First Assignment Marketing Philosophy and Strtegy


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First Assignment Marketing Philosophy and Strtegy
     American Intercontinental University Unit 1 Individual Project MKT640  –  A Managerial Approach to Marketing   Abstract Nearly every magazine in today’s marketplace has written articles that clearly indicate companies have changed actor’s images for print ads to display them without flaws . It is rare that there are no flaws. I have found a few articles that indicate companies have used the magazines to their advantage by airbrushing out extra weight, fly away hair and even blemishes to help them sell their magazine. There is also information by marketers to target younger women so they will feel beautiful once they have purchased and tried the product. There are percentages of real women and their feelings toward these marketing strategies. Many companies have used these tactics to sell products and magazines just so they can make a profit on someone else’s insecurities.    Reading the first article about “Marketing Strategies for Herbal Cosmetic Products” ( Marketing strategies of herbal cosmetic products: Thai and imported products. Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies) has really opened my eyes to a lot of misinformation that we truly get from these products. Two of the challenges for selling the product are analyzing certain types of patterns that consumers would do to buy the product or just try it out. By placing the product in a mall or department store, the make-up department would experiment with willing consumers to try the product. If they were able to find the correct information return to the Board members and show how the analysis turned out for these products. They would then try to market the ones that did well and work to improve the other products.    “ The consumption and purchase related decisions as basic purchase or consumption decisions, brand purchase or consumption decisions; channel purchase decisions and payment purchase decisions ” (Marketing strategies of herbal cosmetic products). I have learned by reading this article that it has completed many studies on facial moisturizing, anti-aging, makeup foundation and many different other beauty items. I remember when I was younger there were only a few products that were geared toward women and their beauty flaws. Today it is about watching and analyzing what female consumers are buying for beauty in this time period. It is strategically selling to the right age group of women. There are different products that come into Thailand, that need to be a standalone product that will sell to the consumer. The target customers are of all ages, “ all genders with the ages between 30 - 50 years old, medium to high level income ” (  Marketing strategies of herbal cosmetic products). There were different types of research that was done between local  and imported products to see how well their own product would stand up. Most companies today that have a budget that would allow them to market their product on every different level there is out there, such as catalogs, internet, magazine ads, and television. The local company is willing to strategically discount their own product by “ 10 to 20 percent ” ( Marketing strategies of herbal cosmetic products) to get the upper hand in its own homeland without the imported product under cutting their prices. Some of the top name companies such as “Nivea and L’Oreal are trying to get in to the eastern marketing” ( Marketing strategies of herbal cosmetic products). Looking at the figures in the Marketing Strategic of herbal cosmetic products article it shows how L’Oreal has really increased its market power by focusing on the Middle Eastern countries. Here is some of the figures that L’Oreal has released to show they have the “ First half sales to Asia increased 23.3 percent to euro 626 million, and sales in Eastern Europe increased 28.3 percent to euro 256 million. Latin America sales increase 8.3 percent to euro 344 million. ”( Marketing strategies of herbal cosmetic products). It is amazing how a company can market its product to women of all ages just to get ahead of their competitors. There is more information on the strategies that this company used and also on how other companies have used its research to change their strategies to focus on a different part of the market to get their products out to certain age groups. It is very usual the length that some companies will go to get consumers to buy their products . Reading this next article has shown me that women don’t believe that an actor should be airbrushed just to sell their magazine or their product. “ 75% of young women in the study said they would prefer models in ads to appear un-airbrushed. 61% said airbrushing of blemishes or spots is unacceptable, while 84% said altering body  shape is unacceptable ” ( To be real or not? the dilemma beauty brands face, Marketing Week). The person that wrote this article was not happy with what she found. She did some more research and found that women would buy a product if it made her look that good. There really is no rhyme or reason as to why consumers believe that by seeing something in a magazine will make them look like the actor on the cover or in the ad. This person also states how she found this girl on YouTube video, showing how she transformed herself. “ She starts off with severely blemished skin, transforming herself in the next 10 minutes with a militarily precise armory of primers, foundations, concealers and sprays, to emerge flawless ” ( To be real or not? the dilemma beauty brands face, Marketing Week). She really does not accept how companies can be so insensitive to people with blemishes and or problems with their weight by marketing their products to younger and skinny women. There are so many different skincare products, concealers and foundations available that women use all the time. Most women will not leave their house unless they have their foundation on. Companies have started to focus more on the different level and variety of women’s skin. They will blend colors together in order for women to find their own shades of color that will match their skin tone. “ Complexion products -- foundation, plus a host of new alternatives like BB cream, CC cream and tinted moisturizer -- have become must-wear cosmetics. The one type of makeup many women of all ages will wear even on "no makeup" days ” ( Is it me, or is it makeup? --- New products aim to be invisible; P&G finds a 'natural' look signals competence, Wall Street Journal). Understanding that there are always new products out there that will say they are invisible and you will not even know you are wearing it. Most women feel
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