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1. Long Back ago… There was a huge Apple tree.. 2. A Little boy loved to play with it.. 3. He Love to climb the tree, love to eat apples…love to take the nap under…
  • 1. Long Back ago… There was a huge Apple tree..
  • 2. A Little boy loved to play with it..
  • 3. He Love to climb the tree, love to eat apples…love to take the nap under its shadow
  • 4. Times went on… The boy grew up… And he no longer play around the tree .. .. .. One day the boy came….
  • 5. The Tree asked him.. “Hi.. Come and Play with me..”
  • 6. The Boy replied.. “I am not a kid. I don’t play around tree” “I play with toys. I need money to buy toys.”
  • 7. The Tree said… “I don’t have money but you can take all my apples and sell it. You will get the money.”
  • 8. The boy picked all the apples of the tree and went.. He sold the apples and got money… he bought lots of toys… But he didn’t turn back… .. The Tree was again sad… .. ..
  • 9. One day again the boy came, he became a young man now……. The Tree said… “HI… Why are you Sad? Come and Sit under my shadow… I am feeling very lonely without you...”
  • 10. The boy said… “I don’t have time… I work for my family… I want to build Home for them… I Need money…”
  • 11. The Tree said.. “I don’t have money… You can take my Branches and Trunk… and build your home…”
  • 12. The Boy Became Happy… He cut all the branches and trunk of the tree…
  • 13. And built a home for him….
  • 14. Again the tree became alone.. .. The boy didn’t turned back.. … Time passes on ..
  • 15. After Long time the boy came back.. .. He was so old… Looking sad… Tired… And lonely..
  • 16. The Tree asked him.. “Why are you Sad.. I Wish.. I Can help you…
  • 17. … but I Don’t have Apples.. I don’t have branches…. Even I don’t have Shadow… Nothing to Offer you…
  • 18. The Boy (old man) replied… “I am tired of my life… I am alone…”
  • 19. …“I just need you… Can I sit down at your roots.” … … …
  • 20. The Boy (Old man) sit down .. Both were happy & weeping …
  • 21. Is the boy really cruel and selfish?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
  • 22. We all are like him… And treating our parent like that….
  • 23. The tree is like our parent We love to play them when we were kids… We leave them alone…and come only when… We are in need or in trouble
  • 24. We don’t have Time for our Parent… No matter what, parent will always give everything….
  • 25. To make us happy and solve our problems… And in return what they want…. Just our company!
  • 26. Please love to your parent… Don’t forget them… Give them Time… Give them your company… They will be happy by seeing you happy..…
  • 27. Please Don’t leave your parent … Gratitude them… One can gets Child as many as he want, but parent he gets only once… Send this presentation to as many as you can… And pay regards to your parent… Thanks:
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