ENT530 Case Study


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ent 530 case study
    FACULTY: ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCE AND POLICY STUDIES PROGRAM: BACHELOR OF CORPORATE ADMINISTRATION PROGRAM CODE: AM225 COURSE: INTRODUCTION TO ENTERPRENEURSHIP COURSE CODE: ENT530 SEMESTER: 3 COMPANY NAME:  NINE OVER TEN DOT BIZ GROUP MEMBER:  NAME STUDENT ID MUHAMMAD SALMAN BIN KAMAL BAHARIN 2016351849 MUHAMMAD FAIDHI BIN AB RAZAK 2017436698  NURUL NAILATUL HUSNA BINTI SUHAIMI 2017436596 LECTURER NAME: MADAM MAZIAH MOHAMED ARIF  1.   INTRODUCTION 1.1   Background Of The Study All UiTM students who further their study at bachelor level need to take Principles of Entrepreneurship course or ENT530 to give guideline and expose students to the business orientation. In this course, students will conducting case study to any business or company. In this case study, students are required to interview any company or business to get two or problem that faced by the company or busines. After that students should analyse the problem and find solution for any problem that have. The benefit of this case study is students will be more intelligence in conducting business. Next benefit is students will be exposed on how company operating their business. Thus, this case study is the good medium to teach students on how solve  problems. The case study was conducting to Nine Over Ten Dot Biz business, which is this business provide service oriented. Our group want to get information on problem that faced by this business. 1.2 Problem Statement Every business certainly will not be able to avoid from problem. as well as with this business where, as long as the business operates for 6 years from 2011 until now, there are some problems faced by this business. First  problem that faced by this business is marketing problem which is this business have a lack in planning proper marketing. Next problem that faced by this conmpany is management problem that is this business are poor in managing the business. 1.3 Purpose Of The Study The main reason why this case study be conduted is to investigate the key of successful entrepreneur successed in their business and how the entrepreneur operates their business which is how the entrepreneur for  Nine Over Ten Dot Biz business can face and solve the problem. This study also want to know the best way in solving problem as the owner have better achievement.    4 COMPANY INFORMATION 4.1 Background  Nine Over Ten Dot Biz is a printing and advertising company which started operation since 24 June 2011 at Lot FF 21, Level 1, Angsana Seremban Mall, Jalan Kuala Pilah, 70400 Seremban,  Negeri Sembilan. The company is focussing on More Focused, Cost Efficient, Barakah takes the opportunity to become entrepreneurs to widen business ties and foster entrepreneurship spirit among society. Now, the company is gaining further steps as it promises the best services and services to its customers through its strategic, systematic and rewarding concepts. They also hold this word in advance of their company which is “I n fact, 9/10 of livelihoods come from business sources ”. Regarding t he focus is more focused on mutual engagement with Muslim entrepreneurs towards improving Islamic economy and business management. In addition, it can also strengthen the unity of the Muslim brotherhood that has been established. As an example Whoever wants to extend his age and multiply his sustenance, let him connect the brotherhood . Then, the cost efficient mostly explained on the company's management and service promises more cost-effective deals besides the quality of a more secure product. The demand will be realized in forming a more sophisticated and systematic trading deal. Nine Over Ten Dot Biz also will give the best and wiser ideal choice for their customers. The last one is “Barakah” shows that  business results and income derived comes from God. The effort to gain  profit and the business results must be obtained through a lawful and blessed way. All the negative elements and sources of livelihoods are not a step towards improving the productivity and quality of the company. The wealth does not bring meaning without blessings and with the  blessings, little property / sustenance will be felt as much and sufficient. Otherwise, without the  blessings will be felt narrow and difficult even with many properties.    4.2 Organizational Structures ADMINISTRATION HUMAN RESOURCE DESIGNER MARKETING FINANCE CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER
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