Book review: Do the math! On growth, greed and strategic thinking


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Book review: Do the math! On growth, greed and strategic thinking
  Review Do the math! On growth, greed, and strategic thinking  John K. White, 2013London, SAGE£13.99 (pbk 392pp!S"# 9$%&1&'129&999& (pbk )he *e+ent poiti+- o/-n we -*e the 99 i -*/-b4 the /*e-tet eve* +ont*ibtion o5 6-the6-ti+ to de+*ibin/, e7p-inin/ -nd 6obiiin/ -/-int ine8-it4. :o the 6-th; <n /*owth, /*eed, -nd t*-te/i+ thinkin/, e=e+tive4 e7p-nd thi o/-n into book 5o*6. White book n-h-6ed4 di+e +ont-nt e+ono6i+ +e*t-int4, - pe*6-nent4 t*eed&ot wo*k5o*+e, -nd eve*4d-4 to*ie o5 /ove*n6ent -nd +o*po*-te +o**ption -nd -be (p. 7iv whie -*/in/ 5o* n6e*-+4 - - 6e-n to both nde*t-nd -nd +h-en/e thi t-te o5 -=-i*. !n doin/ o he t-ke o6e o5 the +o6pe7itie o5 the 6ode*n wo*d, +h - +o-te*-i>ed debt obi/-tion, -nd de64ti?e the6 th*o/h 6-the6-ti+, whie, -t the -6e ti6e, de64ti54in/ 6-the6-ti+ th*o/h the e o5 evo+-tive, *e-&wo*d e7-6pe.  )he book be/in with the powe* o5 dobin/, o6ethin/ whi+h +-n pe*h-p be it*-ted b4 the 6e*e '2 (-d6itted4 i6poibe 5od o5 - pie+e o5 p-pe* th-t wod be needed to *e-+h the 6oon. )hi *n-w-4 powe* o5 e7ponenti- /*owth i hown to nde*ie the i6poibiit4 o5 v-*io io*4 +-6 +h - p4*-6id +he6e. <n - -*/e* +-e, the -6e p*o+ee -*e een to h-ve been -t wo*k in v-*io *e+ent ?n-n+i- di-te*, 5*o6 "e*nie @-do=, to En*on, to the +*edit -nd b&p*i6e 6o*t/-/e bbbe -nd the be8ent +*edit +*n+h -nd +*ii 5*o6 200$ on. A the book +ontine, - i6i-* p-tte*n e6e*/e, whe*e 6-the6-ti+- ide- -*e ?*t e7p-ined th*o/h e7-6pe 6o*e +oe4 *e-ted to eve*4d-4 e7pe*ien+e, -nd then 6ove on to ee6in/4 6o*e +o6pe7 8etion in the e+ono64. o* e7-6pe, - di+ion on nde*t-ndin/ the i6po*t-n+e o5 *-te o5 +h-n/e 6ove th*o/h Aeop 5-be o5 the h-*e -nd the to*toie, ho+ke4te-6 -nd inB-tion to it 6o*e /ene*- -ppi+-tion in de+*ibin/ -nd nde*t-ndin/ e+ono6i+ indi+-to*. Aon/ the w-4, - o*t o5 5-+in-tin/ topi+ -ppe-*, +h - how 6odo -*ith6eti+ -nd the e**o* o5 the Ctoe6-i+ view o5 the o-* 4te6 e7p-in the p-*ti+-* n-6e we h-ve 5o* the d-4 o5 the week. And 6-n4 deion -*e debnked, 5*o6 -t*oo/4 to n6e*oo/4 to the otte*4.@ot o5 inte*et, pe*h-p, to the -dien+e o5 - Do*n- on *ee-*+h 6ethod -*e the +h-pte* whi+h e7po*e t-titi+- +on+ept in - i6i-* vein. S-6pin/, p*ob-biit4, the -w o5 -*/e n6be*, *-ndo6 -nd 4te6-ti+ e**o* -nd *e/*eion -*e Dt o6e o5 the topi+ +ove*ed. o* e7-6pe, the i6pi+-tion o5 bi- -*e we e7po*ed, with n6e*o e7-6pe 5*o6 e-*+h en/ine to po*t e-/e (to whi+h +od be -dded Do*n- +it-tion whe*e 4te6 -+t to 5eedb-+k -nd in+*e-e initi- bi-. E7tendin/ thi to the wide* e+ono64 it*-te the +ent*- the6e o5 the book, e7poin/ the 6e+h-ni6 o5 the e+ono6i+ 4te6 whi+h en/ende* -nd *ew-*d /*eed -nd e-d to the e7t*e6e o5 ine8-it4 th-t d-6-/e o+iet4 - - whoe.   )he*e i 6+h in the book th-t wod be o5 e to 6-the6-ti+ ed+-to*. )he i6po*t-n+e o5 inkin/ 6-the6-ti+ to e7pe*ien+e -nd the *e- wo*d th*o/h /enine p*obe6 i the +o66on ene o5 6ot 6-the6-ti+ ped-/o/i+- *ee-*+h, -nd the*e i +ient *i+h 6-te*i- in+ded whi+h, with - itte wo*k, +od be t*-n-ted into -n4 +-*oo6. )hi i p-*ti+-*4, bt not e7+ive4, o 5o* thoe te-+he* who ee the need 5o* +*iti+- 6-the6-ti+ ed+-tion in the pi*it o5 C-o- *ei*e (19$0.At ti6e, tho/h, the book e+e+ti+i6 +-n e-ve -n -i* o5 pe*?+i-it4 on p-*ti+-* topi+, whethe* 6-the6-ti+- o* o+iet-. Fti6-te4, to 54 nde*t-nd the 6-the6-ti+ 4o 6-4 h-ve to t*n eewhe*e to 6o*e 4te6-ti+ t*e-t6ent, -on/ with en/-/in/ in o6e p*obe6 ovin/ -+tivit4 o5 4o* own. Si6i-*4, to 54 nde*t-nd the 5-iin/ o5 the 4te6 4o 6-4 h-ve to en/-/e with o6ethin/ ike @-*7 -pit- (1990, - we - p-*ti+ip-te in -tte6pt to +h-n/e the w-4 thin/ -*e. !5 thi book inpi*e 4o to do -n4 o5 thoe thin/ then th-t in ite5 i - ++e. Howeve*, ove*- the book -+hieve wh-t it et ot to do, howin/ th-t the*e +-n be - p*od+tive *e-tionhip between 6-the6-ti+ -nd - +*iti+- nde*t-ndin/ o5 the o+i- wo*d, - *e-tionhip whi+h wo*k in both di*e+tion. )hi i 6-the6-ti+ 5o* the 99. References *ei*e, C. 19$0. Pedagogy of the oppressed . #ew Io*k ontin6@-*7, K. 1990. Capital v. 1 . London Cen/in :-vid Sw-non@-n+hete* !ntitte o5 Ed+-tion )he Fnive*it4 o5 @-n+hete*E6-i d-vid.w-non 6-n+hete*.-+.k
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