Alphaminicourse Manual Versie 2.6


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    The information in this Manual is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of ALPHATRON MARINE B.V. Document : Manual ALPHAMINICOURSE Issue : 2.6   ALPHATRON MARINE B.V. ALPHATRON MARINE B.V. Schaardijk 23 3063 NH ROTTERDAM The Netherlands Tel: +31 (0)10 –  453 4000 Fax: +31 (0)10 –  452 9214 P.O. Box 210003 3001 AA ROTTERDAM Web: Mail:    ALPHAMINICOURSE V3 GYRO COMPASS   MANUAL    Gyro Compass ALPHAMINICOURSE Issue 2.6 Page 2 of 68   ALPHAMINICOURSE   G YRO C OMPASS      Gyro Compass ALPHAMINICOURSE Issue 2.6 Page 3 of 68 ALPHAMINICOURSE   G YRO C OMPASS   CAUTIONARY NOTICES Please note the following cautionary notices that apply throughout this Manual. WARNING The ALPHAMINICOURSE weights 12,5 kg. To avoid personal injury, take proper precautions if the equipment is lifted or moved. CAUTION! The ALPHAMINICOURSE includes precision components and bearings. To avoid damage of any part of the gyro compass/ handle all items with care.   During gyro compass transportation follow the requirements specified in chapter 7. Retain the srcinal transit cases so they can be used to transport the gyro compass when necessary. One will void the warranty if improper packing during transportation is used. CAUTION! It is forbidden to move the switched off gyro compass while rotor is still spinning! Always allow a period of 5 minutes after you power-off the gyro compass for the gyro rotor to stop spinning. Non-observance of this requirement may be the reason of gyro compass damage. CAUTION! During operation gyro compass must remain level within ±45°. If its tilt is more than 45° in any direction, it will ‘topple’. Built -in test system will then power-off the gyro rotor and show alarm conditions on the Control Unit. To restore normal operation, level the gyro compass and then restart it. Do not tilt gyro compass for more than 45° with the gyro rotor spinning or during the gyro compass run-up. Note that the gyro rotor continues to spin for five minutes after you power-off the system. CAUTION! If the gyro compass is placed in an enclosed space, make certain there is sufficient ventilation and circulation of free air to allow effective cooling. CAUTION! Do not make any connections to the gyro compass with power on the supply cable. CAUTION! DO NOT modify this equipment in any way without obtaining a written permission from ALPHATRON MARINE otherwise you will void the warranty. CAUTION! One will void warranty for operating the gyro compass in conditions different from those specified in the chapter 5 and in IEC 60945-2002.    Gyro Compass ALPHAMINICOURSE Issue 2.6 Page 4 of 68   ALPHAMINICOURSE   G YRO C OMPASS  
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