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487166_E_20180424 stock relevance
  487166 - Relevance of stocks to MRP Version14TypeSAP NoteLanguageEnglishMaster LanguageGermanPriorityCorrection with medium priorityCategoryWorkaround of missing functionalityRelease StatusReleased for CustomerReleased On12.10.2015ComponentSCM-APO-INT-STK ( Stock ) Please find the srcinal document at https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/ 487166 Symptom The availability of stocks is different in R/3 and APO. Reason and Prerequisites Up to APO 3.1, you cannot use Customizing to set which stock types are MRP-relevant.As of SCM 4.0, you can determine the availability of stocks in the product master (transaction /SAPAPO/MAT1), on the requirements tab page. The settings possible here are not sufficient formapping your business process. Solution The behavior in the standard system is as follows:MRP-relevant stock typesUnrestricted stock (0B)Inspection stock (0E)Stock in transfer between sublocations (11) -> as of SCM APO 4.0Non MRP-relevant stock typesBlocked stock (0C)Restricted-use stock (0D)Stock-in-transit (0F)Stock in transfer between locations (10) -> as of SCM APO 4.0You can change the stock type internally in a user exit so that the stock has the behavior you want.This does not change the stock display because the ATP category is used for this purpose.Important:The same logic must also be implemented in the BAdI of the CIF Compare/Reconcile report(Deltareport3). To do this, see the relevant section on user exits in the stocks FAQ note 492591.Important:The stock type should generally be changed at material level (see sample codes).Problems occur in connection with the days' supply check if the stock types are determineddepending on the location or sublocation. The days' supply check ignores all ATP categories towhich a non MPR-relevant stock type is assigned.If the stock types are changed depending on the sublocation, the days' supply check in the productview (transaction /SAPAPO/RRP3) and in the product planning table (transaction /SAPAPO/PPT1) 2018-04-24 487166 Page 1/4 © 2018 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved  may be incorrect. When you change the stock types at plant level, the days' supply check may notreturn any correct results in the product planning table.Example:In R/3, unrestricted-use stock is stored in storage locations X and Y for material A in plant B. A nonMPR-relevant stock type in the user exit is assigned to the stock from storage location Y. Thefollowing table displays how the days' supply changes in APO depending on the storage location inwhich the stock is contained.Storage location X Storage location Y Days' supplyX - > 0X X 0- X 0Activating the user exit:Enter the enhancement APOCF011 in a customer project and activate it. Then enter the requiredsource code.Sample source code is included in the correction instructions. This code applies to a case whererestricted-use stock should be MRP-relevant.Refer to the following table for the changes required to the source code in other cases.Up to APO 3.1:Stock type standard ATPCAT1 ATPCAT2 ATPCAT3 Stock type new0B CC CD CE 0C0C CI CJ - 0B0D CK CL CM 0B0E CF CG CH 0C0F CA - - 0BAs of SCM APO 4.0:Stock type standard ATPCAT1 ATPCAT2 ATPCAT3 Stock type new0B CC CD CE 0C0C CI CJ - 0B0D CK CL CM 0B0E CF CG CH 0C0F CS - - 0B10 CA - - 0B11 CN - - 0C Software Components Software ComponentReleaseSCMAPO713 - 713SCMAPO714 - 714SAP_APO30A - 30A 2018-04-24 487166 Page 2/4 © 2018 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved  SAP_APO310 - 310SCM400 - 400SCM410 - 410SCM500 - 500SCM510 - 510SCM700 - 700SCM701 - 701SCM702 - 702SCM712 - 712 Correction Instructions Software ComponentFromToVersionChanged onIDSCMAPO713714212.10.2015 10:09:270001324177SCM400702417.10.2013 13:08:430000776910SAP_APO30A310205.04.2002 12:07:140000354525 This document refers to SAP Note/KBATitle566642Days' supply and user exit APOCF011 (note 487166)441102Consulting notes in PP/DS1397060Stor. locations and stock excluded from replenishment in SCM This document is referenced by SAP Note/KBATitle1397060Stor. locations and stock excluded from replenishment in SCM 2018-04-24 487166 Page 3/4 © 2018 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved  441102Consulting notes in PP/DS566642Days' supply and user exit APOCF011 (note 487166)  | | | | Terms of useCopyrightTrademarkLegal DisclosurePrivacy 2018-04-24 487166 Page 4/4 © 2018 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved
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