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  ADVERTISING Introduction Advertising is any form of non-personnel presentation of goods, services or ideas for the action, openly for by an identified sponsor. Advertising is the communication link between seller and the buyer or the customer. It does not simply provide information about products and services  but an active attempt at the influencing people to action by an overt appeal to reason or emotion. Advertising contributes to consumer welfare. It helps consumers in a variety of ways. It tells what to buy, how to buy, where to buy, and why to buy. It gives the valuable price information. The Indian population is becoming very sophisticated about advertising now. They have to be entertained. The factor that needs to be considered is the language in the country. English language advertising in India is among the most creative in the world. TV advertising has major headway in the past 10 years. India also has a diverse and growing number of daily newspapers. Leading the business newspapers include business standard and economic times. The internet is now emerging as a truly global medium that does not conform to country  boundaries. It is very important and famous aspect of advertising. With it an agency can increase their sales of product as well as profit.  Print Media The form of media where paper is used as a means of communication of the message to the customer is known as the print media, e.g. newspaper, books, journals, magazines, etc. Indian language newspapers also enjoy large circulations but usually on a statewide or citywide basis. The combined circulation of India’s newspapers is 60 million published daily in more than ninety languages. The Express News Service, the Press Trust of India, and the United News of India are the major news agencies. They are headquarters in Delhi, Bombay and New Delhi respectively. Magazines Advertisement Magazines are the second publication medium available to an advertiser. Newspaper advertisement has a very short life, but the magazines ad has a longer life. Magazine advertisement takes weeks and months before the appearance of the first advertisement. Magazines advertisement are good in quality in terms of color and printing.  Objective Of The Study      To know the awareness of print media among general public.    To find out which print media is most effective.    To know the importance of print media in advertising.    To find out the purpose why respondent prefer for printed advertisement.  Research Methodology Research Design The objective of the study as said earlier was to study the impact of the print media in relation to advertisement. The research required how print media play important role is advertisement. It involved gathering of information from looking centers advertisement agencies and public. Collection Of Data In order to collect data, the primary method of data collecting is taken into account. Data is collected through direct communication with respondent in one form or another. Conducting  personal interview and administering undisguised, unbiased, structured questioner to the respondent collected primary data. The secondary data was collected from secondary sources of information that included magazines, articles, websites, journals, studies conducted in the past. Research Instrument The research instrument is a structured questionnaire. It contains both open ended and close ended questions. Population in our study was all the respondents of newspaper readers. In our study we have the sample size 100 readers.
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