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man max pressure
        0      8      0      2      8   -      0      D      /      H     5      2     5      0      /      9      4 .      0      8 .      1      2 MAN Diesel Safety precautions:  Stopped engine Shut-off starting air Shut-off cooling water Shut-off fuel oil Shut-off cooling oil Stopped lub. oil circul. Description: Adjustment of the maximum combustion pressure for the cylinders one by one and for all cylinders in total. Starting position: Camshaft mounted and adjusted in relation to the crankshaft (lead), 507-01.20Intermediate wheel mounted. Related procedure:Manpower: Working time : 2-5 hoursCapacity : 1 man Data: Data for pressure and tolerance (Page 500.35)Data for torque moment (Page 500.40)Declaration of weight (Page 500.45) 514-05.01 Edition 01H91.45 - ES0S-G L23/30HAdjustment of The Maximum Combustion Pressure Working CardPage 1 (3) Special tools: Plate no Item no Note 52006 261 20 - 120 Nm. 52010 011 52008 058 Hand tools: Ring and open end spanner, 19 mm.Socket spanner, 19 mm.Depth gauge.Plastic hammer. Replacement and wearing parts:  Plate no Item no Qty /  50801 124 1 set/cyl        0      8      0      2      8   -      0      D      /      H     5      2     5      0      /      9      4 .      0      8 .      1      2 MAN Diesel L23/30H 91.45 - ES0S-G 514-05.01 Edition 01H Adjustment of The Maximum Combustion Pressure Working CardPage 2 (3) Fig 2   Action Results Total height Distance Injection Max. combustion on roller guide x timing pressure increased Reduced Advanced increased Reduced increased Delayed Reduced ↑↓↑↓↓↑↑↓ If fuel oil valve, piston, inlet and exhaust valves as well as turbocharger and charge air cooler are working correct and the compression pressure P comp  is normal the maximum combustion pressure will indicate the injection timing for the fuel oil pump.If P max  is too low it indicates that the injection timing is delayed.If P max  is too high it indicates that the injection timing is advanced.The injection timing can be altered by inserting or removing shims under the thrust piece on the roller guide, thus changing the measure “X”, see fig 1. Measure x Total height Fig 1 213412345234 1 Extractor 2 Thrust piece 3 Shims 4 Roller guide 5 Soft hammer Fig 3  Thinner and/or fewer shims (increase of the distance “X”) results in a delayed injection timing and a lower P max .Thicker and/or more shims (reduction of the distance “X”) results in an advanced injection timing and a higher P max .If the distance “X” is to be changed the trigger (1) is used for dismantling of the thrust piece (2), where-after the thickness and/or the number of shims (3) can be changed.By changing “X” with 0.10 mm the maximum combu-stion pressure is changed with - see page 500.35.After replacement of shims the thrust piece is re-mounted in the roller guide (4) with a soft hammer (5).        0      8      0      2      8   -      0      D      /      H     5      2     5      0      /      9      4 .      0      8 .      1      2 MAN Diesel Fig. 4  514-05.01 Edition 01H91.45 - ES0S-G L23/30HAdjustment of The Maximum Combustion Pressure Working CardPage 3 (3) When changing “X” it must be ensured that the di-stance between the upper edge of the roller guide housing and the thrust piece on the roller guide is not exceeded, when the roller is resting on the circular part of the fuel cam, see page 500.35.In all cases “X” must be checked and adjusted, if necessary, when fuel oil pump, roller guide, roller guide housing and/or camshaft section have been replaced/dismantled. Note:  If several fuel oil pumps, roller guides, rol-ler guide housings and/or camshaft sections are dismantled at the same time it is advisable to num-ber the parts in order to facilitate remounting and adjustment.If the maximum combustion pressure differs from the test bed records after adjustment of each individual pump the camshafts placement can be changed, as the camshafts gear wheels are provided with oblonged holes so that they can be turned in relation to the hub.The gear wheel is provided with an engraved scale, see fig 4, and the hub of the cam shaft is provided with a mark.When the screws, which fasten the gear wheel, are loosened the gear wheel is turned (by turning the crankshaft) in relation to the camshaft. By reading the angle in which the gear wheel is displaced in relation to the camshaft the altered P max  can be calculated. A line on the scale corresponds to: see page 500.35.If the crankshaft is turned in the engines normal direction of rotation the maximum combustion pres-sure P- max.  is reduced.If the crankshaft is turned against the engines normal direction of rotation the maximum combustion pres-
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