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Migrating an automation system requires tremendous planning to avoid unpleasant outcomes. With decades of experience in hundreds of plants we’ve learned some important lessons that we will share with you in this next webinar. We’ll emphasize a flexible approach to migration that leverages your existing assets and minimizes your risk of downtime or disruption. VIEW ONDEMAND:
  • 1. Welcome! How To Get The Most Out Of Your Existing DCS emphasizing a flexible approach to migration that leverages your existing assets and minimizes your risk of downtime or disruption. Presented by: Nasir Mundh, Global Modernization Director Michael Rhodes, Global Migration Practice Director 1 Invensys proprietary & confidential © Invensys 12 November, 2013
  • 2. Agenda 1. Housekeeping 2. Introductions 3. Why Migrate? 4. What Should You Consider? 5. Selecting A Migration Approach 6. Solutions 7. Why Invensys 8. Wrap Up/Questions
  • 3. Why Migrate? Invensys proprietary & confidential © Invensys 12 November 2013
  • 4. Why change what you are doing today? According to ARC: • $65 billion worth of obsolete technology is still in use today • Although these systems are still performing well beyond original life expectancy, this introduces appreciable risk for manufacturing organizations 4
  • 5. Justifiers to Migrate Two primary reasons to migrate: Financial opportunities • Improved efficiencies • Reduced downtime The unknown • Fear of previously reliable equipment failing • Risk of downtime and safety
  • 6. Justifiers to Migrate Fears and risks: Can’t get support from OEM when you need it • Limited technical or service support • Parts not available • Training not available Aging workforce • How do you train new operators on older equipment? • How do you train technicians/engineers? Compliance and cyber concerns • System doesn’t support cyber program • System not compliant with governmental requirements
  • 7. Justifiers to Migrate Financial opportunities: System downtime • Higher rate of failure • Materials not readily available • Inefficient troubleshooting Improved operator interaction • Alarm scheming not operator friendly • Graphics overwhelming • System navigation inefficient • Situational training
  • 8. Justifiers to Migrate Financial opportunities: Improved control • Improved DCS control schemes • Multivariable control • Business decision making Maintenance management • Improved diagnostics • Workflow • Mobile solutions • Downtime tracking • Reporting and analysis
  • 9. Justifiers to Migrate Financial opportunities: High maintenance costs • Materials cost more • Services cost escalated • Need third party consultant • Have to go to “gray” market for parts of questionable reliability
  • 10. What Should You Consider? Invensys proprietary & confidential © Invensys 12 November 2013
  • 11. What To Consider • Technology • Experience • Total automation vision • Value add features • Justifying return on investment
  • 12. Evaluating Technology • Fault tolerant hardware • Control network interfaces • Intelligent marshaling • Virtualization and thin client • Engineer anywhere • Open standards • Application integration • Lifecycle approach • Contextualized graphics
  • 13. Experience Engineering Expertise: Migration Experience: • Training • Consultant approach • Experience • Audit processes • Global resources • Delivery processes • Service • Total projects • Cutover experience • What industries • What equipment • Minimum downtime
  • 14. Total Vision Control Operations Maintenance • DCS • Alarm management • Training • APC • High performance graphics • Business management Service Support • Technical support • Remote monitoring • Field service support • Report analysis • Situational training Compliance and security • Consulting services • Product architecture • Knowledge of practices • Knowledge of current & future regulations • Equipment Diagnostics Life Cycle Support • Philosophy • Track record Corporate • Business visibility • Business planning
  • 15. Value Additions Advanced Applications Workflow Analytics, KPIs & Dashboards Process Flowsheet Design Mass & Energy Balance Data Reconciliation & Material Balance Advanced Process Control Real-Time Optimization Real-Time Process Performance Modeling Operator Training Simulator Dynamic Simulation & Studies Enterprise Asset Management System Instrument Asset Management System Condition Monitoring Predictive Measurement & Analysis Manufacturing Execution System Alarm Analysis Alarm Rationalization Alarm Shelving Advanced Alarming Many Others
  • 16. Return On Investment Lifecycle approach to ROI: • • • • • Reduced workload & risk Reduced unplanned downtime Improved response & productivity Safe, available, secure Lowest total cost of ownership
  • 17. Example: Potential Business Benefits Benefit Impact Min Max 0.30% 0.50% 1 Improve heat rate by reducing excess air and distributing oxygen and CO uniformly 2 Reduce maintenance and operations cost by: providing predictive and diagnostic asset management systems; improving data collection and analysis; and replacing obsolete systems (paper based notes). 1.0% 2.0% 3 Reduce duration of planned shutdowns by eliminating need for overspeed testing 1.5% 2.5% 4 Reduce auxiliary power requirement through advanced controls and simulation 70% 80% Millions of dollars in benefits identified by implementing solutions.
  • 18. Improve heat rate by reducing 1 excess air and distributing O2 and CO uniformly Reduce 2 maintenance and operations cost 20% 20% 25% 15% 5% 5% 10% 10 % 70% 5% 10% 80% 15% 23 6 11 20 7 3 OTS Mobile Solutions Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Workflow Smart Firing 80% 15% Reduce duration of 3 planned 10% shutdowns Reduce auxiliary 4 power requirement Payback (months) Combustion Optimization Turbine Overspeed Trip Asset Mgmt Diagnostics & Alerts (CM) Asset Mgmt Diagnostics & Alerts (FDM) Benefits DCS Upgrade Example: Solutions To Address Issues 5% 9 7 5 7
  • 19. Selecting A Migration Approach Invensys proprietary & confidential © Invensys 12 November 2013
  • 20. Migration Strategies Bulldoze HMI/Gateway Cable Solution I/O Replacement
  • 21. Bulldoze Solutions Bulldoze is a total system replacement • Rip out & replace all hardware • Most comprehensive way to migrate to a new system • New controls with modern strategies • Highest cost • High risk • Most disruptive solution • Most process downtime • Requires the most planning • Typically the most difficult to justify © Invensys 00/00/00 Bulldoze
  • 22. Cable Solutions • Comprehensive way to migrate to a new system • Replace all electronics and power supplies • New controls with modern strategies • Leaves minimal equipment • Field wiring stays in place • TA’s/TU’s remain • Less downtime than bulldoze • Disruptive to control cabinets • Removal of power supplies • Removal of existing card racks • Install new card racks and power supplies Invensys proprietary & confidential © Invensys 00/00/00 Cable Solutions
  • 23. I/O Plug-In Solutions I/O modules are designed to plug-in to existing legacy system racks • Reuse existing cabinets, racks, termination assemblies & field wiring • Automated conversion tools & processes • New controls with modern strategies • New workstations, controllers & I/O modules • No I/O mapping issues - exact match • Automated database & I/O porting tools • Least amount of process downtime • Least amount of risk • Reversible © Invensys 00/00/00 I/O Replacement
  • 24. HMI/Gateway Solutions HMI is designed to interface with legacy DCS, PLC, and other automation systems • Reuse existing controls and strategies • Minimal or no process downtime with side-by-side installation & checkout • Automated conversion tools and processes • Incremental or phased migration approach • Should be a gateway enabling older technology to be interfaced to applications with higher return on investment Invensys proprietary & confidential © Invensys 00/00/00 HMI/Gateway
  • 25. Which Migration Approach Is Best? No one approach will fit every facility • Only you know the business drivers • Most system architectures are unique • Total automation installed base is unique • Most corporate policies and how they are deployed at each plant is unique
  • 26. Which Vendor Approach Is Best? Flexibility in approach: • Multiple migration approaches • Phased approach to fit your business drivers, not modifying your business to fit migration options Extensive experience: • Demonstrated past projects with each approach • Procedures, utilities, and process specifically pertaining to migration • Ability to adjust to evolving requirements Return on investment: • Company focused on delivering value, not products • Holistic approach to modernization • Migration as a gateway to other value added applications
  • 27. Solutions Invensys proprietary & confidential © Invensys 12 November 2013
  • 28. Best Practices - Plan • Carefully consider objectives and timeframe • Use existing company standards or define new • Include representatives from operations early – Include your company standards and policies – Include operational, maintenance, engineering, and management requirements
  • 29. Best Practices - Prepare • Timeframe for project • Project window is shorter than outage period • Consider warm up/cool down and testing • Prepare infrastructure • Network switches, data highway, controllers, etc • Ship controllers in simulation mode • Everything in place and ready for shutdown • Training • Simulation to train operators
  • 30. Best Practices - Document • Document status of equipment in field • Accurate list of all devices whether or not in service • Third party devices – emulate if necessary • Record all alarm points and values • Note critical loops prior to cut-over
  • 31. Best Practices - Optimize • Control logic • Functional replacement not a copy • Apply current industry application knowledge • Graphics • Look to high performance graphics • Improve navigational strategy • Take advantage newest technology • Alarms • Reducing alarm density • Removing ‘toothpick’ mentality
  • 32. Project Execution Approaches Cold Cutover • Requires process downtime • Allows for marshaling alternatives • Forgiving of errors or poorly documented installations • Most cost effective cutover Hot Cutover • No process downtime required • Must identify critical loops and equipment that can shutdown process or cause safety hazard • Does not easily allow for marshaling alternatives • Highest cutover cost Hot and Cold Combination • Minimal process downtime • Identify critical loops and equipment cut them hot • More easily allows for marshaling alternatives • Higher cost than cold cutover • Safer than hot cutover • Allows for phased approach
  • 33. Foxboro Configuration Tools •Simple change management of sequence code/block connections •Advanced troubleshooting techniques •SQL views, high performance querying and reporting of all control configurations •Superior predictive maintenance and asset management •Bulk engineering •Automated install procedure
  • 34. Legacy DCS vs. Foxboro Evo Comparison Slide 34
  • 35. Automated Database Conversion Process Legacy Control Database Existing Database • Honeywell • Emerson • Westinghouse • Bailey • Moore • Spectrum • other FoxMacro Foxboro Taglist (prelim) LoopView Editor Foxboro Taglist(final) Automatically transforms data to Foxboro format Preserves: • tag names • tuning parameters • alarm parameters • descriptions, etc All usable info captured Assign loops, templates, hardware Ready for Foxboro Configuration Tools import
  • 36. Top to Bottom Fault Tolerance • Every bus • Every I/O module • Every control processor • Every network connection • No bad outputs • No undetected failures • Bumpless switchover to shadow module • Highest Availability
  • 37. I/O plug-in Migration Solution I/O modules are manufactured to plug-in to existing legacy system racks. • Reuse existing cabinets, racks, termination assemblies & field wiring • No I/O mapping issues - exact match • Minimum process downtime • New workstations, controllers and I/O modules •Automated database porting tools Invensys proprietary & confidential © Invensys 00/00/00
  • 38. Unique Plug-In Solution Workstations Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: Step 6: Install new workstations & controllers Shut down the process Replace I/O modules & attach network connectors Loop check Start up process Making product & saving money - day 1! And It’s Reversible !!! Legacy rack Controllers Form fit replacement modules
  • 39. I/O plug-in Migration Solution •Bailey Net90 Controllers Workstations •Bailey Infi90 •Fisher Provox •Honeywell TDC2000 Legacy Racks Form fit  modules •Honeywell TDC3000 •Moore APACS •Westinghouse WDPF
  • 40. HMI Solution HMI is designed to interface with legacy DCS, PLC, and other automation systems • Based on industry leading HMI • Reuse existing controls • Minimum process downtime with side-by-side installation & checkout • Automated conversion tools and processes • Enables operational improvement applications • Situational awareness library included
  • 41. Integrated HMI Solutions Integrated HMI Solutions • Bi-directional data link • Automatic database configuration • Integrated faceplate • Integrated system status displays and alerts • Alarm and events integrated with blocks • Tested side-by-side operation • Tested and verified time synchronization • Tested peer-to-peer communication • Benchmark Invensys proprietary & confidential © Invensys 11/12/2013 OPC Solutions • Bi-directional data link
  • 42. HMI Migration Solution Workstations Integrated Solutions • Bailey Infi90 • Honeywell TDC2000 • Honeywell TDC3000 • Moore APACS • Legacy Controls Bailey Net90 • Legacy HMI AB PLC • Siemens PLC OPC Solutions • Fisher Provox • DeltaV • Westinghouse WDPF • and more
  • 43. HMI Migration Solution Trend • Plants are larger, more complex • Increased levels of instrumentation • Increased levels of automation • Centralized operations 1970’s 1980’s Operator Impact • Increased monitoring load • Lack of understanding • More data to manage • Lost in the details • Operators become disengaged • Role is reduced to dealing with upsets • Loss of direct awareness 1990’s Present Situational Awareness Graphic 43 Invensys proprietary & confidential © Invensys 11/12/2013
  • 44. HMI Migration Solution Management Maintenance Company LAN Server www Internet PLC DCS Any location Plant 44 Invensys proprietary & confidential © Invensys 11/12/2013
  • 45. HMI Migration Solution Information & Intelligence • Intelligence Applications & Content • Workflow and Collaboration • Process Modeling  • Reporting & Analysis Operations & Execution • Quality Management  • Mobility • System Connectivity • Advanced Simulation, Optimization Control & Supervisory • Performance, Scalability • Technology Modernization • Security and Simplification • Enable Common Control and Safety platform
  • 46. Why Invensys Invensys proprietary & confidential © Invensys 12 November 2013
  • 47. Why Invensys? Flexible solutions to fit your needs, options to fit your plant • Top down with HMI/Gateway solutions • Bottom up with I/O replacement solutions • Complete replacement solutions Holistic approach with proven expertise • Migration engineering processes (conversion, commissioning & optimization) • Global migration consultants, engineering, delivery & service teams • Best practices planning, from design to support More than a migration • Extends existing investments to add ‘intelligence’ • Improvements to process efficiency & business performance Experience • Bulldoze migration • I/O solution migration • HMI migration
  • 48. Thousands Of Projects: MOORE APACS HONEYWELL TDC 2000 / 3000 FOXBORO  SPEC200 & SPECTRUM Freeport  (Phelps Dodge)  Linn Western  Operating Inc IOGEN WESTINGHOUSE (WDPF) Duke (M landing) Kentucky Util NRG Erco Proctor Gamble American ref. Corp Nfld Hydro Indeck (Corrinth) Chanute  Sanyo (Batch) Keadby (UK) Boralex Stratton Hercules (US) Indeck (orleans) Brazos (Turbine 100’s of sites FISHER SERIES 10&20 Series 10 Aracruz) BCIT  Teck  Yara Norway  BP Kitiwake Series 20 Hawaii Sugar  ExxonMobil PPG Sterling Chem. Potash Co Boralex  Total Mod300 SC series Bowater (GE  TRIO) LT Automation BAILEY NET/INFI90 Borden IOC UPM BC Hydro First Energy Ambit Crompton Great Lakes Karachanganak Petr Ohio Edison Loma Linda Tesoro Refinery HI ERG Sircusa Italia Cleveland Thermal TDC2K Agrium Alcan Dofasco Lanxess(Bayer) Teck  Mexicana de Cananea Dakota Gas Total (Elf Atochem) Huntsman Nipsco TXU Union Carbide San Miguel Kraton Polymers Corporation Nacional   del Cobre TDC3K BASF AK Kaucuk Koch Refining Shell UK CMPC Dakota Gas BASF Antwerp Valero SRP Coronado
  • 49. Invensys Minimizes Process Downtime
  • 50. Questions? Michael Rhodes, Global Migration Practice Director +1 949 421 8068 Nasir Mundh, Global Modernization Director +1 519 381 0411 For more valuable DCS migration resources: 50 Invensys proprietary & confidential © Invensys 11/12/2013
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