Bio-materials Project on an ACL Attachment


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For this project we were instructed to research a medical implant and design a new implant with new materials.
  ACL Attachment Replacing Conventional Interference Screws with a Clamp inAnterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction to Increasethe Creep Resistance of Synthetic Ligaments March 11, 2011Meagan HigginsAmy LautenbachStacy PatchAlex Stanley   Outline  Background: Current Technology  Material Science and Mechanics  Proposed Solution  Test Methods and Procedure  Results  Discussion  Recommendations  Background: CurrentTechnology  Most frequently studied limb in orthopaedic research  ACL provides stability and function of the knee  3 types of ACL Reconstructions  Autografts  Allografts  Synthetic  Background: CurrentTechnology  Interference screws  Endo-button and spiked washer (Smith & Nephew)  Femoral cross pins
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