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Page 1 C V of Professor P C Pandey PART I SHORT INTRODUCTION/ SUMMARY Professor P C Pandey (Superannuated on 31 July 2013) Dept.of Civil Engineering Indian Institute of Science Bangalore 560 012 INDIA Email: pcpandey@civil.iisc.ernet.in profpcpandey@yahoo.com Personal Details: Date of birth : 4 July 1948, Nationality Indian Maritus Status: Marr
     Page 1   C V of Professor P C Pandey PART ISHORT INTRODUCTION/ SUMMARY  Professor P C Pandey (Superannuated on 3 !u y #$3% Dept&of C'' )n*'neer'n* Ind'an Inst'tute of S+'en+e ,an*a ore -.$ $# INDIA  Email:  pcpandey@civil.iisc.ernet.in  profpcpandey@yahoo.com  Personal Details:  Date of birth : 4 July 1948, Nationality Indian Maritus Status: Married , Children: Daughter  D)TAIS O0 ACAD)MIC 1UAI0ICATIONS22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222)a4'nat'on Un'ers'ty C ass De*ree A5ardedYear  !S !#ng!$Ci%il& I' Mesra (an hi )irst 19*9 $19*4+19*9&)i%e year Integrated Course M!#ng! $Strs& IIS angalore )irst lass 19- $19.+19-& /ith Distin tion  Ph!D $Ci%il #ng!& 0ni%ersity of i%er2ool ,03 199  (1975-1978)  Post+Do toral )ello/ 0ni%ersity of S/ansea,03 198 + 81$)inite #leent Method& De2t!of Ci%il #ng! #(5SM0S +M0ND0S 6isiting Professor 0ni%ersity of S/ansea June+July -..9 S hool of #ngineerin 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222  Page -  PRO0)SSIONA )6P)RI)NC)( before joining IISc % 19-+7 MS 'ata Consulting #ngineers 5sst!Ci%il #ngineer  angaloreobay1981+8 Nanyang 'e hnologi al Insitute e turer$1981+84&  Singa2ore $No/ N'0& Senior e turer$84+8&1987 0ni%ersity College of S/ansea!03 6isiting S holar 1988 I'S Pilani!(aasthan 5sso iate Professor    ;rou2+eader of Ci%il #ngineering De2t! P7D T7eses Super's'on 8 .9 Several Master’s Theses sperv!s!on  )a4'ner of Seera P7D T7eses at IITsSponsored Resear+7 Pro:e+ts ;Ma:or Industr'a Consu tan+y #Re'e5er of Seera Internat'ona !ourna s)d'tor'a ,oard Me4<er (past% NISCAR) !ourna )pert Me4<er of 0a+u ty Se e+t'on Co44'ttesof IITs at seera o++as'onsUPSC ad'sor/)pert for se e+t'on for )n*'neer'n* Ser'+es at seera o++as'onsSe e+t'on Co44'ttee =PCA5ards Co44'ttee 8 ACC)C7a'red te+7n'+a Sess'ons 'n Nat'ona and Int&Conferen+es at Seera o++as'onsDe 'ered In'ted e+tures <ot7 'n t7e +ountry and oerseas at seera o++ass'ons   Page <  PU,ICATIONS > Oer #$R)S)ARCH INT)R)ST(  Broad area): COMPUTATIONA SOID M)CHANICS So4e of t7e resear+7 areas 'n+ ude8 0INIT) ))M)NT M)THODS('near/Non 'near% CONTINUUM DAMA?) M)CHANICS STRAIN2SPAC) PASTICITY 0RP COMPOSIT)S ADH)SIV)Y ,OND)D !OINTS @ Stru+tura Syste4s INT)?RAT)D 0ORC) M)THOD Dee oped t5o 5e<2<ased +ourses for NPT) on COMPOSIT) MAT)RIAS and CONTINUUM DAMA?) M)CHANICS T)ACHIN? (P? ee %8 Non 'near 0'n'te ) e4ent Ana ys's Cont'nuu4 Da4a*e Me+7an'+sCONTINUIN? )DUCATION PRO?RAMM)8Offer'n* fu ter4 +ourses on 0)M for Profess'ona )n*'neers under Cont'nu'n* )du+at'on Pro*ra44e for oer #$ years & More t7an #$$$ profess'ona s(Ma'n y C'' Me+7an'+a and Aerospa+e )n*'neers fro4 Industr'es R@D a<s and tea+7ers fro4 )n*'neer'n* +o e*es 7ae <enef'ted fro4 t7ese +ourses&% R)S)ARCH INT)R)STS and   Crrent !ESE !C#  DI!EC$I%&S '!%(P   onl!near #!n!te $lement %nalys!s $Material;eoetri Nonlinearities&Stress+S2a e Plasti ity6is o2lasti ity Strain+S2a e Plasti ity6is o2lasti ity Page 4;(=0P   Nonlinear eha%iour of   desively Bonded Strctral Systems  Nonlinear )inite #leent Studies on 5dhesi%ely onded Joints and    5dhesi%ely onded Pat h (e2air  '!%(P C  Integrated *orce +etod,I*+   & )inite #leent )orulation for 2late bending  2robles$Is2tro2i 5nisotro2i Co2osites&using I)M  (es2onse Sensiti%ity 5nalysis using )#M$Dis2la eent based>ybrid&Sha2e Sensiti%ity,5nalyti alSei+5nalyti al Sensiti%ities '!%(P DContinm Damage +ecanics,CD+   & Daage+ ou2led Constituti%e (elations  )ailure of 5dhesi%ely onded Systes using CDM  Daage odeling in Co2osites using CDM  '!%(P E *!P Composites in Civil Engineering  Strengthening of Stru tural o2onents$(ail/ay Steel+ ;irders,(C  eas,Masonry+?alls& /ith adhesi%ely bonded )(P 2lates! )ull )(P 5dhesi%ely onded Stru tural Systes '!%(P *   I- && in Strctral Damage ssessment  Strctral #ealt  +onitoring  Sart Materials  Stru tures in Ci%il #ngineering '!%(P '   8 ?enera Stru+tura /C'' )n*'neer'n*  )inite #leent Modelling of Ci%il Stru turesConstituti%e Modelling of Ci%il #ngineering Materials 5dhesi%ely onded Stru tural Systes '!%(P #  8 Ne5 Te+7no o*y and Her'ta*e Stru+tures  )(P Co2osites )(P in (estoration of >eritage Stru turesStru tural >ealth Monitoring of >istori >eritage Stru turesSart aterials in (estoration of >eritage Stru tures 5dhesi%ely onded on e2t in Strengthening(etrofitting of >istori   >eritage Stru tures Page 7  
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