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1. Hungary Jesse Schmidt Mr. Harrington 10 th grade AKA Sophomore 2. Where Hungary is located <ul><li>Hungary is located in Europe and bordered by Austria,…
  • 1. Hungary Jesse Schmidt Mr. Harrington 10 th grade AKA Sophomore
  • 2. Where Hungary is located <ul><li>Hungary is located in Europe and bordered by Austria, Slovakia, and Ukraine to the North Slovenia to the West, and Croatia, Serbia, and Romania to the South. </li></ul>
  • 3. Geographic Features of Hungary <ul><li>Rivers- Danube, Drave, Ra’ba, and Tisza </li></ul><ul><li>Lakes- Balaton and He’viz </li></ul><ul><li>Mountains- Alps and Alpokalade </li></ul>Danube River
  • 4. Climate of Hungary <ul><li>Cold winters with cloudy and humid weather ranging from around 32 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Also Summers are warm and sometimes hot ranging from around 81 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. </li></ul>Transdanubia in Spring (Northwest Hungary)
  • 5. Environment of Hungary <ul><li>Lesser mole rat- An endangered rodent native to Hungary. </li></ul><ul><li>Bearded Tit- This is a common bird that mates for life. </li></ul><ul><li>Capsicum- a pepper used to make paprika. </li></ul>Bearded Tits
  • 6. History of Hungary Ottoman occupation The Kingdom of Hungary 1848 Revolution Austria-Hungary Soviet control of Hungary The Regency The Communist Era The Republic of Hungary 1526-1686 1820-1848 March 15, 1848-1849 1867-1918 1918-1919 1920-1944 1945-1989 1989- The Turks of the Ottoman Empire conquered much of Hungary The Austrian Empire conquers Hungary and deems it as their province the Kingdom of Hungary The people of Hungary revolted against the Austrian Empire Defeated the Austrian Empire gave some of its land to Hungary creating Austria-Hungary Soviet Union takes control of Hungary and collapses the existing government putting Hungary under Communist control A compromise was established to resume the monarchy but Soviet Union had the right to elect Parliament members After Hungary became an Axis power in WWII the Soviet Union retook control of Hungary and named it one of its states Hungary dissolved its relations with the Soviet Union in 1989 and became a democracy and began to utilize capitalistic ideals in their economy
  • 7. Customs and Traditions <ul><li>Most Hungarians celebrate National Day on March 15 th in memorial of winning the 1848 revolution. Most Christians in Hungary celebrate Christmas and Easter. On Easter they have a tradition called “sprinkling” where the men go out and tell different women poems and in return the women give the men snacks and drinks, the men then shower the women in cologne or water. The women are then supposed to change their clothes after each “sprinkling”. </li></ul>Easter Sprinkling
  • 8. Food and Music <ul><li>Common Hungarian cuisine consists of goulash which is actually a type of soup here and a beef stew called Porkolt. Sour cream is used often to soften flavor of Hungarian dishes. Traditional Hungarian folk music with a dacdylic rhythm is common. </li></ul>Porkolt
  • 9. Government of Hungary <ul><li>Hungary is a unicameral republic that consists of a Parliament that elects a new Prime Minister every five years. Parliament consists of 386 members and elections for members of Parliament are held every four years. People elect new members of Parliament but for a new member to be elected he must have more than 5% more votes than the existing member. The Prime Minister Parliament creates the laws and the Prime Minister adopts or rejects them. There is no real Judicial Branch. </li></ul>Parliament Building in Budapest Hungarian Prime Minister-Ferenc Gyurcsany
  • 10. Economy of Hungary <ul><li>The majority of the Hungarian work force are human services such as a lawyer or a doctor or engineer. Machinery is created by foreign companies that make up much of Hungary’s industry.(Ford, GE, GM, and IBM) Agriculture is declining and now only makes up 5% of the work force, main products are beef and sunflower seeds. </li></ul>Hungarian National Bank
  • 11. Tourism in Hungary <ul><li>Budapest is the most interesting attraction in Hungary. Castle Hill in Buda pest is the site of the original city with the Buda castle on it. The Va’r castle in Eger is a 16 th century castle that has a museum next to it which is devoted to telling its history. </li></ul>Castle Hill
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