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Character Artifacts Name of Character: Osama bin Laden What role does this character play in your concept? (Narrator, protagonist, villain, sidekick, et cetera) Antagonist What does this character do? (What is the importance of the character?) He is responsible the attacks on September 11, 2001 and claimed he wanted to kill every American. Postcard: (Scribd wouldn’t load again) Dear Al Fariq, Today I met Osama bin Laden, he has asked me to help protect him inside of his compound. It is in Ab
  Character ArtifactsName of Character:Osama bin LadenWhat role does this character play in your concept? (Narrator, protagonist,villain, sidekick, et cetera)AntagonistWhat does this character do? (What is the importance of the character?)He is responsible the attacks on September 11, 2001 and claimed he wantedto kill every American.  Postcard:(Scribd wouldn’t load again)Dear Al Fariq, Today I met Osama bin Laden, he hasasked me to help protect him inside of his compound. It is in Abbottabad,Pakistan and he is there with his threewives. I asked him why he is undersuch protection and he said becauseAmerica wants him dead because of the September 11 th attacks. He hasoffered protection for our family forlife and he ahs also offered to pay mearound a million dollars a year. I justwanted to led you know that I amgoing to accept this offer, but I alsohave a chance of dying in thiscompound. If so, please protect mywife and children. I will protect Mr. BinLaden with my life from now on. PlacePostage HereOsama bin Laden ______________________________________ 10 Terrorist Drive ______________________________________ Abbottabad, Pakistan ______________________________________   Family and Childhood:Osama bin Laden has so many different children from so many different wives,even he couldn’t tell you how many he had, but it is over 10. He has hadmultiple wives his whole life because it is apart of his religion. His childhoodwas awful, he was a rebel and taught by his parents and the Koran that heneeds to kill all the Americans. At a young age he joined the army and by age18 he created the Al-Qaeda. They were a terrorist organization that would stopat nothing to kill innocent lives. September 11, 2001 they attacked the UnitedStates and crashed 4 different planes. Two landed in the World Trade Center,one landed in a field, and the other landed in the Pentagon. Overall, his lifegoal was to kill as my people as he could throughout his life.  Letter:Dear President Obama,I just wanted to state that you are never going to find me. I have been inhiding for almost 10 years now and you have not even got a lead on me. I justwanted to say that your country is weak and another attack is coming in thefuture. I just wanted to say that America is weak and corrupted and that is thereason we keep attacking you. Also, I’ll give you a hint at where I’m hiding, itssomewhere in the Middle East. And tell Mr. Panetta that his C.I.A. program is a joke.Osama bin Laden
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