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It is a widely acknowledged fact that a logo design is a powerful tool for the success of a business enterprise - or for that matter any organization. Most customers identify a business house by its logo rather than by its name.
  • 1. Get best logo designs from Stimulus Web designIt is a widely acknowledged fact that a logo design is a powerful tool for thesuccess of a business enterprise - or for that matter any organization. Mostcustomers identify a business house by its logo rather than by its name.There are some logos that create an indelible impression on the mind of theviewers. In view of this, almost every company, organization, website or servicetoday uses an imaginatively designed logo - reflective of its motto, product orservices -to attract its target audience.The term „Logo‟ is derived from the original word “logotype” that means a name,symbol or trademark designed for easy recognition. Logo is used by variousestablishments on all their letterheads, business cards, trade ads, salespromotional materials etc.It is important that the company logo looks uncomplicated and professional andeasy to remember. Logos may be described as the public face of an organization,and the corporate identity for business enterprises. Since logos have come to beaccepted as an organization‟s visual image, a unique and aesthetically designedlogo assumes critical importance.Designing an appropriate logo calls for a lot of creativity, some brainstormingsession with the client and a great attention to craft. The logo should preferablyreflect some aspect of the company‟s name, product or services though at timessome abstract logos have also caught the fancy of the viewing public.Designing an attractive logo will entail many hours of mind-blowing work by theartist - researching the nature of the company, the industry to which it belongs,the company‟s management philosophy, its business vision, the competitionscenario etc. No artist will be able to get the logo design right in the first attempt.
  • 2. He/she does dozens of pencil sketches – improving one upon the other beforereaching the design acceptable to the client.Notwithstanding the fact that designing a logo is a tedious job involving severalman hours, there are artists who are passionate about logo designing and willingto readily accept the challenge. Nearly every organization has the need to use ablack and white version of their logo for some purposes. Please remember that ifthe design proves eye-catchy in black and white, then it can only get moreappealing with color.Among other things, research is critical to logo designing. The logo designerlearns all about the client company and its activities, ascertain who their targetaudience is, the industry segment to which the client belongs, what type ofimagery might be appropriate to reflect the client‟s vision. Once the logo designerhas quite a few sketches ready, then he/she can turn to the computer to sprucethem up and further refine them.Stimulus Web Design is a well-known house with long-standing experience in thefield of graphic designing and they particularly specialize in logo designing.Stimulus Web Design, who value customer service has qualified and competentprofessionals to provide clients total high quality web solutions at competitiveand affordable rates.Apart from a large client-base in USA and Europe, Stimulus Web Design havemarket presence in many Middle East countries like UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi,Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Alkhaimah), Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam),Bahrain (Manama, Riffa, A‟ali, Hamad), Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen, Oman andLebanon. Visit: for fuller details.Source: Web Designing UAE
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