Charging a Prosecutor or a Judge With the Crime of Misprison of Felon


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The Crime of MIsprison of Felon is charged against a Judge or Prosecutor or Director who has thrown a person into jail or onto a Ward or Nursing Home without a reasonable charge, and without a adversarial Grand Jury.
  Charging a Prosecutor or a Judge with the Crime of Misprison of FelonA Legal OpinionByAnthony J. Fejfar, Imprimautur by Coif Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., M.B.A, Phd., Esq., Coif Member, United States Supreme Court Bar Perpetual Prothonatary of AmericaChief Judge of the International Court of Law and Equity, The HagueUnder the Authority of the Houses of Antony Augustus Caesar,King Richard the Lionheart, House of Normandy and Fitzgerald,The House of Fejfar, House of Marlborough, House of Zimmerman,House of Hanover, House of Stluka, House of Hapsburgh, House of Rainosek, House of RomanovThis is a Legal Opinion describing and asserting the validity of the Common Law CriminalCause of Action of Misprison of Felon, which is analogous to the Common Law Crime of FalseImprisonment, which is charged by a prisoner or confinee, or by another on his, or her, or hae, behalf, which asserts that the prisoner or confinee has been considered a guilty felon and has been thrown into prison or another confinement such as a Psychiatric Ward, a Psychiatric Prison,a Nursing Home, etc, without first being reasonably charged in writing with public notice bycourt filing of some crime as reasonably and logically defined and without being given anadversarial jury trial as guaranteed by Magna Charta, Grotius on Natural Law, PennsylvaniaCharter of 1681, The Declaration of Independence, The Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776, TheMaryland Consitution of 1776, and The United States Constitution of 1789.  The Crime of Misprson of Felon is based upon the Legal Theory that every existant or  person, without exception, has the inherent, and inalienable, and non-waivable natural andindividual right of Liberty or Freedom which is valid, prior to and anterior to the existence andoperation of any state or organization or group, and is the basis for the legal requirement that thestate must prove that the person or existant is acting unreasonably and that the state is acting inaccordance with a purpose which is reasonable and rationally related to a legitimate state interest.And in that regard, the state, if it or some other group or individual is attempting or isincarcerating or confining a person or existant, if this be legal, must first Summon a Grand Jury,and hold a adversarial Trial on the Merits, by the Grant Jury in order to determine whether thereis proof by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant or prisoner has committed aserious felony crime, for which an Indictment can be issued as well as an Arrest Warrant. Then,there must be a preliminary hearing within 24 hours of the Arrest of the Defendant Prisoner which is adversarial and again where the guilt of the Defendant Prisoner must be proved by a preponderance of the evidence. Then there must be a Bail Hearing, and at the Bail Hearing theJudge must consider all aggrevating and mitigating circumstances and the needs of the DefendantPrisoner and his or her or hae family to be with the Defendant Prisoner. If the DefendantPrisoner is found guilty by a preponderance of the evidence at the Preliminary Hearing, then anArraignment Hearing must be held within 7 days. The Defendant Prisoner is also entitled to thefull protections of Substantive Due Process and The Law of Logic, to ensure that the Law under which the Defendant Prisoner is being prosecuted is reasonable and logical. Then, theDefendant is entitled to a Full Adversarial Jury Trial of his or her or hae Peers with a 15 personMagna Charta Jury.  Now, if the Defendant Prisoner is just thrown into jail without the foregoing processes, protection, and rights, then the Defendant Prisoner has an inherent, non-transferrable,and non-waivable individual right to bring the Criminal Cause of Action of Misprison of Felonagainst the Warden, the Director of the Facility, the Guards and or Staff, and the Judge, and ask for the Death Penalty to be applied against them. The Crime of Misprison of Felony is meant, primarily to deal with a corrupt legal system which assumes that the Defendant is guilty and thuscan be thrown into prison, or a Ward, or a Nursing Home, for no reason, or any reason at all, nomatter how irrational. Thus, the Prisoner has the natural individual right to charge the Guardsand Warden, in the first instance, with the Felonious Crime of Misprison of Felon. which is alegally valid cause of action whether or not the Prisoner is “guilty” or not.The Foregoing Legal Opinion is Legally and Perpetually, and Mulitdimensionally Valid, inPerpetuity, as held by the aforesaid Judge Anthony J Fejfar, Chief Judge of the Court of Law andEquity, the Hague, and as Prothonatary of America, and as a Member of the United StatesSupreme Court Bar, and by Coif. Perpetually Dated and Valid and as by the Year 2011 C.E.
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