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Moorpark High School Expected Classroom Learning Results (ECLRs) Department: Language Arts English 2 H Teacher: Mrs. Zara Navarro Phone: 378-6305 (x 3043) Course: znavarro@mrpk.org Department Goal Statement: Competent communication in writing and speaking, critical thinking skills, literary analysis and informational text analysis and research. Primary ESLRs: Maturity Humanity Scholarship Course Rationale This course is designed to meet community, college and university English requirements.
  Moorpark High School Expected Classroom Learning Results (ECLRs)Department: Language Arts   Course:   English 2 H   Teacher:   Mrs. Zara Navarro znavarro   @mrpk.org   Phone : 378-6305 (x 3043) Department Goal Statement : Competent communication in writing and speaking, critical thinking skills,literary analysis and informational text analysis and research.Primary ESLRs: Maturity Humanity Scholarship Course Rationale This course is designed to meet community, college and universityEnglish requirements. It provides for a balance, unified projection oninteraction in language, literature and composition. This results inengaging students in a sequence of developmental activities inlistening, reading, speaking, writing, and related thinking. Criticalthinking skills and human understanding are expanded throughresearch, literature and informational text analysis. Standards-basedAssessments First semester Second semester  English grammar and usage; timed essays; literary criticism essays;literary analysis of novels and plays; informational text analysis;multimedia presentations; APA format guidelines.Continued grammar assessment; poetry analysis and srcinal work;literary analysis of novels and plays; research and term paper analysis;multimedia presentations; APA format guidelines.  Note: Please be aware that as we work to implement CCSS, some of theseassignments may change. Reading Components First semester Second semester  Literature components include but are not limited to:  Antigone,Macbeth, Lord of the Flies, (Night or Animal Farm- individual) andselected short stories/poetry/informational text.Literature components include but are not limited to: Fahrenheit 451,Metamorphosis, Candide, A Doll’s House and/or Glass Menagerie(Night or Animal Farm – individual) and selected shortstories/poetry/informational text. Writing Components First semester Second semester  Included but not limited to literary/informational text analysis papers,compare/contrast essays, observational essays, creative writingassignments, satirical essays, research thesis, and grouppresentations.Included but not limited to reflective essay, literary/informational textanalysis papers, SAT/CASHEE timed writes, srcinal poetry, researchthesis, and multimedia presentations. Materials/ResourcesAttendance/ Tardy Policy ♦ Literature Text: Elements of Literature , Course Four  ♦ Supplemental Novels ♦  Audio/Visual Resources ♦ Writing/Grammar Text ♦ Student Writing Handbook ♦ Student Downloads & Teacher-Generated MaterialsReference agenda book for complete, current policy.****To report an absence, please call the 24-hour hot line (531-6444 ). Any absence not cleared   will be counted as an unexcused/truancyUnexcused/truancy absences will result in lost points for the day  Classroom Conduct 1.Be punctual and ready to learn.2.Treat others with respect and courtesy.3.Protect the learning environment.4.Be creative, flexible and analytical.  All other school rules apply.   Homework  Homework will be assigned as required. You MUST READ theassignments in order to have a high level class discussion. Theweekends also may be used for long-term assignments and at-homereading. Homework is checked at the beginning  of the period. Note that NO TIME EXTENSION will be given on long-term assignments. Make-up work is due two days from the date of return from absence unlesscleared with. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any missedassignments when absent. Losing a worksheet/ rubric etc. will result ina ten percent grade reduction. Most worksheets/rubrics may be foundon my website. Grading Policy   A= 90 –100%B= 80 – 89%C= 70 –79%D= 60- 69%F= less than 60% Grades will be based on class participation, completion of homework, in-class assignments, quizzes, tests, essays, book reports, presentations,and projects. Points from these items will be totaled and weighed asfollowed:Percentages will be converted to a letter grade corresponding to thescale on the left for the final semester grade. I do not curve grades onthe report cards! However, students earning 69% or less during allother grading periods will be reported as an F. Web Page  My webpage is on the Teacher Website page of MHS home. You must join to access the information. Students are responsible for checking theweb when absent for the agenda of classroom activities, journalassignments, lecture notes, homework, and class Power Points.Downloadable handouts and links to relevant sites are also found on thesite. Bookmark this page for daily reference.  Course title: ENGLISH 2 H Teacher: Mrs. Navarro Please have your parent(s) read this ECLR contract. Parent and student should sign in appropriateplace, then cut on line and return to Mrs. Navarro no later than 9/5/2012. _________________________________ ___________________________________  Print Student’s Name   Print Parent Name and signature I have read the ECLR and will do my best. I have read and understood the above ECLR. __________________________________ ___________________________________  Student email Parent email   Class work and Homework10%Tests and Quizzes35%Standards-based Performance AssessmentsFinal 10%45%
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