design environ-ment. “Heat maps” are superimposed directly onto processmodels, so you can visualize process bottlenecks, rework orexceptions. Click on any highlighted process component todrill down to underlying audit trails to find and fix root causes.  Figure 2: IBMProcess Center—provides a scalable central repository andcontrol center for organizing and managing all process artifacts, applicationsand services that are created as part of a BPM program.  Figure 3: IBMProcess Designer—standards-based process design tool thatis part of the basic authoring environment for all of the configurations andenables rapid composition and continuous process change.
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