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Increasing safety, reliability and efficiency for today‘s data centers Products and expertise for data center success Drawing upon vast experience in complex industries where uptime is critical, ABB provides a wealth of expertise, engineering, products and support to help today’s data centers operate more safely, reliably and efficiently. ABB is committed to providing expertise in six areas vital to data center success: − − − − − − Availability and reliability Efficiency Ease of operations and
  Increasing safety, reliability and efficiencyfor today‘s data centers  2 Today‘s data center | ABB segment brochure Drawing upon vast experience in complex industrieswhere uptime is critical, ABB provides a wealth of expertise, engineering, products and support to helptoday’s data centers operate more safely, reliably andefficiently. ABB is committed to providing expertise insix areas vital to data center success:  −  Availability and reliability  − Efficiency  − Ease of operations and maintenance  − Flexibility  − Safety  − Risk management Products and expertisefor data center success   − Substations  −  Transformers  − Medium-voltage switchboards / switchgear  − Generators  − Power quality assessments  − HV UPS − Low-voltage switchboards / switchgear  − Circuit breakers [1][3]   −Active lters   − Power factor correction  −Rectiers   − Uninterruptible Power Supplies − Data center automation and power optimization  − Remote monitoring and diagnostics − HVAC solutions 3457 8 [2][4][5]   ABB segment brochure | Today‘s data center 3 Backed by a history of innovation, a global presenceand nearly 125,000 employees in more than 100countries, ABB provides a cost-effective, single-vendorsolution to the myriad needs of today’s data centers. ABB’s approach for data centers is to provide alter-nating current and direct current systems, automationand services to build reliable and efficient solutionsthat meet diverse end user needs. [6]   −High-efciency motors   − Low-harmonic variable frequency drives / inverters  − Circuit breakers  − Cooling  −  Automation and control  −Energy efciency audits   − Intelligent power distribution units  − Remote power panels  − Branch circuit monitoring  − Strategic partner to leading OEMs −  AC or DC battery chargers − Microgrid connectivity − Strategic partner to leading wind and solar OEMs − Data Center services and Data Center InfrastructureManagement (DCIM) 1268 [8][7]  4 Today‘s data center | ABB segment brochure Outages can damage more than just a reputation. At areported cost of $1 million or more per hour, outages exacta painful toll on the bottom line. With more than a century of experience providing equipment, systems and expertise todata centers and industries where uptime is critical—such aschemicals, refining, banking and financial institutions—ABBcan help reduce unplanned outages and improve quality of service. ABB’s products and integrated systems are designedfor heavy duty industrial applications and extensively testedto withstand the rigors of data center use, helping ensuremaximum reliability and uptime.Products that are built to make the gradePower transformers are the backbone of today’s data cen-ters. But they’re also one of the leading causes of data centershutdowns. When they short-circuit, they can represent asingle point of failure for an entire data center. ABB transfor-mers are engineered and built for maximum reliability. Theyperformed 400% better than all other transformers in recentshort-circuit tests conducted by the KEMA Testing and Certi-fication Lab. ABB low voltage (LV) switchgear and motor control center(MCC) global installed base reaches an operational availabilityof nearly 100%. The products’ unique design exceeds safetyrequirements set forth inside the relevant standards and isbacked by more than 400 successful arc tests to date. To keep costs under control, many data centers are construc-ted using commercial-grade instrumentation. While cost-ef-fective, these instruments are not engineered or built for longlife in critical applications, such as those in today’s data cen-ters. ABB’s industrial-grade instrumentation lasts two to threetimes longer than comparable commercial grade instrumentsin similar applications. Tackling the big issue of cascading circuit breaker faultsDuring construction, many data centers are wired usingresidential “zero-crossing” mini circuit breakers (MCBs). Instrenuous applications, these breakers can easily let throughenough energy to trip the main, failing hundreds of serversinstead of just a few. At ABB, we believe that customers’data—and a data center’s business success and reputation—are too important to trust to residential breakers. That’s why our industrial-grade ABB coordinated current-limiting main and branch breakers deliver 30kAIC with only a10kAIC MCB, which virtually eliminate nuisance main tripping.  Availability and reliability 5 Standby power batteries,microchips and manyother components insideIT equipment run on DCpower. Since today’s datacenters have AC powerinfrastructures (like your home or ofce) power has to be converted at 5different stages within thedata center.  X  AC DC
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