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Among the Internet's many resources is the World Wide Web, a global network of information servers provided by individuals, organizations, businesses, and federal agencies who are offering documents, data, images, and interactive sessions. For
  The best aspect of the Internelnothing.to do with technology. as. Steven Levy If 1995 was The "Yearof the Internet" (Newsweek, Jan. I , I 996), for educators it is quickly becoming the era of informa-tion-on-demand and collaboration-at-a- distance. Among the Internet's many resources is the World Wide Web, a glo- bal network of information "servers" pro- vided by individuals, organizations, busi- nesses, and federal agencies who are of-fering documents, data, images, and in- teractive sessions.For teachers, students, and parents,this means access to informa- tion not in textbooksor the local library, fast-breaking news, ideas for lessons and activities, and, best of all, collaborationwith others on projectsof mutual interest. Herewe provide an annotated listing of Webresources relating to environmentaleducation. Though not an exhaustive list of whatis available, these sitesrepresent the range ofresources, and they are excel- lent places to begin your ownjourney through theweb of interconnected sites. ComprehensiveSitesInternet Directory for EnvironmentalEducation http ://www. nc e et. snre. umic h. edu Sponsored by the National Consortiumfor En-vironmentalEducation and Training(NCEET), this site provides access to many environmentaleducation-related organizations and resources, including NCEET's own materials, the EE Toolbox for inserviceproviders, and activities on many topics, including Agriculture and Sus-tainable Development, Air Quality and Climate Change, WaterQuality, Ecosystemsand Con-servation, Energy, Ecology and Wildlife, and Toxics andWaste Management. The sitealso offers contacts, references, regionalinforma- tion, and a directory. Useful to students,teach- ers, and others inK- l2 environmental education. The Environmental Education Network http : //www. e nv irolink. o rg/env iro e d The EnvironmentalEducationNetwork(EEN) offers the world's largest on-line environmental information clearinghouse with a search mecha-nism that allows users to browse EE-Link to find instructionalmaterials, articles,funding sources, networking opportunities, publications,confer- ence proceedings,and more. A useful toolfor environmentalists,educators,parents,and stu- dents. Sponsored by The National Consortiumfor Environmental Educationand Training. has It's Environmental Education Resources on the World Wide Web Linda A. Milboume &DavidL. HaurySeptember 1996 Special Interest SitesRainforest Action Network http : /www. ran. o rg/ran The RainforestActionNetwork(RAN) workstoprotectEarth's rainforests and support the rights of inhabitantsthrougheducation,grassroots ef- forts, and non-violent direct action. Its outreachprogramencourages young people (fromfirst gradersto college students) to become involvedin saving rainforests. TheWebsiteincludes anabundanceof materials foryoung people, educa- tional resources for teachers, and information aboutpeopleindigenousto rainforests.RAN is cunently producing a Kids' Action Guide and a Tree-Free Action Packetto be distributed free to teachersand chil&en nationwide. World Wildlife Fund hnp : //www. panda. o r g/kids/index.htm One of the world's widest-rangingenvironmen- tal organizations establishedthis site to provideinformation aboutglobal issues, from climate changes and polluted seas to endangered forestsand animals. Resources include news updatesand actionadvisories, ideas on teaching earthstewardship, and lots ofimages andsound clips, such as ocean waves and bird sounds. Track downpertinentpublications,links, research fi nd-ings and reports, andsources to help the planet. A detailed mapshowswherethe various WWF offrces,campaigns, and programs are headquar- tered around the world. A new section, the Kids and Teachers area" provideseducational and funmaterials for all ages. Valuable to educators, students, environmentalists,and naturaliss. Sea World hnp : //www. b ev. net/educ ation / SeaWorld/ Sea World is famous for its dolphins and whales,butyou can also leam aboutvampire bats, polar bean, gorillas, and manatees at this home page.Read weird and interesting facts about creatures in the sea and on land for your next scienceproject. If youlike sea life, you canresearch a careerin marine mammal science.There are alsofun games toplay, picturesto color, andphoto- graphs ofyourfavorite beass. Therc are lots of great pictures at this site, along with movies andsoundclips, too. This site will appealto students, teachers, scientists,and animal lovers. Hawaii Sea Grant Global Change Education Home Pagehnp : //www. aloha. net/- e dh/gc e n. htm Howdoyou teach kidsaboutgreenhouse gases or ozone depletion? Whatissustainable devel- opment and how will it affectyour students' lives in years to come? Teachers can make environmental scienceaccessible and under-standable toyoung people with a few strategictools, all availablehere. This site links users tohundreds of curriculum topics, online graphingand manipulation, and downloadabledata sets for use inclass. The Calendar of Evens liss upcomingworkshops, confercnces, talks, and field trips for teachers andstudentson subjectssuch as global change,sustainable development, and marine science. Join theGlobal Change Education Information List to chat with like- minded educators acrossthe USA. This site is of particularvalueto educators,ecologists,envi-ronmentalscientists, and students. National Wildlife Federation http://www.nw,f.org/ Find actionl Adventure ! Entertainment!Excite- mentl Stufffor kids! All while promoting con-servation. That's the promise of thispeppy site.Create a natureparadise inyourbackyard. Leam about joint ventures with businesses,currentconservation campaigns, NWF sponsored out-ings, TV shows,merchandise, and publications.Resources include: Animal TracksOn-Line, a collection of environmental education lessons and activities for classrooms or youthgroups:theNatureQuest training programfor environ-mental educators; Schoolyard Habitas (invite wildlife to school grounds);NWFFoTKids with a Cool Tour ofthe Environment; a quiz; games; and more. Environmentalists, policy makers,edu-cators, students, business professionals, andjour- nalists will find this sitevaluable. River Resource http : //www. hi g hlands. c om/ RiverResource/ A place to studyriver resources, with connec-tions to facts, books, and others sftdying rivers.Resources of the site can be searchedusingkeywords, and there are links to classrooms withinformation to share about specificrivers. National Energy Foundation http : //www. xmission. com: 80/-nef/ A nonprofit provider of educational materials and prognms related to energy, naturalresources, and the environment, the NEF is supportedby businesses, governmentagencies, associations,and the education community. This site offers a catalog of materials, freenatural gas educationmaterials,and links to related lWebsites. For Parents and Kids Kids Web-Environmental Science http : //www. infomall. o rg/kidsw e b/ environment.html Part of The Living Textbook Project,this site provides links to government environmentalagencies from the United States,Canada, and Australi4 as well as an online oceanographyexhibit from the Smithsonian. Somelinked sites Clearinghouse forScience, Mathematics,and Environmental Education ERIC/CSMEE . 1929 Kenny Road . Columbus, Ohio 43210-1080  ERIC/CSMEE Environmental EducationResourceson theWorld Wide Web Page2 focus on govemmentpolicies,scientific research, activism, or conservation. Spcial topics include wetlands research and school projects.Students,conservationists,ecologists, environmental sci- entists, andteachers will find thissiteuseful. Junior Environments hnp : //www.wwfc anada. o r g/kiddk- 00l.html The World Wildlife FundCanada shows what you can do to help make a differencc at school, athome, andin the community. Findprojectideas andresources such as a complete list of Canada'sEndangered Species and other Wildlife at Risk, fact sheets for many Canadian species(and some international ones), and updates on wildlife is-sues. Useful to students and teachers. Kid's Stuff: Office of GroundWater and Drinking Water http : //www. epa. gov/OWOGW Dwkids/ Activities at this site include: Children's Project:Build yourownWater Cycle !Teach Kids About the Water Treatment Process; Word Scramble; Word Search (English and Spanish); Bloopers: Embarrxsing moments in the life of a water drinker; and The WaterCycle at Work (Ani mated!). Sponsored by the Environmental Pro- tection Agency, the site offers practical eco- information and ideas for kids and teachers. Ecology Channel http : //www. e co logy. c om/ This site is the Web version of a cable-TV show. The educational magazine-style site strives toincludeinformation and articles from as many sources as possible so as to be unbiased. Features include Captain Seaweed and Crew,who keep kids informed about the ocean; oped articlesfrom environmental activists; an image galleryofsatellite photostaken from around the globe;and updates on endangered species rescue ef- fors. Links are provided to Greenpeace and the Nature Conservancy, among others. Ofspecial interest to environmentalists, ecologists, conser-vationists,educators, parents,and kids. For Teachers and ClassroomsEducation Resources for Educators http : //www. edu- s ourc e. c om,/ This"virtual nature center" conains a growing archive of natural history materialsthat supportenvironmental education. You will find severalfree mini poster lessons---often supported by an "in hands" activity thatkids can do-free natural history clip art samples, fund raising items, anddesktoppublishing tutorials. Ofparticularvalueto educators and interpreters. Classroom Connectonthe Net hnp : //www. c las s room. net Site visitors can use an extensive meta-index of educational resources or they canget informa- tion aboutproductsWentworth WorldwideMe- dia has for educators. The siteprovidesnumer- ous connections to other resources, primary andsecondary schools on the Int€met, and links toprimary and secondary education newsgroups.Also described here arc newsletters,videotapes, prcpackagedlessonplans,and more. K- I 2 teach- ers and students will find this site very useful. Busy Teacher's Website: Ecology/ Environment http : //www. g at e c h. e du/lc c/idt/ StudentdCole/Proy'K- I 2/eco. html This siteprovides K-I2 teachenwithrapid ac- cess to quality source materials which are orga-nized in a familiar way.Materials include lessonplansand classroom activities which require a minimumofsite+osite linking. The GLOBE Project hnp : // g lo b e.fs l. no aa. g ov The Global Leaming and Observations to Ben- efit the Environment (GLOBE) project offers a worldwidenehrork of students, teachers,andscientists working together to study and under- standthe globalenvironment. GLOBE students make a core setofenvironmental observations ator near their schools and report their data via the Intemet.Scientists use GLOBE data in their research and providefeedback to the students toenrich their science education. Eachday, imagescreated from the CLOBE student data sets are posted on the World Wide Web, allowing stu- dents and visitors to the Website "visualize" theobservations. By participating in GLOBE,teach-ersguide their students through daily, weekly, and seasonal environmental observations, mea- suring variablessuch as air temperature and precipitation. This is an excellent opportunity for K- I 2 teachersto integratecomputers and the World Wide Webinto classroom activities. Voyage - Bringing the WorldTo Your Classroom http : //www. c ais. ne t/p ub lis h/ voyage.htm Reprinted articles and lively images from a vari- ety of sources are offered for downloadingthrough this online magazine. Well-organized into categories such as biodiversity and wildlife conservation, altemative energy and fuels, health, population, agriculture, clean air and water, marine ecology,waste management, and cli- mate, the articles are useful to ecologists, scien- tists,students,and teachen. Students can use thearticles for scienceprojectsand teachers may use articles in lesson plans. There are linksdirectly to sources referenced in thearticles. ERIC Clearinghouse for Science, Math- ematics, and Environmental Educationhnp:www.ericse.org Supportedby the U.S. Departmentof Education, this site offers ERIC Digests online, publicationsfor sale, links to other sites in the ERIC system, and access to theworld's largest database of education-related materials. Useful to anyoneinterested in education topics. Directories Environment and Society Index-An Internet Resource Guide h ttp : //w w w. rp i. e du/d ep t/ nv i ro rd gu i d eFind information on environmental subjects, or- ganizations,regional issues, or research. TheIndex covers subjects such as biodiversity, edu- cation,environmentaljustice, indigenous cul- tures, natural resources, recycling, wetlands, and wildlife. There are links to environmental jour- nals, treaties, discussiongroupsand resource guides. This site providesunique resources of value to environmentalscientis8, ecologists, edu-cators, students,researchers,and activists, but is of limited appealto the general public. Environmental Sites on the Internet http : //www. lib. kth. s e/- I g/env s ite. htm Provides an extensive collection oflinks, search-able alphabetically by subjectorby region,orga- nization, etc. A good sartingpointfor anyoneseekng environmenal information or resources. Yahoo! Environment and Nature hnp : //www.yahoo. c om,/Env ironment _and_Nature/ Links to many sites related to topics such as: conservation,ecology, energy, environmentalstuddies, ozone depletion, pollution, sustainabledevelopment, and more. Useful to all. World WideWeb VirtualLibrary: Environment http : // e c o sy s. d rdr.v i r ginia. e du/ Environment.html Large collection of links searchable by topic, including biodiversity, energy, forestry, ocean- ography, sustainabledevelopment, and more. Galaxy Jewels: Environment http : //www. e ine t. net/GJ/ environment.html Hotlist of environmental sites, including several online library collections. Earth and Environmental Science http : //info. e r. us gs. gov/netw orA s c i e nc e/e an Minde x. html This site provided by the U.S. Geological Survey offers an extensive collection of Intemet re- sources that can be viewedby topic or searched by keyword. Useful reference site. About the Author Linda Milbourne is Associate Director of the ERICI Clearinghouse for Science, Math- ematics, and Environmental Education. David Haury is Director of the Clearing- house. sE 058 991 D Thisdigest is in the publicdomain and may be freely reproduced. < EDO-SE-96-l I OERI his digestwas funded by the Office ol Educational Researchand lmprovement, U.S.DepartrnentofEducation under contract no. Rl- 93002013. Opinionsexpressed inthis digest do not necessadly refl ecttie positions or policiesof OERI or the Deparfnent of Education. TFHrEI TheEducational Resources lnlormation Center is a nationwide information system initiated in 1966 by the U.S. Department of Education. ERIC has developed the largest and most frequently usededucation-relateddatabasein the world. For information.call 1 -800-538-3742.
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