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SOLUTION MANUAL This page intentionally left blank Engineering Mechanics Statics Third Edition, SI SOLUTION MANUAL Australia · Brazil · Japan · Korea · Mexico · Singapore · Spain · United Kingdom · United States Engineering Mechanics: © 2010, 1999 Cengage Learning Statics, Third Edition, SI ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part o
  SOLUTION MANUAL  This page intentionally left blank  Engineering   Mechanics  Statics Third   Edition,   SI Australia   ·   Brazil   ·    Japan   ·   Korea   ·   Mexico   ·   Singapore   ·   Spain   ·   United   Kingdom   ·   United   States SOLUTION MANUAL  Engineering   Mechanics:Statics,   Third   Edition,   SIAndrew   Pytel   and    Jaan   Kiusalaas   SI   Edition   prepared   by   Ishan   Sharma Publisher,   Global   Engineering:   Christopher   M.   ShorttSenior   Developmental   Editor:Hilda   GowansAcquisitions   Editor,   SI   Edition:Swati   MeherishiEditorial   Assistant:   Tanya   Altieri   Team   Assistant:   Carly   Rizzo   Marketing   Manager:Lauren   BetsosProduction   Manager:Patricia   Matthews   BoiesContent   Project   Manager:    Jean   Buttron   Production   Service:   RPK   Editorial   ServicesCopyeditor:   Pat   DalyProofreader:   Martha   McMaster   Indexer:   Ron   ProttsmanCompositor:   IntegraSenior   Art   Director:Michelle   KunklerInternal   Designer:   Carmela   Periera   Cover   Designer:   Andrew   Adams   Cover   Image:   David   H.   Seymour,   ShutterstockPhoto   Permissions   Researcher:   Kristiina   BoweringImage   Permission   Manager:   Don   SchlotmanSenior   First   Print   Buyer:   Doug   Wilke©   2010,   1999   Cengage   LearningALL   RIGHTS   RESERVED.   No   part   of    this   work   covered   by   the   copyright   herein   may   be   reproduced,   transmitted,   stored   or   used   in   any   form   or   by   any   means—graphic,   electronic,   or   mechanical,   including   but   not   limited   to   photocopying,   recording,   scanning,   digitizing,   taping,   Web   distribution,   information   networks,   information   storage   and   retrieval   systems,   or   in   any   other   manner—except   as   many   be   permitted   by   the   license   terms   herein.For   product   information   and   technology   assistance,   contact   us   at   Cengage   Learning   Customer   &   Sales   Support,   1-800-354-9706. For   permission   to   use   material   from   this   text   or   product,   submit   all   requests   online   at Further   permissions   questions   can   be   emailed   to Library   of    Congress   Control   Number:   2009940219   Student   Edition:ISBN-13:   978-0-495-29559-4ISBN-10:   0-495-29559-0 Cengage   Learning 200   First   Stamford   Place,   Suite   400   Stamford,   CT   06902USACengage   Learning   is   a   leading   provider   of    customized   learning   solutions   with   office   locations   around   the   globe,   including   Singapore,   the   United   Kingdom,   Australia,   Mexico,   Brazil,   and    Japan.   Locate   your   local   office   at: Cengage   Learning   products   are   represented   in   Canada   by   Nelson   Education   Ltd.For   your   course   and   learning   solutions,   visit Purchase   any   of    our   products   at   your   local   college   store   or   at   our   preferred   online   store
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