European Commission to Take Legal Action against Catholic Church (Vatican) in Holocaust Money Laundering Case


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Released November 2011 - Washington DC: When the European Commission referred a long running Holocaust money laundering case against the Vatican Bank to the newly organized Autorità di Informazione Finanziaria, the Vatican agency tasked with anti money laundering, it left open the possibility of legal action by the European Commission against the Vatican. Now the attorney for over a thousand claimants is asking the European Commission to take action after the Autorità di Informazione Finanziaria deliberately ignored his complaint. Dr. Jonathan Levy is accusing the Vatican of misfeasance and violating European anti money laundering laws. The Vatican is an associate member of the Eurozone (it issues Euros) and part of the European Anti Money Laundering regime through the Vatican Bank and must adhere to certain Directives. Levy states the Autorità di Informazione Finanziaria is merely continuing a long running fight against an audit of certain accounts at the Vatican Bank belonging to the Franciscan Order and the Diocese of Zagreb. Levy first made his request for an accounting in 1999 and went on to sue the Vatican Bank and Franciscan Order. The case was dismissed in 2010 after a United States appeals court stated it had no jurisdiction. In correspondence earlier this year from the European Commission, an official indicated the European Commission could institute legal proceedings against the Vatican City State if it violates European anti money laundering Directives. (Benjamin Angel to Jonathan Levy, January 4, 2011). According to Levy, the Vatican cannot continue to ignore post war money laundering allegations of gold looted from former Yugoslavia: “While we do not dispute the Vatican state answers solely to its God in matters of faith, in matters of finance the laws of Man apply.” See attachments for Documents cited above. For more information contact: Dr. Jonathan Levy Brimstone & Co. Attorney & Solicitor 1629 K Street NW Suite 300 Washington DC 20006 USA +1-202-318-2406 Vatican Bank plaintiffs include these organizations: Jasenovac Research Institute Republic of Serbian Krajina in Exile The Independent Council of Gypsies in Serbia Jasenovac Memorial Center (Belgrade) Be sure to visit: to learn about this and other crimes committed by the evil and corrupt organization known as the Catholic Church , the Vatican which utilizes the name of Christ to deceive and committ crimes and whose inevitable destruction is near.
  BRIMSTONE&CO. , ' ,1 .i:Xl$*'5il oo \fAsHrNGroNDC 2OooGusATEvFax+ t-202-314-2406cxluaens@anrusroNEANDcoMPANY.coM November8, 201'European ommissionDirectorateGeneralor EconomicandFinancialAffairsFinancialStability& MonetaryAffairsFinancialnstitutions FinancialStabiliwHeadof UnitMr. BenjaminAngelB-1049russelsBelgiumF ax: t32)2 29 80998Via Fax,EmailandMailIn re:(Vatican)Autoriti di InformazoneFinanziariaAIF)& Eu/VaticarMonnetaryAgreementndEuropeanommissionetterofJanuary, 2011( 93 9)DearMr. Algel:On January, 201 followinga seriesf letterswiththeEU Commissionndthe Euopean CentralBank,yourefened ourallegationsofpostWorld WarTwo eramoney aunderingofassetsrom formerYugoslaviaby cunentandpastaccountholdersat theIstitutoperle Operedi Religione(IOR)to theAutoritA di InformazioneFinanziariaAIF)which wasustformedat thebeginningf201lThe AIF has efused o acknowledger respondo our correspondenceatedI]uly2,2011andSeptember4,2011. We alsoattemptedofax the AIF onSeptember, 2011.Based nmypriordealingsith Vaticanagencies ndorgans, canonlyconclude his isyetagaindeliberate onfeasancey theAIFto avoidakingurisdiction.I note someAIF officersare forner orculrentofficials oftheIOR. This behavior s completelynappropriateor aa agencywhosepurportso carry out harmonizationand antimoney aunderingandanti enorismprovisionsfEU, COEandEurozoneiscalpolicies' lod',, r,.r , a,,  Thebehavior ftheAIF howevers 10004onsistent iththe OR's 10yearlegal battle n the United Statesederalcourts n thecase Alperinv.VaticanBank and OFM,lJnited StatesDistrict Courtfor the NorthemDistrict ofCalifomia.D.C.No. CV-99-04941-MMC.axineM. Chesney,istrictJudge,Presiding. TheIOR spared o expenser legal argumentn ultimatelypreventingafederalcourt from exercisingurisdictionovert and tsconfederate,he FranciscaaOrder.This bolstershe argumenthat the IORand AIF shouldbe held accountablenderanti moneyaunderingegimes.The Vatican stateby engagingn intemationalbarking throughhe IOR,purportingocarry out EU anti moneyaunderingandanti terrorismdirectives }roughthe AIF and as a memberofthe Eurozone,must bynecessityollow the applicable awsand may not holditself abovehe law.Asyoumayknow fiom ourpreviouscorrespondenceo the EU Commission,ourfirm represents ver a thousandndividualsofSerb,Jewish,and Romadescent orldwidewith the majorityesidentn Serbia.We representindividuals residentn the EuropeanUnionincluding SwedenandheUnitedKingdom. We alsorepresent everalorganizationncludinghe JasenovacMemorial Society,ndependentCouncilof SerbianRoma,and he RepublikofSrpskaKrajina n Exileall ofBelgrade,Serbiand heAmericanonprofitcorporation,Jasenovac esearchnstitute. Ourclients arewell into theirseconddecade flegalstruggleand manyof the srcinalvictims haveunfortunatelypassedn without closure.We appreciatehat the EuropeanCommissionhas ndicatedhat withintheframeworkof EUlaw it doeshaveauthorityo initiatelegal or otheractionsagainst he Vatican.Thereforewe unequivocallyequest heEuropeanCommissionoinvestigatehe alleged nstitutionalshortcomingsfthe AIFingeneraland f necessaryold the AIF accountableor itswillful failuretoaddress urlegitimatemoney aunderingallegationsIn the attachedxhibitswe havedentified severalOR accountshat evennow may stillhold remnants rprofits derived romthe Ustashareasury.TheIORand at leastone ofthe accountholders,he FranciscanOrder,havecategorically efusedo cooperate. heAIF refuseso respond.Any furtherattemptsbyus to bring this matterbeforeAIFappear o befutile absentacogentexplanation romAIF about heirhandlingof ourcorrespondence.  Therefore, n behalfofourclientswe allegehe ollowing:l. The structure ndpersonnelftheAIFpreventt fromunctioningsanindependentuthority;2. TheAIFasapracticeoesnot answerorrespondencehe Vaticandeemsobjectionable;3. TheAIF's nonfeasancen ouroarticularmatter s anndication finstitutionalfailure to comply withapplicableEUDirectives.We askhat heEuropean ommissionakeappropriatectionncludingusing tsgoodoffices oresolvehis matter.It is ourpositionhat financialnstitutionsmustbehave n anethicalandegalmanner.Whilewe do not disputehe Vaticantatenswers olelyo its Godin matters ffaith,in matters f financehe awsofMan apply.Respectfulysubmitted,AttomeyandSolicitorPSPlease otewe arealso copying hiso Moneyvalt heCouncilofEuropewhich we understands currently evaluatinghe fitnessofthe AIF.Copy o:Direitorate GeneralofHuman Rightsand LegalAffairsDirectorateofMonitoringCouncilof Europe67075SfasbourgCEDEX,FRANCEemail  BRIMSTONE&CO.JONATHANLE\'Y ATTORNEY& SOLICIfOFI' 629 KSTREET Nl/vSUITE3OOWASHTNGTONDC2C)006USATEL/F^x1-202-3|a'24O4 Jtrly,2011Autoritddi InformazioneinanziariaAIF)CardinalAttilioNicora,PresidentPalazzoanCarloRomeVATICAN CITYUstashaictimGoldand heEU/VaticanMonetaryAgreementYourEminence:We havepreviously onespondedbouthismattern detailwithdleELrropeanommissionndEuropeanenhalBank-Wewerehen eferredtothi nascenttF by theEuropeanommissionirectorateeneralorEconornic ndFinancialAffair onJanuary,20 |We havewaitedseveralrnonthsor theAIF to becorneullyactiveandstaffednderts enablingstatuteseforeontactingouabouta matternvolvitrgefiainaccountsttheOR(lstitutopere Opere iReligione)hathavebeensedo launderandetainWorld WarII eravictim assetsiomformerYugoslavia,hesocalledUstashareasury. urclientsncludeHolocausturvivorsworldwideandorganizationsnSerbiandheUnitedStates.estigesftheassets,includingmoveable ndmmoveableroperty rprofitshereiom arestillondepositt heOR.Thisrequestor annvestigationndnquirydealswiththeunresolvedssueofthe iJstashareasury ndhemissinggoldandothervaluablesiomformerYugoslaviairstdocumentedythe1998UnitedStatestateDepartmeniizenstat/SlanyeportntitledConcernsboutheFateoftheWirtimeUstashareasuryhichconcludedhatherewasevidencepointingoVaticannvolvementn launderingoncentrationampgoldandloot afterhe SecondWorldWar.
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