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1. Introduction to the Term DESIGN: ã The term Design means to provide a suitable solution to one’s problem or you can say in other words break the problem to its…
  • 1. Introduction to the Term DESIGN: • The term Design means to provide a suitable solution to one’s problem or you can say in other words break the problem to its simplest form to get its solution. Design is the area of human expertise, skill and knowledge which is associated with one’s aptitude to modify one’s surroundings to match his or her need. Thinking Designing Real product
  • 2. Design Procedure used in Industries:
  • 3. CAD • CAD stands for Computer Aided Designing/Drafting. • We use designing softwares like CATIA, Uni Graphics, AutoCAD, Pro-e, Solid Works and Solid Edge etc.
  • 4. CAE • CAE stands for Computer Aided Engineering. • CAE includes Analysis of the designed product before its manufacturing.
  • 5. CAM • CAM stands for Computer Aided Manufacturing. • Various machines and Automation is used to convert design into actual existence.
  • 6. Introduction of CATIA • CATIA (Computer Aided 3-D Interactive Application) is a multi- platform CAD/CAM/CAE commercial software suite developed by the French company Dassault Systems and marketed worldwide by IBM. • Initially named CATI (Conception Assistée Tridimensionnelle Interactive — French for Interactive Aided Three-dimensional Design ) • CATIA competes in the market with SiemensNX, Pro/ENGINEER, Autodesk Inventor , Solid Works and SolidEdge.
  • 7. Notable Industries Using CATIA • Aerosapce • Automotive • Shipbuilding • Transportation • Other(Architecture etc)
  • 8. List of Major Companies using CATIA • BMW • Porsche • Daimler AG • Chrysler • Honda • Audi • Jaguar • Volkswagen • Bentley Motors Ltd. • Land Rover • Volvo • Fiat • Renault • Toyota • Ford • Scania • Skoda Auto • Tesla Motors • TATA Motors • Mahindra and Mahindra Limited • Goodyear • Valmet Automotive • Proton • Vought Aircraft Industries • Airbus • Bombardier Aerospace • The Boeing Company • Embrazer
  • 9. Workbenches of CATIA offered in CETPA 1) Sketcher 2) Part Design 3) Assembly Design 4) Generative Sheetmetal Design 5) Wireframe & Surface Design 6) Drafting 7) Generative Shape design 8) Real Time Rendering 9) Photo Studio
  • 10. Sketcher • CATIA's Sketcher is used to create 2D profiles for 3D modeling. • Features of Sketcher:- 1. Creating sketches using different curves and profiles. 2. Editing sketches. 3. Setting constraints to sketched elements.
  • 11. Sketcher Project images Support Driver’s Cabin Engine Front Arm
  • 12. Part Modeling • CATIA's 3D Part Design provides the fundamentals of feature based, parametric modeling by the use of pad ,pocket chamfer and fillet. This application makes possible to design precise 3D mechanical parts with an intuitive and flexible user interface. • Features:- 1. Feature-based, hybrid modeling 2. Sketching and 3D design 3. Modification management 4. Part Structure Editor
  • 13. Part Modeling images Support Driver’s Cabin Engine Front Arm
  • 14. Drafting • Drafting is a tool to create 2D drawings either interactively or through generation from 3D parts and assemblies. • Drafting features :- 1. 2D design (dynamic sketching and explicit geometry creation). 2. Quick dimensioning creation and modification. 3. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance.
  • 15. Drafting Images Driver’s Cabin Front Arm
  • 16. Assembly Design • In assembly design, the various parts are assembled together by applying constraints to them, and thereafter the exploded view of the assembly is shown to make the assembly more clear.
  • 17. Assembly Images Disassembly of parts designed Assembled parts
  • 18. Real Time Rendering • CATIA Version 5 Real Time Rendering is a next generation CATIA Solutions product that allows you to define material specifications that will be shared across your entire product development process as well as map materials onto parts to produce photo-realistic images. • Features:- 1. Physical and mechanical properties (Youngs modulus, density, thermal 2. expansion, and so forth.) 3. 3D representation: textures on geometry 4. 2D representation: patterns for drafting purposes.
  • 19. Real Time Rendering Images
  • 20. Conclusion CATIA is recognized as a high-end feature based and multi- platform parametric solid modeling design software. CATIA V5 utilizes an intuitive windows user interface to create and manipulate a wide variety of profile-based solid features.
  • 21. CETPA Roorkee #200, Purvawali, 2nd Floor (Opp. Railway Ticket Agency) Railway Road, Ganeshpur, Roorkee - 247667 Contact Us: +91-9219602769, 01332-270218 Fax - 1332 - 274960CETPA Noida D-58, Sector-2, Red FM Lane, Noida -201301, Uttar Pradesh Contact Us: 0120- 3839555, +91-9212172602 CETPA Lucknow #401 A, 4th Floor, Lekhraj Khazana, Faizabad Road , Indira Nagar, Lucknow - 226016 Uttar Pradesh Contact: +91-9258017974, 0522-6590802 CETPA Dehradun 105, Mohit Vihar, Near Kamla Palace, GMS Road, Dehradun-248001,UK Contact: +91-9219602771, 0135- 6006070
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