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cost control Cost Quality Cost control Aims Time at ensuring the recourses are used to the best advantages ever increasing cost the majority of promoters (clients) of building work are insisting on project, design and executed to give maximum value for money. Q.S are employed during the design stage to advice the architect on the probable cost indication of their design decisions .as building became more complex and building clients are expecting more facilities with high interest rate , cli
  CostTimeQuality cost control Cost control Aims at ensuring the recourses are used to the best advantages ever increasing cost the majority of promoters (clients) of building work are insisting on project, design and executed to givemaximum value for money.Q.S are employed during the design stage to advice the architect on the probable cost indicationof their design decisions .as building became more complex and building clients are expectingmore facilities with high interest rate , client demand that their professionals advice on the costand also Q.S and P.M to be very much consernd with this time cost and quality.quality : (close no 4.17 page 57)cost : (close 14.1 page 79)time : (close 8.2 page 64)this process should be continue through the construction period to ensure that the cost of buildingis kept within the agreed cost limits. main aims of cost control    give value for money for the building client    to achieve the balance logical distribution of the available funds between the variousparts of building as required.    it is necessary to have a close collaboration between architect and the Q.S through thedesign stage to fulfill above    to keep total expenditure within the amount agreed by the client at initially  pre contract cost planning pre contract cost planning is the technique by which the budget is allocated to the variouselement by the design teem with cost frame which is proceed to a successful design.the cost planning process is any agreed budget or cot limit is seen as the maximum cost wherethe Q.S should with the design team to satisfy the clients at alower cost if possible pre contract cost planning pre contract cost control is the process which ensures that the tender sum is within the clientsapproved budget or cost the design is develop and decisions taken to the cost plan must be check to ensure that suchdecisions will not adversary effect the intended expenditureif the value of any element in the cost plan is seriously altered at this stage will be necessary toreview the value of other elements in the cost plan or approval form the client either increasingor decreasing. question how do you maintain systematic records and documentation for purpose of cost controladministration.    systematic recodes are essential for the proper administration of a contract R.E shouldcomplete a weekly report and this report is to keep the engineer (consultant) the progressof work on site.this weekly report is contractors daily diary and following below information.    number of works employed in various rates.    weather condition and details of time lost.    material delivers to the site and any storage.    the type and quality of plant available on site.    details and drawings or other information required to carry out the job    general process in comparison to the contractors approved program    photographic evidence of the progress on the site    other information that effect the other operation of the contractduring the site visit the consultant should be accompanied with R.E or contractors representativeto be recorded any verbal instruction given by the consultant and to be confirm in written forfuture claim or variation order    pre contract cost control process ( RIBA plan of work)1.   feasibility studies the design process is becomes the agreed budget is not to be exceeded without change tothe brief from the architect 2.   form the architect a)   location analysisb)   advice minimum story bight of the areac)   advice on planning conditions 3.   from the services consultant a)   availability of sureb)   lift & escalationc)   plumbing engineeringd)   electrical engineering 4.   from the structural engineer a)   advised on probably ground conditionb)   load bearingc)   r/f specifications 5.   from the Q.S a)   budget report makingb)   elementary cost analysisc)   cash flow for costingd)   making the contract document purpose of cost controlling to limit the clients expenditure within the agreed amount .in simply this mean that the tender sumand the final account should be approximate equal with the budgetary estimate.  cost advice throughout the development cycle the Q.S will be called on to advice the client on matterof cost. This cost advice and the method use for contractor selection or tendering purpose andcontract administration is necessary.the advice is necessary at the early stage or project inception. this is to be given as reliableas possible then the client can proceed with the greatest confidenceQ.S are widely recognized in the construction industry as the most appropriable cost advices.There skills in the measurement and valuation of construction work are widely recognized. Thetypes of cost advice which may be a required at the different stages of the development stagesmay include following    budget estimating based on client brief     cost advice on different tendering and contractual agreement    pre tender price estimating(E.E)    comparative cost of alternative design solution    life cycle cost planning    tender analysis and recommendation    interim payments and final statementscontractual agreement as needs of a clients in connection with proposed construction projectbelongs discussed aboveclear procunment strategy is a key note to a successful outcome of a project .as reflecting of risk on the construction depend on the selected procunment criteria. Duty of care (professional negligence) professional survey presents themselves as being qualified to do the work contrasted to them if they don't process the level of skill or experience which is usual in the profession or if theyneglect to use the skills ,they will be guilty negligent ,may be sued for negligent under theircontractor owner under common law in tort. unfixed materials (material @site) (14.4 pg- 81) unfixed material are the materiall which are intended for the workers, this involves the 80% of the invoiced value of plant and material which have been delivered to the site for incorporationin the permanent works.
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